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We're finally here. The final part of the Genshin Impact cleansing plotline where you've been exploring Narukami Island from top to bottom. You've now completed the Strange Story in KondaSacrificial Offering, and Cleansing Defilement questlines and you're now at the Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing quest. Kazari has informed you to meet her underneath the Grand Narukami Shrine to finally heal the island from all of the negative emotions and mold.

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing Entrance
Here's the location that you're looking for

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing - Finding Kazari

Get to the top of the mountain with the Grand Narukami shrine and jump off the North-East edge. As you float down look back towards the mountain, at first you'll see a purple shield but you should continue dropping further. Where you see the pathway going into the mountain itself float back in and you'll see Kazari standing looking into the purple pool.

As you're dropping into the pit make sure to grab the Electroculus at the entrance to the pit!

Kazari will explain that by dropping into the now opened pit at the bottom of the pool you'll have to fight the source of the evil. When you're ready head on in! This area is another Electro-heavy area so keep an eye out for any trees that protect you from the effects.

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing - Miasma Boss Fight

When you drop in a cutscene will play and you'll begin to fight a fire samurai. Make sure you're collecting the Electrogranum frequently. After defeating the first samurai a pattern will appear in the middle of the room. Create the pattern with the available shrines to do lower the Miasma and make him vulnerable to damage. Once he reaches 2/3rds health the Miasma will raise up again.

The second phase of the fight summons another samurai, and now the Miasma will frequently shoot balls of darkness at you. Try to constantly move so they don't hit you, but also they don't do a devastating amount of damage. Once again defeat the samurai and you'll get another pattern, this is another straight line pattern so complete it the same way you did the first and you'll get another chance to attack the Miasma. Get the Miasma down to 1/3 of their health left and they'll raise up, this time summoning two samurai to fight. Let's do this again!

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing Final Sigil
The sigils in the boss fight are much easier than some others you've had to complete

Like last time you'll dispatch the two samurai, a slightly harder pattern will appear (but not by much) and you'll get one last go wailing on the Miasma. Once it's been dropped you'll have a chance to talk with Kazari and finish the questline.

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing - Hakushin Ring Reward

As a reward for completing the Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing quest you'll earn the following rewards:

  • 50x Primogems
  • 5x Hero's Wit
  • 1x Mask of Memories
  • 50,000x Mora

The Mask of Memories can be consumed to teach you the recipe to create the Hakushin Ring at a blacksmith. It can be created with a Northlander Catalyst Billet, 50x Amethyst Lumps, and 50x White Iron Chunks. This 4-Star catalyst has a base ATK of 44 and Energy Recharge of 6.7%. It has the effect "Sakura Saiguu."

After the character equipped with this weapon triggers an Electro elemental reaction, nearby party members of an Elemental Type involved in the elemental reaction receive a 10% Elemental DMG Bonus for their element, lasting 6s. Elemental Bonuses gained in this way cannot be stacked.

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