Genshin Impact The Lost Child Quest Guide (Aranyaka Part 1)

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Characters exploring Sumeru in the opening cutscene to the Genshin Impact The Lost Child Quest

Genshin Impact’s huge 3.0 update is finally here, bringing with it the long-awaited Sumeru zone, a new Archon storyline, and new characters and weapons to collect. Along your journey in the new forested region of Sumeru you will surely come across the Aranyaka World Quest. This is a very long World Quest with multiple parts, involving missing children, dreams, and mysterious little vegetable-like creatures in the forest.

While optional, the Aranyaka World Quest offers many interesting gameplay elements and puzzles such as Withering Zones, alongside some great rewards, all while exploring this fantastical new region. Here’s a handy guide to completing The Lost Child, the third and final major quest step in Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 .

Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 has three sub-quests:

Each quest introduces the player to new mechanics and puzzles as the story progresses.

What are the rewards for The Lost Child Quest?

Upon completion of the Into the Woods quest, you will be granted a sizeable reward:

  • 50 Primogems
  • 40,000 Mora
  • 4 Hero’s Wit
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 400 Adventure EXP

This quest continues the trend set by the previous quest in the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 series, Into the Woods.

How to start The Lost Child Quest

The Lost Child is unlocked immediately upon completion of the previous quest in the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 quest chain, Into the Woods, when the characters wake up from their slumber at the campsite. The previous quest, Into the Woods, saw the Traveler getting to know more about Rana, Vimara Village, and the strange happenings in the forest, all the while clearing the area of hazardous Withering Zones.

How to complete The Lost Child Quest - Following the Elemental Traces

At the end of the cutscene to the previous quest, the characters fell asleep. Upon waking up, Into the Woods will be completed and the final quest in the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 questline will begin - The Lost Child quest.

A Genshin Impact character standing by the creek in The Lost Child questline

The Lost Child begins with the objective to ‘Return to Vimara Village’. You may be tempted to teleport directly to Vimara Village to save time, despite the objective marker not actually being in Vimara Village. Be sure to walk back along the creek, following the river to the objective, as you will trigger a cutscene along the way that changes this objective. In that cutscene, you will see Iotham, a child from the village, running into a cave despite warnings of the dangers in the forest.

A Genshin Impact character following a Seelie along The Lost Child Quest

Follow Iotham into the cave, using the Seelie as a guide through the twisting tunnels, until you are ambushed by Fatui. Given the very restricted space you’ll be fighting these two Fatui agents in, any crowd control or area-of-effect abilities will be handy (although try not to get the enemies stuck in the wall!). Once the ambush has been dealt with, continue delving deeper into the cave until it opens into a larger area with a Withering Zone at its centre. As you approach there will be a short cutscene.

Clear the Withering Zone as per usual, being mindful of your Decay as you do so. Once the Tumour of Withering is cleared you will immediately enter a conversation with Iotham and Rana, who is clearly unwell after entering the Withering Zone. After this conversation you will once again be given the objective to ‘Return to Vimara Village’ - don’t teleport this time either! Instead, follow the marker verbatim and climb up to the cliff from which you entered, and you will be pulled into another conversation. 

Rana’s condition is worsening, so the Traveler and Iotham are to head back to Vimara Village to get help. The objective is subsequently updated to ‘Escort Iotham back to Vimara Village’. Strangely, you don’t actually have to walk back escorting Iotham. This time you can fast travel to the Vimara Village Teleport Waypoint. The objective marker will provide an area roughly the size of Vimara Village in its entirety to ‘escort’ Iotham to. What you want to do is speak to Alphonso, who can be found at the centre of the village by the river.

After this you will return to the cave to find Rana gone and a series of strange, green elemental traces in her stead. Follow the strange traces to the other side of the cave to find a tunnel heading east towards the river. At the exit of this cave, you will have to cross a river, either by swimming (boring) or through applying Dendro to the new Clusterleaves of Cultivation mechanic to create a series of Four-Leaf Sigils to jump between.

An image of the Genshin Impact map with a region that's part of The Lost Child quest

Following the strange traces (or by heading to the location above if you get lost) will lead you to a small hut on the eastern side of the river. Inside you’ll find Rana suspended in a Dendro sphere, much like Iotham was earlier in the quest.

Entering the hut will trigger a cutscene that introduces Arana, one of the elusive Aranara hinted at towards the very beginning of the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka World Quest chain in The Children of Vimara Village. Rana has fallen ill thanks to the Withering, also known as the Marana. To heal her, Arana asks the Traveler to find Bija, with the help of ‘everyone’ in Vanarana, the secret home of the Aranara.

The completion screen of the Aranyaka World Quest and the setup for Part II

How to finish Part 1 of Aranyaka World Quest in Genshin Impact?

Following the conversation between Arana and the Traveler, emerge from the hut and Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 will be complete. Immediately upon completion, you will be given Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Part 2. The first sub-quest in the second part of this World Quest, called The World of the Aranara, involves finding a musical instrument to play the Rhythm of the Great Dream to enter the elusive Vanarana and continuing the narrative of strange happenings in the forest.


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