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Genshin Impact Rosaria Splash Art

The Cryo 4-star hailing from Mondstadt, Rosaria, is coming alongside Sangonomiya Kokomi in her new banner, Drifting Luminescence for Genshin Impact. Rosaria is a sister of the church in Mondstadt, but her position doesn't protect others from her cold and ruthless demeanor. Members of the Church often possess quiet and spiritual personalities, but Rosaria is an outlier who hardly cares for anything Church related. Unlike sister Barbara, Rosaria focuses more on her combative skills than healing.

Read ahead to learn how to build the mysterious and distant sister in TechRaptor's official Rosaria build guide.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide - Team Role

Rosaria is a fairly unique unit in the sense that she fulfills multiple roles; Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Support. This diverse pool of choices is the product of her ability to raise the CRIT Rate for her and her allies as well her as Cryo application.

With multiple ways to build Rosaria, there are a lot of Artifact sets and weapons that she can equip to take advantage of her Talents. 

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide - Talents

Rosaria's Normal Attack: Spear of the Church

  • Rosaria's Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 consecutive polearm strikes.
  • Rosaria's Charged Attack: Consume Stamina and lunge forward to deal damage to enemies.
  • Rosaria's Plunging Attack: Plunge downwards with Rosaria's polearm, dealing DMG to any enemy in the way and AoE DMG upon impact.

Rosaria's Elemental Skill: Ravaging Confession

  • Dash behind an enemy and deal Cryo DMG.
  • This attack raises Rosaria's CRIT Rate if Rosaria hits the enemy's back.

Rosaria's Elemental Burst: Rites of Termination

  • Slash the opponents, dealing Cryo DMG, then call down upon an Ice Lance that deals additional Cryo DMG periodically.
  • This attack raises the CRIT Rate of allies by 15% of Rosaria's CRIT Rate.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide - Artifacts

Blizzard Strayer

The Blizzard Strayer set is commonly used on Cryo characters.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants a 15% boost to Cryo DMG.
  • The four-piece bonus raises your Critical Rate by 20%. Frozen enemies give characters an additional 20%, raising the Critical Rate to 40%.

Since Rosaria is constantly applying Cryo DMG, this set is great for her, especially if ran as a Sub-DPS. Sub-DPS Rosaria won't be dealing with much Physical DMG, but instead mainly Cryo, so Blizzard Strayed fits well on her for that.

Bloodstained Chivalry

The Bloodstained Chivalry set is commonly used on Physical DMG characters.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants a 25% boost to Physical DMG.
  • The four-piece bonus for this set grants a 50% boost to Charged ATK DMG after an enemy is defeated and decreases Stamina cost to 0 for 10 seconds.

Bloodstained Chivalry fits on a Main DPS Rosaria that is heavily relying on her Physical DMG. The four-piece set bonus allows Rosaria to clear mobs easily but isn't very helpful against bosses. It could be good to balance two-piece Bloodstained Chivalry with a two-piece Blizzard Strayer.

Noblesse Oblige

A set commonly used on Support and Sub-DPS characters.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants a 20% boost to Elemental Burst DMG.
  • The four-piece bonus for this set grants a 20% ATK boost bonus to all teammates after the user uses their Elemental Burst.

Fitting more into Rosaria's Sub DPS role, Noblesse Oblige is always a safe addition that has the potential to reap an immense amount of bonuses for allies. Rosaria already increases ally CRIT Rate, so being able to bolster ally ATK will make her a powerful Sub DPS teammate.

Genshin Impact Rosaria and Barbara

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide - Weapons


A 4-star polearm available in the battlepass.

  • Increases ATK% by 16% if there are more than two enemies nearby; increases ATK% by 24% if there are less than two enemies nearby. Also increases DEF by 16% if there are more than two enemies nearby.
  • Secondary stat increases CRIT Rate by a maximum of 36.8%.

Deathmatch is a great fit for most spear-wielding characters. Rosaria takes advantage of this weapon's CRIT Rate, enhancing her ability to do bonus DMG as well as contribute a higher CRIT Rate to her teammates.

Blackcliff Pole

A 4-star polearm available occasionally in the shop.

  • Increases ATK by 12% after an enemy is defeated. This effect can be stacked three times.
  • Secondary stat increases CRIT DMG by a maximum of 55.1%.

Blackcliffe Pole is an alternative to Deathmatch that provides similar passives with CRIT DMG instead of CRIT Rate. If you're focused on making Rosaria more of a Main DPS and less of a Sub DPS, Blackcliff Pole is a better option.

Dragonspine Spear

A 4-star polearm craftable after a quest in the Dragonspine Region.

  • Normal and Charged Attacks have a 60% chance to form an Everfrost Icicle above an opponent, dealing 80% AoE ATK DMG.
  • Secondary stat increases Physical DMG by a maximum of 69%.

The Dragonspine Spear is, if anything, a thematically fitting weapon for Rosaria, as it increases her Physical DMG and grants a boon that does random AoE ATK DMG. This weapon is extremely selfish and thus best for a Main DPS Rosaria.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide - Team Composition

Rosaria's build can straddle the line between Main DPS and Sub DPS. Whichever path one chooses when building her will determine what her team composition looks like. Her Cryo DMG means she'll want teammates that can resonate with that, preferably Hydro allies or even Electro. This is because Hydro allies can Freeze with Cryo and Electro allies can Supercharge with Cryo, allowing Rosaria to deal more Physical DMG.

Rosaria can also include a Cryo ally for the Cryo Resonance, which increases CRIT Rate against Cryo-affected enemies by 15%.

A team for Rosaria could look like this:

  • Tartaglia (Hydro Main DPS)
  • Rosaria (Cryo Sub DPS)
  • Kujou Sara (Electro Sub DPS)
  • Diona (Cryo Support + Shields)

Tartaglia is the main damage dealer of this team but also leaves room for characters like Rosaria and Sara to get their Sub DPS DMG in as well. Rosaria and Tartaglia will freeze enemies, leaving them wide open for Tartaglia's devastating Hydro-based attacks. Diona allows Rosaria and Tartaglia to benefit from a Cryo Resonance while also giving the team healing and shields.

Rosaria is an eye-catching and striking character that is mysteriously affiliated with a group that hardly shares her morals. Her cold demeanor is complimented by her equally as frigid move set, which devastates enemies in her path with a cold combination of Cryo and Physical DMG. Utilizing this build guide will help you push Rosaria to her maximum potential.

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