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Cult of the Lamb Final Boss Guide The One Who Waits Chained Screenshot


After many battles and endless toiling to strengthen your cult, you've finally reached the last obstacle between you and endless dark power. It's far

Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses Guide Shamura Introduction Screenshot


The Silk Cradle is the final zone you can explore in Cult of the Lamb, and its bosses are dead-set on halting your progression. Fortunately, we've

Broken Roads Header Image


A Broken Roads delay has pushed the Australian Post-Apocalyptic RPG off to 2023, while it joins the Versus Evil RPG lineup alongside other acclaimed

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses Guide Kallamar Introduction Screenshot


Among the bosses found in Cult of the Lamb, Anchordeep's ringleaders are arguably the most difficult. As such, you wouldn't be blamed for needing

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide Heket Introduction Screenshot


The Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses ramp up the difficulty compared to their predecessors, forcing you to embrace the game's many mechanics and examine

Cult of the Lamb Darkwood Bosses Leshy Introduction Screenshot


The bosses in Cult of the Lamb's Darkwood section are your first taste of the challenge the game can provide, and each of them can be difficult to

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Main Title in front of an open field


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Monolith Soft's best work to date, featuring well-written characters and deep combat. This is our review.

Midnight Fight Express


With 41 levels of non-stop action, can Midnight Fight Express feed the adrenaline junky in us all? Here's our review.

Genshin Impact Primogems Screenshot of game header, Genshin Impact Free Primogem


The Genshin Impact free Primogem quiz 2.0 gives more free gems away to even more participants than seen previously, as HoYoverse took note of the fan

Metroid Prime 4 logo

Game Page

Metroid Prime 4 will have the first person adventures that the series is known for when it eventually launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Backpack Hero Preview Official Backpack Hero Art


Backpack Hero's mechanics are simple, but they're engaging enough to make the game a quick and enjoyable RPG experience. It's mix of inventory

Several of the characters from the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 release


Hoyoverse has revealed the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. The latest content injection for the open-world gacha game is coming next week.

A typical FIFA Ultimate Team (the mode in which you can buy FIFA loot boxes) setup in FIFA 23


EA has described the ability to buy FIFA loot boxes with real-world money as "fair" and defended their inclusion in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Slyway, a game created in the Godot engine


Some of the founders of open-source engine Godot have banded together to create W4 Games, a supportive commercial enterprise intended to help devs.

How the Splatoon 3 Direct Missed the Point - Inkling with Low Ink


Check out how the Splatoon 3 Direct missed the point. With many awaiting the Splatoon 3 release date, this game feels less like a Splatoon sequel.

Best The Legend of Zelda Games Breath of the Wild


The best Legend of Zelda games experiment and tackle new grounds for the industry. These are the essential titles in the series you need to play.

The main cast of Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure and a logo for the game

Game Page

In Ikonei Island, players will be able to explore, gather resources, craft, and use the game's customization systems to their liking.

Samuarai Maiden header image

Game Page

Samurai Maiden is a hack and slasher where the player is a high school student summoned to slay undead while also establishing relationships.

The Rumble Fish 2 extended cast

Game Page

After 17 years, The Rumble Fish 2, which has long languished on Japanese arcades since 2005, is now releasing in the West this winter.

AEW: Fight Forever header image

Game Page

THQ and Yuke's are pulling no punches for AEW: Fight Forever, with included modes such as single, tag-team matches, 3-way, 4-way, and ladder.

Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers header

Game Page

Aliens have arrived from outer space in Squad 51 Vs. The Flying Saucers, and it's up to the player to save the world from the hideous Director Zarog.

Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide Lamb in Front of Followers


When it comes to Cult of the Lamb's farming sim mechanics, knowing how to craft new structures quickly and efficiently is a must. That's why we've

Image of Cult of the Lamb Box Art

Game Page

Looking for the latest info about Cult of the Lamb? TechRaptor has all the latest news and articles about this game by Massive Monster.

Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide Lamb in Front of Followers


In Cult of the Lamb, farming is integral to the longevity of your cult. That's why we've constructed this Cult of the Lamb farming guide to walk you

Shenron glowing and hovering over a tree in the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover that was just announced


Epic Games has announced a Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover, and while we don't know exactly what's coming yet, the possibilities are immense.

A banner showing Kirby and his colorful friends rolling down a food-themed course in Kirby's Dream Buffet


We now have a Kirby's Dream Buffet release date. The newest Kirby title launches for Nintendo Switch on August 17th and promises to be very odd

The player character playing soccer against a group of ninjas in Soccer Story


Soccer Story is a brand new RPG from Not Tonight developer Panic Barn. It's an irreverent take on soccer and it launches for PC and consoles this

Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide


In Cult of the Lamb, Curses can be your ace in the hole during tricky battles. Or at least, they can be if you know which ones are the best around.

Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide


In Cult of the Lamb, weapons are the only thing standing between you and an army of crazed cultists out to destroy your flock. That's why we're here

An image showing Metal Slug Tactics characters gathered around a tank and "See You In 2023", announcing the Metal Slug Tactics delay


Dotemu has announced a Metal Slug Tactics delay, pushing the highly anticipated upcoming turn-based strategy game back to 2023.

Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones Guide - cover


This Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones Guide will tell you how to play Knucklebones, how to find more opponents, and the best way to win Knucklebones!

Cult of the Lamb Money-Making Guide - cover


Our Cult of the Lamb Money-Making Guide will tell you how you can get Coins, how to sell items, and the best way to make money in the game!

Cult of the Lamb Cooking Guide - cover


This Cult of the Lamb Cooking Guide will tell you how to unlock Cooking, how to unlock more Cooking recipes, and the best Food to Cook in the game!