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About Andrew Stretch

Andrew is the Senior Content Manager at TechRaptor. Playing games since before he could talk Andrew has always enjoyed dedicating a large portion of his life to getting lost in digital worlds. This interest in the games and their content naturally grew into an interest in those who create the game and the industry around it. Feeling like becoming part of the industry was the next logical step Andrew joined TechRaptor as a side passion and hasn't looked back since.

Andrew started writing for TechRaptor in June 2014, deciding he wanted to write E3 coverage with the event around the corner TechRaptor was happy to facilitate that desire. Since then Andrew has worked his way up to the role of Senior Content Manager assisting in the organization and needs of the company where it's required from editing, or management, or even by still regularly contributing written content about the Video and Board Games he loves. Through TechRaptor and their tabletop coverage Andrew is always expanding his horizons for new board games to experience, while still fighting to get enough time to play through the multitude of amazing new video games that seem to always be releasing. Andrew is also a member of the TechRaptor Podcast, talking about the big news of the week and what games he's been playing.

When not working his day job or performing any of his tasks at TechRaptor you'll normally find Andrew behind a DM screen, playing some kind of Video Game, shilling Xbox Game Pass, or spending time with his wife and three cats. 

Favorite games:

- Spyro The Dragon

- Kingdom Hearts II

- Dungeons & Dragons

Favorite genres:

- Adventure Games

- Roleplaying Games

- Tabletop RPGs