Tabletop and Board Game Reviews

Star Wars: Legion Early 2021 Expansions Review

Lando, Agent Kallus, and oodles of helpful robots add range and flexibility to the tactical miniatures game.

World's Fair 1893 Board Game Review

Ride the Ferris wheel and out-maneuver your opponents in this light and approachable strategy game.

X-Men Mutant Insurrection Review

We check out the cooperative dice-roller in our X-Men Mutant Insurrection Review.

Godspeed Board Game Review

The Space Race is on in this sprawling worker placement game set among the stars.

Dungeons and Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries Review

Candlekeep Mysteries offers players 17 adventures they can insert into almost any campaign, while not all are winners there's more than enough here to enhance your home game.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Review

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is yet another venture by the series into new territory. But how well does this series translate to the war table?

Gravitrax Interactive Track System Review

Gravitrax, the interactive track system, introduced us to a whole new world of marble racing and track building.

Sherlock 13 Review

Can we follow the clues and solve the crime? We take a look at the investigative guessing game, Sherlock 13 published by Arcane Wonders.

Evil Corp Board Game Review

Evil Corp grabs a little bit of Monopoly and adds a little philosophy. Does its theming pull up the game to notoriety or push it into infamy?

Disney Villainous Despicable Plots Review

It's hard to be a villain. Disney Villainous: Despicable Plots lets players take on the role of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, or Horned King from The Black Cauldron.

Bloodborne: The Board Game Review

Bloodborne The Board Game is a great adaptation of its source material. Rewarding planning and forethought while still being punishing and harsh.

Aquatica Review

See how Aquatica provides a deep strategy feel in an insanely simple package in our review.

Euphoria Review

Euphoria is a game filled with style, attention-to-detail, and elegant design, but then again it is made by Stonemaier so what did you expect?

Lost Ruins of Arnak Review

With airtight rules and an engaging theme, this might be the perfect blend of deck building and worker placement.

Grind House Review

Every so often, a game comes along that's so light on components but heavy on awesome, it catches us by surprise. Grind House is one of those games.

Sonora Review

Dexterity and careful planning collide in the world's first "flick and write" board game.

Friday the 13th Horror At Camp Crystal Lake Review

We push our luck and see if we can survive the night in our Friday the 13th Horror At Camp Crystal Lake board game review.

Whistle Mountain Review

Worker Placement Meets Tile Placement In This Pleasant And Thinky Point Grab

Dreadball Core Game Second Edition Review

In our Dreadball Core Set Second Edition review, we take a look at the core rules, what you get in the box, and how the 2 included teams play.

Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game Review

The Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game brings very light strategic thinking to this family-weight game full of beautiful visuals and high production quality.

Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Review

What happens when a modern-day classic board game meets a classic movie? Find out in our Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game review.

ERA: Survival RPG Review

ERA: Survival brings gritty realism to the table with its low-powered approach to horror gaming.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review

Wanna feel old? Power Rangers is almost 30 years old. Wanna feel like a kid again? Check out this Power Rangers board game.

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash Review

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash serves up approachable Kaiju fun in an affordable box.

Marvel Villainous Review

All you want to do is bring balance back to the galaxy. It's a beautiful, elegant, simple idea, really.