Tabletop and Board Game Reviews

The Princess Bride Adventure Game Review

The Princess Bride, aside from being an incredible 80’s movie, is insanely quotable.

Pendulum Review

The Timeless King, who brought order and stability to the world of Dünya for centuries, has disappeared. In his wake, the great iron clock has come

Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game Review

People enjoy lying. It doesn't always have to be a bad thing, and in some situations can help people, but we just enjoy being deceptive.

Back To The Future: Dice Through Time Review

Against all odds, Biff just hijacked the DeLorean and is tearing through time, stealing items and scattering them all about.

EXIT: Theft on the Mississippi Review

There's a real sweet spot to puzzles in games. Trying to find way to incorporated enough clues to give the players a way to solve them.

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game Review

Ahoy Skippers! Welcome to your first day on the job here at the Jungle Navigation Company.

Funkoverse Strategy Game: Game of Thrones Review

Drogon screams overhead as the Night King locks eyes with you.

Katana Review

Katana is a self published 2-player card game by Tracy Alan.

Samurai Brothers Review

Bring honor to your clan in Samurai Brothers by Moon Rock Games.

Scooby-Doo! Escape From The Haunted Mansion Review

Scooby-Doo is a piece of entertainment that has withstood the test of time.

Flotilla Review

Water. Water all around you. That's all you've ever known. But now that you're running your own crew, you wonder if things could be different.

The Liberation of Rietburg Review

 Above the blood-red horizon the silhouette of the evil dragon Tarok looms, making his way toward Rietburg Cast

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine Review

The Crew: The Quest for Planet 9 is a Trick Taking card game with a twist.

Court of the Dead Dark Harvest

Court of the Dead Dark Harvest is a bidding game where players compete for power and ultimately win by saving as many souls as possible.

King of Tokyo Dark Edition Review

King of Tokyo is one of our favorite tabletop games here on TechRaptor.

Choose Your Own Adventure: House Of Danger Review

Your psychic abilities always made you feel a bit set apart from the rest of your friends and family, but lately, you’ve been getting strange proph

Shadows of Kilforth Review

Shadows of Kilforth is a fantasy adventure card game with a gothic twist.

Star Wars: Legion - Clone Wars Core Set Review

Your squadron just tracked down a hidden Separatist outpost on a forgotten desert planet near the outer rim, and after a day of scouting you’ve spo

Dishonored: The RPG Review

I am always suspicious of RPGs based on official licenses; Dishonored: The RPG was no different.

Vulcania RPG Review

When we first covered the Kickstarter campaign for

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Review

When you finally sat down on the Iron Throne, you thought a life of political maneuvering was behind you.

Dicetopia Review

Dicetopia is an area control, worker placement game with a Cyberpunk theme.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Review

The Dragonborn sprints through the tall grass, burning their stamina to get close enough to unleash a devastating dragon shout against a shambling

Tribes: Dawn of Humanity Review

Going into any boardgame it's great to know how it sets up and how to play, but what will dictate a lot of play is "How do I win?" In Monopoly, it'

City of Mist RPG Review

To all the sleepers in the City, that nasty storm that cropped up out of nowhere and thrashed the docks was little more than something to scratch y