Tabletop and Board Game News

HeroQuest RPG Is Being Removed From Sale

Chaosium has announced that starting July 15, they will no longer be selling books or products related to the TRPG, HeroQuest.

New Magic Secret Lairs Details Revealed

Wizards of the Coast announced artists and artwork for several of their upcoming Secret Lair drops. The new sets include beloved and returning artists.

Pathfinder Arena's Rulebook Available Digitally For Free

During this year's Paizocon, the developer behind Pathfinder gave several updates on their upcoming board game, Pathfinder Arena.

Pokemon Go's Professor Willow Makes His Pokemon TCG Debut

Coming this July, Professor Willow will debut as part of a collaboration between Pokemon GO and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Wizards Surveying About D&D Virtual Tabletop and Subscriptions

After a failed attempt to maintain an NDA through a player survey, Wizards of the Coast have hinted they are working on a virtual tabletop program.

New Age of Sigmar Core Rules Available

Games Workshop have officially announced that the core rules for the newest edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is available to download for free.

New Arkham Horror Expansion is Now Available

In announcement made today, Fantasy Flight Games have released a brand new expansion for the Arkham Horror Board Game, Secrets of the Order.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Unfathomable

Fantasy Flight Games announces a new horror social deduction board game set in the Arkham Horror Files series, called Unfathomable.

Magic: The Gathering Stranger Things Secret Lair Announced

A Magic: The Gathering Stranger Things Secret Lair drop has been announced, but it will be a little different from past card releases.

Former Fantasy Flight Head Founds Earthborne Games

Andrew Navaro, the former Head of Studio at Fantasy Flight Games, founds a brand new independent tabletop game studio, Earthborne Games focuses on sustainability

Friday Night Funkin' Joins the Binding of Isaac Requiem

The latest round of cards revealed for the upcoming Binding of Isaac Requiem expansion features the Boyfriend and Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin'.

Strixhaven Arrives in Dungeons and Dragons

The school of Strixhaven arrives in a crossover supplement for Dungeons and Dragons, marking the second time Magic has crossed over into the tabletop RPG.

'The Hunger' Card Game is a New Deckbuilder from Richard Garfield

The Hunger card game is a new deckbuilder where vampires try to feed on humans before sunlight — and it was designed by M:TG creator Richard Garfield.

Changes Coming to Magic The Gathering's Universes Beyond

In a recent update on Wizards of the Coast's website, Magic The Gathering will be altering how they handle cards going forward as part of their Universes Beyond line

Magic The Gathering Phyrexian Update Has Started Rolling Out

Magic The Gathering Online has changed over 250 cards as Magic begins adding the Phyrexian creature type to older cards in the Phyrexian Update

Marvel Launching Official TTRPG Marvel Multiverse Next Year

Marvel is launching a brand new TTRPG called Marvel Multiverse. It'll let you play as existing heroes or create your own, and it's coming in 2022.

Epic Dice Charging Backers For Shipping a Second Time

The Kickstarter game for Epic Dice takes a concerning turn with surprise fees and questionable claims by Golden Bell Games.

Fantasy Flight Games Announce New Arkham Horror Expansions

Fantasy Flight Games have revealed two brand new expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. One is for Investigators, the other for Campaigns.

Hasbro Loses Monopoly Trademark Battle

Hasbro has lost a decade-long legal battle over the Monopoly Trademark in the European Union — one of many battles over ownership of the name.

Dungeon's Master Screen Dungeon Kit Coming Soon

Wizards of the Coast have announced a brand new Dungeon's Master Screen Dungeons Kit, a perfect tool for Dungeons and DRagons DMs who love dungeon crawling.

Wacky Card Game Sheep in Disguise Now on Kickstarter

A new competitive card game is now available on Kickstarter called Sheep in Disguise. A game all about collecting sheep by any means necessary.

The Witcher: Old World Now on Kickstarter

Polish developer Go On Board have announced a brand new board game based on the dark fantasy series, The Witcher: Old World.

Prison Architect The Board Game Canceled

PSC Games have canceled the Kickstarter campaign for Prison Architect: The Board Game over conflicting ethical and inclusive design choices.

Catan - 3D Edition Officially Announced

CATAN Studios, the developer most well known for the board game Settlers of Catan, have announced Catan - 3D Edition.

CMON Announces Army of the Dead Board Game

CMON Publishing has announced Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game a board game based on Zack Snyder's zombie action heist movie, Army of the Dead.