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Unleash Your Winner Dragon With these New D&D Draconic Options

If you're looking for some more Dragon in your Dungeons and Dragons 5e games, the Draconic Options unearthed Arcana might be what you were looking for
Torchlight mobile game Perfect World cover

Perfect World is Making a Torchlight Mobile Game

Perfect World has announced that a Torchlight mobile game is in development — and this isn't the first time the franchise tried to launch on phones.
New Persona mobile game Code Name X China cover

Persona Mobile Game 'Code Name: X' is Coming to China

Chinese publisher Perfect World has revealed a new Persona mobile game called Code Name: X, but there's no telling whether or not it will come to the West.
The title of 7 Wonders Mystery, a glowing keyhole is in the middle

7 Wonders Mystery Announced In Cryptic Trailer

Repos Productions has announced something new for their award-winning 7 Wonders series. Whatever it is, it has people curious.
Cris Tales release date revealed cover

Cris Tales Release Date Revealed for Summer 2021

Following several delays, the Cris Tales release date has finally been locked in: it's coming to PC and consoles in mid-Summer 2021.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC release date delayed cover

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC Delayed

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC release date has been delayed to give gamers "a more refined experience."
King of Seas

King of Seas is a Pirate ARPG Coming This May

King of Seas is an ARPG set in a procedurally generated world where you can expect lost islands, fights, and booty.
A promo shot for Minecraft

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Split In Two, Part Two Coming In Winter

The upcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update has been delayed...sort of. Mojang says it's splitting the update in two, with part two coming in winter.
A ship in flight in Everspace 2

First Major Everspace 2 Update To Add New Companion And More

Everspace 2 is getting a big update later this month, with a new companion, new story missions, and more on the cards for Early Access players.
The Convoking Wand from the Necromancy mod for Valehim.

Master the Dead in the Valheim Necromancy Mod

A newly-released mod for Valheim allows your character to master the art of necromancy and lead an army of the undead into battle.

Strangeland is a Poetic Horror Adventure Coming this May

Strangeland has the player waking up in a surreal carnival where a woman cries out to you before leaping to her death. Why? Well, I guess you'll have to find out.
A player firing a cannonball at a ship in the new Mordhau update

Mordhau Update Brings New Weapon, Gameplay Tweaks, And More

There's a new Mordhau update in town, and it's bringing some fun extras to try out, including a new weapon and some gameplay tweaks.
Forager developers multiplayer cancellation frown cover

Forager Developers Respond to Multiplayer Cancellation

Several Forager developers have responded to the announcement of the game's multiplayer being canceled, accusing the game's creator of mismanagement.
A board set up for Stonemeier Game's game, Wingspan

Wingspan has sold almost 750k Copies According to Stonemeier Games

Stonemeier Games had their annual earnings meeting released recently, and the numbers look great, including their latest smash hit, Wingspan.
Roblox Monopoly Nerf announced cover

Roblox Monopoly Revealed and Open for Pre-Orders

Roblox Monopoly and Roblox Nerf guns are debuting this year, and you can pre-order Roblox's take on the Monopoly board game right now.
Youtubers Life 2 announced cover

Be a Social Media Star in Youtubers Life 2, Coming 2021

U-Play Online and Raiser Games have announced Youtubers Life 2, a sequel to the popular 2016 management game that has you trying to be a social media star.
Capcom ransomware investigation cover

Capcom Ransomware Attack Partly Caused by COVID-19 Work Changes

The Capcom ransomware attack from late 2020 was partly caused by a requirement to work from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gord is a Single-Player Tactical Title Cross Between Witcher and Stronghold

Gord is an adventure strategy city-builder title with survival elements set in a dark fantasy setting, mixing RPG and Simulation/Strategy
Yuffie in the new Final Fantasy VII Intergrade episode on PS5

Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy VII Remake Yuffie Episode Details

Square Enix has revealed new details regarding the upcoming Yuffie episode in Final Fantasy VII Remake - Intergrade on PS5.
The logo for Oh My Git.

Game And Learn How To Program with Oh My Git!

Oh My Git! is a free video game that uses card game mechanics to help players learn how to use open source git programming.
A combat scene in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Sumo Digital Reveals Hood: Outlaws And Legends DualSense Features

Sony and Sumo Digital have revealed some of the DualSense features coming to Robin Hood adventure Hood: Outlaws and Legends on PS5.

PS5's First Major Update Includes PS5 USB Storage, New Social Features, App Update

PS5 games can soon be stored on compatible external USB drives, which is pretty cool. You'll also be able to Share Play across console generations now as well.
A new landscape in the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes update

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update Adds New Roguelite Mode

A new Warhammer: Vermintide 2 update is coming. The Chaos Wastes update brings with it a brand new roguelite-inspired game mode.
An image of a Batman miniatures game box set showing off its contents

New Starter Box for Batman The Miniatures Game Announced

Batman: The Miniature Game is getting a new slimmer Starter Set this April. Not to be confused with a different starter set released last year.