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Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Online Receives New Update

Square Enix has just released part one of a new story series that is releasing for Final Fantasy XI Online, The Voracious Resurgence.
An action shot in Warface: Breakout

Warface: Breakout Updates Coming Throughout 2020

Warface: Breakout, the console-based spinoff for online FPS Warface, is getting
VENN Key Art

New Gaming Network VENN Launches

The teasing of the return of G4 TV and X-Play after a long hiatus off the air had many talking about the possi

Epic Games is Now Valued at $17.3 Billion Dollarydoos

Epic Games has announced today that they have received $1.78 billion round of funding, with Epic Games now being valued at an eye-watering $17.3 billion.
A fireworks show in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing Is The Second Best-Selling Switch Game Ever

Nintendo's fortunes are looking pretty rosy.
Whisker Squadron reveal cover

Whisker Squadron is Star Fox with Cats, Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Race The Sun developer Flippify has revealed its second title: Whisker Squadron, a game in the style of Star Fox with some new additions for the modern era.
Nintendo NYC Store re-opening cover

Nintendo NYC Store Re-Opening with Many Restrictions

Diehard Nintendo fans will be happy to see the Nintendo NYC store re-opening, but they're going to be faced with several restrictions if they'd like to shop in person.
Infantry Online community Daybreak Game Company cover

Infantry Online Community Asks Daybreak For Help in Keeping a Classic Alive

Just before the turn of the century, Sony released a game called Infantry Online for the PC.
Intellivision Amico games stream Earthworm Jim 4

More Intellivision Amico Games Revealed in Special Event

Over a dozen Intellivision Amico games were revealed in a lengthy developer stream featuring company CEO Tommy Tallarico and other employees from the company. 
Intellivision Amico

Intellivision Amico Delayed to 2021

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and despite Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico sharing a personal story about how the 10/10/2020 release date had been chosen to honor his dead sister, the Intellivi
Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Delivers New Missions, Cooperative Play Options, and All Previous DLC

Pikmin 3 Deluxe has been announced by Nintendo for their Nintendo Switch, which is a remaster of the Wii U version of Pikmin 3 while also including a wh
A car races around a track in Trackmania

Trackmania In-Game Advertising from Is Coming

Ubisoft has partnered with gaming advertising firm to bring blended in-game ads to racing game Trackmania.
Honey, I Joined a Cult

You Can Join a Cult in Honey, I Joined a Cult in 2021

Developer Sole Survivor Games (which is ironic considering the game that they are developing), and publisher Team17 Digital Ltd.
The Thank You image posted by the Fall Guys devs for hitting 1.5 million players

Fall Guys Hits 1.5 Million Players In First 24 Hours

Battle royale party game Fall Guys hit 1.5 million players during its first 24 hours of release.
Overwatch Summer Games 2020 skins cover

Overwatch Summer Games 2020 Skins Heat Up August

The Overwatch Summer Games 2020 skins have been revealed with the return of this yearly event and they might just be some of the best
Marvel's Avengers PS4 exclusives cover

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 Players Get Exclusive Cosmetics and Perks

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 players aren’t just going to get
TombStar reveal cover

TombStar is the Next Rootin' Tootin' Game from No More Robots

No More Robots has revealed their next publishing project: TombStar, a space Western-themed top-down shooter from the creator of Crossy Road.