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Project Resistance Demo techraptor
NYCC 2019: Hands-on with the Project Resistance Demo
Teamwork or Death!
Wasteland 3 Key Art
Warming Up To Wasteland 3
The New and Improved Wasteland Experience
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Mario and Sonic Ready the Starting Pistol At Tokyo 2020
On Your Marks, Get Set, ...
The Walking Dead: Saints & SInners Logo
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Hands-on Preview
Experience The Walking Dead in Virtual Reality
Stranded Sails vertical slice title screen
Stranded Sails Is a Seafaring Survival Game That You Can Actually Win
(And No, You're Not a Pirate.)
Dragon Quest Trilogy Original Box Art
Dragon Quest Trilogy Shows Square's Porting Struggles
At least it's (slightly) prettier than the originals.
flotsam preview - full base
Flotsam Takes City Building to the High Seas
I'm on a Boat
tim sweeney anno 1800
Anno 1800's First Two Expansions Both Elate and Disappoint
It has been a hot minute since the release of Ubisoft Blue Byte's city builder
project genesis preview - flying
Project Genesis Mixes FPS Combat with Intense Ship Battles
Amongst the sea of upcoming Steam games, I somehow came across something called Project Genesis.
sparklite header
Sparklite Preview - Purifying the World With Science
Fight Against Corruption in Geodia
amnesia collection key art
Amnesia: Collection on Nintendo Switch is So Good, It's Scary
realm of magic sims techraptor 3
The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Conjures Up An Enchanting Experience
Magic has been a staple element of The Sims franchise from the beginning.
session gap
Session Catches Air With A Skateboarding Sim That Raises The Bar
Growing up, the golden standard of skateboarding games was Tony Hawk.
trials of mana duran
Trials of Mana Remake Feels Like Familiar Fun
Whenever people talk about influential, iconic JRPGs from the past few decades, some major franchises very quickly
gamedec logo
Gamedec Has You Cyberpunk Sleuthing Virtual Crimes
If you're a fan of cyberpunk, then these next couple of years have you covered.
stela logo
Stela is An Atmospheric Platformer Full of Dread
The first time I saw Stela, I was immediately reminded of Playdead's
liberated gameplay
Comic Book Panels Come Alive in Liberated
No one can deny that the modern entertainment landscape is heavily influenced by comics.
bravery network online promo art
Bravery Network Online Turns up the Weird and Competitive
Bravery Network Online is weird.
raji an ancient epic
Raji's God of War-Like Gameplay Brings Indian Mythology to Everyone
From a distance, Raji: An Ancient Epic caught my eye immediately.
skater xl logo
Skater XL Looks to Fill EA’s Skate Shoes
Years have passed since we got a major skateboarding video game from a AAA studio.
wanderlust travel stories logo
Wanderlust Travel Stories Sees You Solo Travel the World
Wanderlust Travel Stories was easily the most chill game I had the chance to see at PAX West.
pax west wishlist games
6 Games from PAX West 2019 to Add to Your Wishlist
PAX West 2019 was an incredibly busy weekend in Seattle.
cyber shadow
Cyber Shadow is 8-Bit Perfection
Cyber Shadow is the first game being published by Shovel Knight maker Yacht Club Games.
shovel knight dig logo
Shovel Knight Dig is Frantic, Challenging, and Charming
Shovel Knight Dig is a lot of things in one and to avoid mixing up some word salad, let's just say it's super fun.
kunai key art
KUNAI Makes Robots Cute and Deadly
The Arcade Crew, which published the excellent
spiritfarer key art
Spiritfarer Made Me Less Scared of Death
The concept of death usually isn’t a comfortable one. In real life, it evokes less than pleasant thoughts.
n1rv ann-a olivia
N1RV Ann-A Is Exactly What VA-11 Hall-A Fans Are Looking For
VA-11 Hall-A was one of the biggest surprises of 2016. A cyberpunk bartending visual novel?
kerbal space program 2 logo
Kerbal Space Program 2 Adds in Colonies, Interstellar Travel, and More
I had the chance to attend a presentation on Kerbal Space Program 2 while at PAX West, and I learned a lot about what people can look forw
indivisible running
Indivisible Divides by Genre to Multiply the Fun
After the success of the zany fighting game Skullgirls
haven turn based combat
Haven is An Engaging Take on Turn-Based Combat
The striking art and the writing are likely what draw most people to Haven.