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Courtney Ehrenhofler

Staff Writer

A native New Yorker, Courtney loves playing all different genres of games, but if you start talking to her about Trails in the Sky, she'll never shut up.

Articles by Courtney Ehrenhofler

kindly beast layoffs
The Kindly Beast Studio Has Massive Layoffs
Bendy and the Ink Machine Devs Appear To Clean House
Beyond a Steel Sky Game page
Game Page
Beyond a Steel Sky

The sequel to the classic 1994 cyberpunk adventure, Beyond a Steel Sky builds on the unique vision of Watchmen arti

sea of thieves pirate boat
Game Page
Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves brings the dreams of pirates of all ages to life.

Project Resistance Game page
Game Page
Project Resistance

Project Resistance is the untold story of Resident Evil before the first Raccoon City outbreak, when Umbrella was testing their traps and viruses on unsuspecting civilians they ki

Project Resistance Demo techraptor
NYCC 2019: Hands-on with the Project Resistance Demo
Teamwork or Death!
marvels avengers ms marvel
Hands On: Marvel's Avengers Cast Embiggens, Adds Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel Joins As The Sixth Main Hero
realm of magic sims techraptor 3
The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Conjures Up An Enchanting Experience

Magic has been a staple element of The Sims franchise from the beginning.

zer0 inbox - explaining
Play NYC 2019: Zer0 Inbox Demo Clears The Board

Dilbert, Office Space, and The IT Crowd.

london detective mysteria review header
London Detective Mysteria Review
London Calling to the Imitation Zone
blinks! black
Play NYC 2019: Blinks Lights Up The Gaming Scene

Blinks was one of the few games at Play NYC that I did not see intentionally.

pure botg
Play NYC 2019: Pure: Birth of the Goddess Delivers Platform Announcement

When I was at Playcrafting’s Spring 2019 Expo, one of the games that was in development and caught my eye was Pure: Birth of the Goddess by AngryOtterGames.