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enemy on board
Social Deduction Meets Sci-Fi Action in Enemy on Board
Who Can You Trust?
World of Warcraft Collector's Edition
Unboxing the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition
The Greatest Lootbox of All
best games 2019 quarter 3
TechRaptor's Best Games of 2019 - Quarter 3
A Honkin' Good Three Months
indivisible world
Lab Zero on Creating Indivisible's Fantasy World
Ajna's Journey Begins
Indivisible party
A Look at Indivisible's First Few Party Members
Indivisible from One Another
Outworlder red sky
A Quick Chat About Outworlder, Igloosoft's Upcoming Sci-Fi Sandbox
Starbound Veterans Cut Out on Their Own
September Review Roundup
September 2019 Game Review Roundup
Borderlands, Gears, and PAX West Previews
slay the spire september 2019 humble monthly
September 2019 Humble Monthly Overview
Decisions, decisions
total war saga troy key art
A Total War Saga: TROY Mixes Myth With Truth Next Year
A Once-Mythical Age Made Real
techraptor best games pax west 2019
TechRaptor's 10 Best Games of PAX West 2019
We've routinely said that PAX is our favorite convention to attend.
life is strange 2
The Rising Reception of Life is Strange 2
Just a few weeks ago, Dontnod released the fourth episode of Life is Stra
review roundup august 2019
August 2019 Game Review Roundup
the best of play nyc 2019
The Best of Play NYC 2019
We've covered a lot of games for Play
links awakening screenshot
Video Game Releases September 2019 - Shoot, Loot, Shoot More
With summer drawing slowly to a close, publisher are pulling out all the stops to see plenty of big name game releases ahead of the winter holiday
august humble monthly overview - kingdom come deliverance
August 2019 Humble Monthly Overview: Oh, the Places You'll Go
Along with all of the good that Humble Bundle already brings to the table, they additionally offer players the chance to
play nyc 2019 graffiti games - insufficient adjectives 1
Play NYC 2019: Dean Razavi and His Trio of Games
Dean Razavi is a man that I've met more than a few times at past Playcrafting events.
play nyc 2019 graffiti games - cover
Play NYC's Graffiti Games Celebrated LGBTQ+ Experiences (and They Were Pretty Darn Fun)
The Play NYC 2019 Graffiti Games made an interesting showing this year.
play nyc 2019 - show floor 2
Play NYC 2019 Recap - The Indie Spirit
It is unlikely many in the mainstream have heard of Play NYC amongst the sea of gaming cons out there.
sega genesis mini 30th anniversary
Remembering the Sega Genesis, 30 Years Later
Wether you were a Nintendo or Sega kid back in the day, there's no disputing the cultural impact the Sega Genesis had on gamers and kids growing up
First Impressions Of The Sega Genesis Mini
Nostalgia is a powerful thing.
spywatch lex screencap 1
Spywatch Lex Combines Adventure and Language Skills in One Big Package
There were several running themes throughout Play NYC this year, but one that was very apparent was the amount of educational-style games being mad
system shock 2 anniversary story - screen capture of von braun
System Shock 2: Embracing the Enigma - A Brief Retrospective
There are some games that remain in my top 10 list no matter the time of day or my current mood.
play nyc 2019 coverage hub - header
Play NYC 2019 Coverage Hub
Our Play NYC 2019 Coverage Hub will contain all of the articles that we produce as a result of our coverage of New York City's biggest dedicated ga
apex legends featured image
Six Months In, Apex Legends Is Still My Favorite Game To Play
I never stopped playing
the church in the darkness freedom town
How The Church in the Darkness Creates a Dynamic Narrative
Titles such as Mass Effect or The Witcher contain many choices that impact the outcome of the ending.
midnight ghost hunt featured image
Screenshot Survey: Ghosts and Guns and Armies Oh My
It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for another Screenshot Survey.
doom 3 - archvile (featured image)
Doom 3's Inner Demons: A Conflicted Design
Fifteen years ago, id Software released Doom 3, a game with enormous expectations.
july 2019 review roundup
July 2019 Game Review Roundup
Hey remember how last month I joked it was a slow month and then realized we had written over 50 previews and impressions thanks to E3?
Bethesda Pulls Tabletop Adventure For The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr Following Plagiarism Allegation
Quakecon 2019: The Elder Scrolls Online Interview
Working With Elder Scrolls Lore
the church in the darkness main church
The Church in the Darkness Champions Player Agency and Infiltration
Nowadays, elements of stealth-based gameplay can be found in many games.