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Anson Chan

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TechRaptor Writer Since: September 2020

About Anson Chan

Anson is a Writer at TechRaptor and has been playing games for as long as he can remember. As far as he's concerned, games are one of the greatest forms of artistic expression to date. Outside of his normal day job, you can usually find him playing something on Xbox Game Pass to get some Achievements or occasionally reading a book. He might also be exploring the modding side of Bethesda games, mostly for educational purposes.

Although Anson will always be interested in games that push the boundaries of the medium, he firmly believes that the gaming industry should always prioritize the working conditions and rights of the workers. 

Anson initially started writing for TechRaptor to pass the time while looking for a full-time job after college and has contributed to just about everything, though he mainly focuses on guides, reviews, and opinion articles. That being said, he first started writing about games in his school newspaper, so it's not unexplored territory for him.

To Anson, there is nothing more satisfying than dissecting a game in order to appreciate the labor that went into developing it. Guides, reviews, and opinions tend to require a deep understanding of a game anyways, so it seems appropriate that those are his favorite kinds of articles. 

Favorite games:

- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

- Halo 2

- Dishonored 2

- Final Fantasy series

Favorite genres:

- Role Playing Games

- Shooters 

- Strategy Games