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borderlands 3 bandits with guns
Borderlands 3 Gun Manufacturer Guide: The Best From Common to Legendary

Some games are known for their jaw-dropping graphics. Others are loved for the gameplay or story.

borderlands 3 review header
Borderlands 3 Review
The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Gears 5 Won't Have A Season Pass, Gear Packs, Or Loot Box Content
Gears 5 Horde Guide: Getting to Wave 50 (Good Teammates Not Included)

Horde mode is back in Gears 5, and, much like the rest of the game, the infamous survival mode has received some tweaks.

star wars battlefront 2 1.2 update
A Look Back at Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Do You Believe in Second Chances?
Do You Believe in Second Chances?
metro exodus the two colonels review header
Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels Review
Come for the Flamethrower, Stay for the Story
apex legends iron crown collection
Anonymity and Mob Mentality: The Dual Nature of Apex Legends’ Asshat Gaffe

Over the past week or so, Respawn Entertainment landed in some hot water.

overwatch havana patch - overwatch all-stars skins
Overwatch 2/2/2 Role Queue: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Needs Improvement

Overwatch’s latest grand experiment in balancing and matchmaking is now live for everyone.

TR Originals
KekRaptor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Have “1v1 Me Bro!!!” Game Mode

The upcoming Call of Duty promises to be yet another soft reboot of the franchise.

Overwatch Golden Loot Box Reddit
Battlefront to Overwatch: A Look at the Current State of Games as a Service

If there were a moment in gaming history that can be likened to the opening of Pandora’s box, it might be the instant that the games as a service (or GaaS as it were) business model was modernized.

division 2 washington monument
The Division 2's First Story DLC Isn't Worth The Time It Takes To Download
It's not great
wolfenstein youngblood review header
Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review - Old Meets New

In the modern reincarnation of the Wolfenstein series, B.J. Blazkowicz blasted Nazis across Europe, liberated the United States, and traveled the solar system to kill space Nazis.