The lead characters of Last Stop, a mysterious figure with glowing eyes and a diving suit seen in the background

Last Stop Review

Last Stop's changes in tone and genre can be jolting in spots, but the characters at the center of such stories manage to keep things grounded for a delightful experience.
techraptor labyrinth city pierre the maze detective

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective Review

Labyrinth City is a great children's video game, with enough to do to appeal to adults looking to relax, though a few off-color characters are off-putting.
Death's Door Preview Image

Death's Door Review

Acid Nerve has demonstrated an understanding of the Adventure RPG genre and has absolutely nailed its execution with Death's Door. Combat is fun and fast-paced, world exploration is rewarding, and the story while light-hearted hides some deeper meaning. Do yourself a favor and pick up Death's Door.
Cris Tales Preview Image

Cris Tales Review

Cris Tales starts strong as a time travel RPG set in a beautiful world, but suffers from a misguided plot and combat woes
Walden game logo

Walden, a game Review

I thought the book was better.
A Township Tale

A Township Tale Review

A Township Tale is a great start to a deeply flawed, yet thoroughly engaging title
Cover image showing Tokyo

Mini Motorways Review

Mini Motorways is an enjoyable and often beautiful puzzler, but the lack of long term replayability makes it harder to recommend over its already excellent predecessor.

Pine Creek Review

Pine Creek’s world building, immersive storytelling, and use of modern gameplay conventions, help the game stand out as one of the best indiependent Game Boy games available today.
PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch Review

The PowerA fusion pro wireless controller for Nintendo Switch is a great controller with just a few small things that let down its premium design
A header image showing Robert Raptorson

Raptor Boyfriend Review

Surprisingly sincere, wonderfully heartwarming and beautifully drawn, Raptor Boyfriend is a charming visual novel which strikes the perfect balance between comedy and coziness.
The beaches of Maravilla Island

Beasts of Maravilla Island Review

While pretty as a picture, Beasts of Maravilla Island lack of overall polish makes for a little less than memorable trip
Warrior Boy Cover

Warrior Boy Review

It's sad when Warrior Boy's most notable gem is that I managed to complete it.
Sniper Elite VR - Key Art

Sniper Elite VR Review

While there's plenty of problems with it, Sniper Elite VR has enough decent moments to make slogging through the bad stuff worth it, but only just.
Commands and Colors Samurai Battles.

Commands and Colors Samurai Battles Review

Commands and Colors Samurai Battles is very easy to learn and play, and the forty scenarios offer a huge amount of playtime, even if only playing each scenario once, on both sides. Repeat plays still offer a great challenge and experience. The rulebook could do with some more image examples, and the wooden blocks can be hard to read, but it doesn't take away from the solid rules, pace, and overall experience of the game. Veteran wargames will find a great system, with some interesting scenarios. Beginner wargamers will find a great entry-level game and fans of the samurai era will enjoy the historical battles and exploring the use of the different units.
The boomerang star setting in an abandoned workshop

Boomerang X Review

Boomerang X is a polished and exciting action platformer with throwing stars and excitement, but not much else.
techraptor rwby grimm eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Definitive Edition Review

RWBY Grimm Eclipse is fun for fans, but the lack of innovative combat and strong story don't offer much of an incentive for those unfamiliar with the franchise.
Scarlet Nexus Featured Image

Scarlet Nexus Review

Scarlet Nexus' accomplished combat and world are hamstrung by a shockingly low budget that oozes nearly every corner of the experience from its cinematics to its levels to even enemy composition at times. That said, action JRPG fans should be able to latch onto enough to walk away satisfied. .

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Review

The original Doki Doki Literature Club is a phenomenal horror title, but loses a lot of the elements that made it so impressive on its translation to consoles.
Soutien OC10 Chair Review

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair Review

While not your typical gaming chair, the Souiten Ergonomic Office Chair fits perfectly into the category for gamers looking for good back support.
Screenshot from Chivalry 2 with a man on horseback surveying a battlefield

Chivalry 2 Review

First and foremost, Chivalry 2 is an excellent medieval fighting game. The combat system is incredibly rewarding and nuanced, with a wide array of weapons
The title screen for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Official Video Game

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Official Video Game Review

With an enjoyable selection of arcade sports minigames, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Official Video Game is a gold medal effort.
Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur Review

The Razer Iskur is a really solid chair but I would recommend trying one out for yourself before you spend all that money. 
Bayonets and Tomahawks

Bayonets and Tomahawks Review

Bayonets and Tomahawks is a strategic wargame of outstanding design. For such a technically short time period, it offers a huge amount of scope and replayability. The custom dice and unit shape mechanic, along with the battle track, offers a fantastic way of working out conflict resolution in a realistic way with the troops you use. The fact that it uses a single custom dice type to accomplish this is also fantastic design. The map is clear and while some battles can be messy with large numbers of units involved, the map and its trackers and cheat sheets do a great job of keeping things going. It is an in-depth strategic wargame, so anyone looking for something light won't find that here, but anyone looking for an interesting war simulation, especially those with an interest in the historical period will find a lot to love with B&T.
The game's title on a black background

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Review

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance offers a decent arcade action RPG experience, but suffers from midbudget jank and some questionable combat elements.

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