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Isaac Todd

Staff Writer

TechRaptor Writer Since: December 2021

About Isaac Todd

Isaac is a Staff Writer at TechRaptor, handling guides — and the occasional review — for games throughout many genres. Some of his more extensive work at TechRaptor includes guides for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Ark.

Isaac has written about gaming across a number of sites prior to TechRaptor, reviewing many titles big and small. This also includes the occasional look into Japanese media such as anime and manga, a field that often crosses over with games.

Despite his specialty mainly being RPGs and adventure titles, Isaac is willing to try most other genres if a game seems interesting enough — excluding most sports games that is! This has lead to him having a greater understanding of gaming as a whole, with this knowledge further improving his guides and reviews.

As you'd expect, gaming is a huge part of Isaac's live, and his main hobby outside of TechRaptor. He's also working through a backlog of books and TV shows, though the constant stream of new game releases has made this backlog grow even bigger in recent years. Eventually (when things in the world calm down), Isaac wants to travel the world to visit far-off friends and co-workers.

Favorite games:

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Dragon's Dogma
  • Chaos;Child
  • Trails of Cold Steel III

Favorite genres:

  • RPG
  • Action-Adventure
  • FPS