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Dan is a Boston-based writer who has been with TechRaptor since the end of 2020. He has been working in the online writing, editing and SEO space for nearly a decade, always looking out for where the next great story will come from. At his core, Dan is a storyteller, and loves to both expand on the stories that are told within games, as well as speak with the developers and creative minds behind some of the most beloved interactive tales there are. Though video games are more widely played and understood better than they have ever been, it is Dan's goal to continue to push the importance of gaming and how it relates to mental health, personal fulfillment, and individual creativity.

When not writing about games, Dan loves watching movies with his wife and cats, taking hikes, listening to an assortment of video game podcasts, and spending time with his friends, whether that be online in a game or in real life.

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Melinoe in Hades 2

Everything Different in Hades II From Its Prequel (So Far)

Wondering what's new in Hades II? We break down what's changed in Hades II and compare the sequel to its predecessor. See the new changes in Hades II!

May 6, 2024 | 01:00 EDT

The Pirate Queen key art with Lucy Liu and Eloise Singer

Lucy Liu Interview: Pirate Queen: The Forgotten Legend

We got to speak with Eloise Singer and Lucy Liu about their new VR title, The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend, which tells the story about the most powerful pirate in history.

March 29, 2024 | 08:00 EDT

A hero riding a giant fox in Visions of Mana

Visions of Mana Preview - Get Lost in Colorful Landscapes

Check out our Visions of Mana preview from PAX East 2024! We got the chance to go hands-on with Visions of Mana ahead of its release date.

March 28, 2024 | 09:00 EDT

Looking down at Arrakis from a spaceship in Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening Hands-Off Preview - An Epic MMO In the Making

The TechRaptor team got to take a look at a Dune: Awakening preview at PAX East 2024. Check out what we thought of the Dune: Awakening gameplay and classes.

March 27, 2024 | 11:00 EDT

Lightning attacks in Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 Hands-on Preview - The Next Great Action RPG

Check out our Path of Exile 2 preview! We got to experience Path of Exile 2 gameplay at PAX East 2024 and played through an early mission. Read more.

March 23, 2024 | 10:05 EDT

Frogs living happily in a sanctuary in Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge Preview - Eco-Conservation & Cozy Frogs

Take a look at our Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge preview from PAX East 2024. We got hands-on Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge gameplay and spoke with the developers.

March 22, 2024 | 01:27 EDT

Helldivers 2 Bile Titan

Helldivers 2 Review - Fighting for Managed Democracy

Helldivers 2 took the gaming community by surprise with wild success. Take a look at the TechRaptor Helldivers 2 review and see what we thought!

March 1, 2024 | 10:00 EST

Indy prepares to whip enemies in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Why First-Person Indiana Jones Is a Mistake

First-person Indiana Jones is a mistake. Machine games making Indiana Jones and the Great Circle a first-person game will make players miss out.

January 20, 2024 | 01:26 EST

Hailey and Kayla in the Spider-Man 2 side mission Graffiti Trouble

Hidden Gems: Don't Skip Spider-Man 2's Side Missions

Don't skip Spider-Man 2's side missions, which have some of the best content in the PS5 exclusive. Get to know New York and its boroughs in Spider-Man 2.

November 16, 2023 | 09:00 EST

A Regenerador attacks Ada in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

If You Skip Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, You're Doing Yourself a Disservice

The Separate Ways DLC is the best part of Resident Evil 4. It introduces amazing new weapons and great game mechanics as well.

October 23, 2023 | 09:00 EDT

The desolate Colander spaceship in Starfield.

Starfield Is This Year's Most Surprising Horror Game

Starfield is this year's most surprising horror game. The Starfield Colander ship and other surprises make this an incredible horror experience.

September 30, 2023 | 09:00 EDT

On the surface of Mars, Jack Leary stands next to a rover in Fort Solis

Fort Solis Review - Is the Terrific Narrative Enough?

View the TechRaptor Fort Solis review and read our thoughts on the Fort Solis gameplay, voice cast and more! TechRaptor is your go-to source for reviews.

August 22, 2023 | 02:00 EDT

The player stares up at the Labyrinth Sentinel, a large world boss in Remnant 2.

Which Platform Has Best Remnant 2 Performance?

Wondering which platform has the best Remnant 2 performance modes? Check out our breakdown of Remnant 2 gameplay, system requirements, and frame rate.

August 8, 2023 | 10:09 EDT

A closeup of Link in the froggy armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Froggy Armor Is Tears of the Kingdom's Best Quality-of-Life Improvement

The Froggy Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is arduous to obtain but worth it. The Froggy Armor is a great quality of life improvement.

July 18, 2023 | 11:10 EDT

Aurora borealis in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How Animal Crossing Ushered in the Age of Endless Games

Animal Crossing has been delighting players for 22 years now, so we took a look at how this series helped define a genre and ushered in an era of endless games.

June 20, 2023 | 10:00 EDT

A woman with blue hair from the Metaphor Re Fantazio Trailer

Metaphor Re Fantazio Announced from Atlus

At the Xbox Showcase, Atlus announced their latest title: Metaphor Re Fantazio. The Metaphor Re Fantazio release date is unknown, but we got gameplay.

June 11, 2023 | 02:19 EDT

Aerial Firefighting in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 & Dune Expansion Announced

Curious about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 release date, or the Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune Expansion? Learn more from the Xbox Games Showcase!

June 11, 2023 | 01:42 EDT

PS5 & Project Q from the Sony Showcase

Who Is the Audience for Sony's Project Q Streaming Device?

Who is the target audience for Sony's Project Q? The Project Q handheld device that connects to a PS5 via streaming is cool, but will it be widely adopted?

May 26, 2023 | 12:00 EDT

Logo for Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Revealed at Sony Showcase

Dragon's Dogma 2 was revelaed at Sony's May showcase. The Dragon's Dogma 2 release date wasn't announced, but we got a glimpse with a trailer.

May 24, 2023 | 04:59 EDT

Characters from Square Enix game Foamstars

Foamstars Revealed at Sony Showcase

At Sony's May showcase Square Enix revealed Foamstars, a multiplayer online shooter. Learn more about the Foamstars release date and gameplay.

May 24, 2023 | 04:41 EDT

Link flying above the sky islands in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on a glider powered by a fan.

Tears of the Kingdom Turns Glitches Into Gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom turns glitches into gameplay. Players have found countless ways to get around, solve puzzles, and crucify Koroks.

May 22, 2023 | 12:00 EDT

Aloy swimming through an underwater canyon in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Taught Me I've Had Thalassophobia for Years

The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC made me realize I've had Thalassophobia for years, I just didn't know it had a name.

April 28, 2023 | 12:00 EDT

Leon aims his gun at enemies in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Sets a Gold Standard for Replayability

Resident Evil 4 Remake sets a gold standard for replayability. The Resident Evil 4's New Game Plus and unlockables make it a joy to play again and again.

April 24, 2023 | 11:00 EDT

The player character waters their crops in the field in Go-Go Town.

PAX East 2023: Go-Go Town Preview

Check out our Go-Go Town preview from PAX East 2023! Go-Go Town is a life-sim game with tycoon elements that has you building a town and recruiting helpers.

March 31, 2023 | 10:00 EDT