TR Member Perks!

Are you an aspiring, established, or hopeful journalist? Are you interested in reporting on news in a clear and neutral fashion first, separating your opinion from the events? Can you use your experiences to outline why a game stands out, and critically examine how it plays? What about your opinions? Can you present them in a clear and calm manner, using the facts and evidence to support your arguments? If so, you may be a great fit at TechRaptor.

We’re always seeking new and talented writers, streamers, and YouTubers to join our team and grow with us every day! If you’d like to write for TechRaptor, check out the details and positions below – and it’s worth noting, you may be interested in more than one position!

General Staff Positions

Staff Writer (Tech & Gaming)

Staff Writers are expected to write a minimum of (currently) 6 articles a month, whether that be news, review, or otherwise. You’ll be expected to follow our guidelines, ethics policies, and work with the team to present quality content to our readers, as well as conduct yourself in a professional manner in all public spaces – including social media.

Staff Writers are paid by both impressions, and article count, meaning that you’ll be paid based upon how many views all of your articles receive on a monthly basis. Additionally, you’ll receive bonuses based upon the number of articles you write (6,10,15,20,25, etc) that will be added onto that sum. Note: We pay this way because it allows us to pay our staff, while not overstretching our budget at this time.

If you’re interested in becoming a TechRaptor Staff Writer, see the “Guidelines and Requirements for Submittal” below.

Senior Staff Writer (Internal)

While not a position that can be applied for, we want to make sure that people know that as TechRaptor grows, so do our staff. Senior Staff Writers are the staff who have shown great consistency, quality, and regularity in their work, and while we can’t promote all of the people who meet these requirements – as we increase our revenue and size, we’re adding more Senior Staff Writers.

Senior Staff Writers are paid a flat fee per month for a minimum number of articles, on top of the impressions and milestones after meeting their minimum number, and are given an official TechRaptor e-mail address.

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Video Content Creator

YouTube is a growing part of TechRaptor, and with the redesign of the website, we’ve made a number of changes to make big strides in growing our (currently) 1,700+ subscriber channel. But, we can always use more talented video creators to help us create a channel for our readers to come and enjoy.

If you’re interested in doing video previews, impressions, reviews, or even starting a weekly show or something of that nature – we want to work with you. Videos count as 2 articles as they’ll be accompanied by a short written piece on the site, and you’ll be paid for impressions as well as the milestones that other writers receive as well.

See “Staff Writer” for more details”

Staff Streamer

TechRaptor (currently) boasts around 1,000 Twitch followers, and streams on a regular basis with a few of our staff members. We’re always looking for more people to join the team and help us grow our channel, stream previews of new games, and interact with the awesome community of TechRaptor, though! If you’d like to join our team and stream, please apply!

Streamers are paid based upon the amount of time they stream, with the same “milestone” goals as Staff Writers. Four (4) hours of streaming is equal to one (1) article.

Note: This can be a standalone position, or if you’d like to stream and write, see “Staff Writer” for more details.

Local Correspondents

News is happening globally, but events and companies are always local somewhere. As such, we’re always looking for more people in certain areas of the world, so that we can send them to events and companies to check out the latest and greatest! Here’s a few areas we’re looking for people:

  • Texas (SXSW, etc)
  • Nevada (CES)
  • California (SDCC, E3, etc)
  • San Francisco (There’s a lot)
  • New York City (TechWeek, etc)
  • Chicago (TechWeek + our founder is local here and wants to start doing more video)
  • Cologne, Germany (GamesCom, ESL Tournaments)
  • Japan (Tokyo Game Show, other)

This is essentially a “Staff Writer” position, where we’re seeking people in certain areas to be able to attend events and meet developers and product makers! See “Staff Writer” for more info.

Community Manager – 2 Needed

TechRaptor is looking to grow and nurture the community that has been built around the site we’ve created. As such, we’re looking for community manager(s) to help us in growing the areas of our site that don’t get the attention that they truly deserve. Community managers will be expected to:

  • Interact with and start new threads on our forums.
  • Moderate and Maintain Comments and Threads on the site.
  • Re-Post Articles that our readers may need to read that could have been missed, on our social media channels.
  • Interact with readers to help grow the TechRaptor brand, and refer any topics or posts that need to be addressed by staff or executives to the correct people.
  • Assist Editorial and Executive Staff in managing Patrons and relationships between TechRaptor and it’s readers.

If interested, e-mail writers[at] with the following, and we’ll discuss how we can work together:

  1. Experience with Social Media Platforms and Forums, citing any experience as a community manager or moderator.
  2. Any experience with a news and review oriented website.
  3. Why you feel you’re right for the job

Gaming Specializations

News Correspondent

Do you find yourself up to speed on the latest news? Still have an overwhelmingly full RSS Feed of sites so you can always have your finger on the pulse of the latest news? Then we’d love to have you join the team as a News Correspondent!

See “Staff Writer” for more details, essentially this position is one that focuses on writing news, and not many reviews or editorials.

eSports Correspondent (DOTA 2, CS:GO, LoL, SMITE, and more)

eSports are expanding a rapid rate – with ESPN and so many others starting to latch on, we’re seeing an explosion of interest in so many great games. Which is why we need you – to cover the latest events, trends, metas, and more!

If you find yourself keeping up with the latest meta in a current eSport, dreaming about how to get the edge on your opponent, or just watching every match you can, then you’ll be a perfect fit to help us grow the eSports section of TechRaptor.

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Japanese Gaming Specialist

TechRaptor publishes a wide variety of gaming news on the site, both US-based and international. One of the areas that is sorely lacking though, is Japanese gaming news, which we’d like to fix. If you’re interested in Japanese games and the news surrounding them, then you’d be a great fit at TechRaptor to help us grow this aspect of our site.

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Mobile Gaming Specialist

Mobile gaming is a steadily growing facet of the video game industry, and as such, we’d like to get more mobile gaming content on the site for our readers to consume – both news and review. If you find yourself staring at your phone or tablet for extended periods to try new games, then we’d love for you to talk about them!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

“Genre” Specialist

The Gaming Industry has a number of great genres, and we’re looking for people to focus on covering the news and games that are a part of a number of genres. Check them out below:

  • First Person Shooter – If you can’t stop thinking about how you’re going to improve your quick scope, or how the next big FPS can be better, this position is for you.
  • 4X Strategy – Think you have the skills and wits to command the galaxy, not just a map? Then you should command this position.
  • Survival – You think you’d be the best at surviving a zombie apocalypse or the end of the world? This position is for you!
  • Other – You have a genre that you make your own, pay more attention to than your significant other, or can’t stop thinking about? Then you should take on that specialization, and keep our readers informed about what’s happening!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Tabletop Specializations

General Tabletop Gaming Specialist

Tabletop is a quickly growing aspect of TechRaptor, with our communications and relationships with developers growing to the point where we can’t cover everything that can be sent to us. As such, we’re looking for dedicated writers to cover news and reviews for Tabletop Gaming, as well as to attend conventions around the country to check out new and exciting games!

In order to apply to review games, you must already have a gaming group that you can get together on a regular basis to play games with. TechRaptor will be able to acquire many of the games for review via the developers.

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Tabletop “Game” Specialist

Do you have a specific tabletop game that you spend every extra cent on, or just can’t stop yourself from scribbling new ideas on any piece of paper within sight? If so, we’d love to have you cover it! Here’s a few examples:

  • X-Wing (Fantasy Flight) – Can’t stop buying ships? You should write about the ones you buy, and share some of the strategies you’ve come up with!
  • CCGs (MtG, etc) – Buying booster packs faster than your local shop can re-supply them? Switching up your deck more times than you can count? Then we could use your expertise to talk about the latest and greatest!
  • Wargaming (WarMachine, 40K, Etc) – If you like building big armies and spending hours engaged in battle, then we could use your expertise to share news and analysis!
  • Pen and Paper (D&D, Pathfinder) – If you’re a budding or experienced Dungeon Master or player who feels they can offer their experience to our readers, please apply!
  • Other – If we missed a game, then let us know! We’re looking for people who want to share their passions with our readers!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Technology Specializations

Tech Guide Specialist

If you’re great at putting 2 and 2 together (4, obviously) and teaching people how to fix their problems, find great new products, or build out their system – then we’d love to have you join the team and help us create great new guides for our readers to use.

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Mobile Technology Specialist

Do you spend more time tinkering with your phone, or keeping up with the latest trends in mobile technology, than working or playing? If so – we need your expertise to help us share more information with our readers! With mobile expanding, there’s no shortage of information to write about!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Hardware Specialist

Do you always have to have the most powerful equipment in your rig? Do you enjoy overclocking your system to the max? If so, you may be the perfect person to join TechRaptor as a hardware specialist, where we’ll work with you to acquire new computer hardware to test out and review/benchmark!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Gadget Specialist

Do you always have the latest wearable? Have to try the newest fitness band? If you’re a gadget junkie, chances are you’ll fit in great at TechRaptor, and we can work together to get new products to test out for our readers!

See “Staff Writer” for more details.

Guidelines and Requirements for Submittal

You must submit, via email, [highlight]two pieces of writing – 1 News/Article and 1 Review[/highlight] (For YouTubers and Streamers, we need 2 videos)

  1. Review and News Requirements
    1. Reviews – Try to be objective, focus on using your experiences to enhance your reviews, not dominate them! 600 word minimum on all reviews, with your final score added at the end (out of 10)
    2. News – Objectivity is key, but if you’d like to add your own opinion, do so at the end (in italics). 300+ words for each news piece is a minimum requirement.
    3. Age – Must be 18+ to apply
  2. Must have a Gmail Account for access to team files – would recommend you email us with it!
  3. Must use real name, and picture for the site.
  4. Will be required to fill out a contract (all staff are contractors, not employees) prior to joining the team in full.

Note from Rutledge – we focus on writing skill, not credentials. While this makes us “uncredible” in the eyes of some, we feel that it allows people with great writing skills and a passion for tech/gaming/other to bridle their passion and put it to words. After all, carefully crafted passion can make for fantastic reading.

If this all looks good to you, email writers[at]! NOTE: We do not allow Guest Posting.  We look forward to hearing from you!