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Giaco Furino

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Giaco Furino is a screenwriter, writer, and editor living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

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First Look: Dungeons And Dragons Essentials Kit

This summer, game publisher Wizards of the Coast made another strong push in their efforts to bring new gamers into the Dungeons & Dragons fold with their newest release, the D&amp

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Off The Shelf: Infinity RPG Haqqislam and Ariadna Supplements

Based on the hit skirmish miniatures game of the same name, Infinity: The Roleplaying Game

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DND: Ghosts of Saltmarsh Preview - The Ocean is the Scariest Dungeon

Your wizard’s seen every dungeon from here to Neverwinter. Your fighter’s bested hundreds of goblins in the hill-country.

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WizKids Announces Prehistoric Worker Placement Game Age of Dirt

Grab your club and tighten your tiger pelt!

path of the serpent
Fantasy Flight Announces New Mansions of Madness Expansion - Path of the Serpent

In the jungle, each step could be your last.

Symbaroum Tabletop RPG Review - First Impressions From A Fractured World

Deep in the ink-black darkness of the ruinous forest of Davokar, something dreadful stirs.