Best Tabletop Games And Accessories To Pick Up This Cyber Monday 2023

With deep discounts on everything from custom miniatures to some of our favorite board games, these are the Black Friday Tabletop deals you can't afford to miss.

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It's that time of year again! Time to upgrade your dice collection, fill out your wargaming army roster, and try that new board game you've been eyeing all year. With our Black Friday Tabletop picks for 2023, we'll make sure you've got all the best deals at your fingertips!

This Article has been updated to include Cyber Monday 2023 deals.

Drive Thru RPG

With tons of Cyber Monday RPG sales on Drive Thru RPG, we had a tough time narrowing down our favorites. These are the coolest digital RPG deals we've seen:

Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games is one of our favorite places to go for gently used board games, and their Cyber Monday sale sees a bit off the top of already discounted games. Here are some of our favorites:


29% Off On Amazon

Pandemic has been considered by many to be one of the most influential modern board games of all time. As one of the first seriously challenging, but extremely fun cooperative games to gain mass popularity, Pandemic pits players against a virulent outbreak plaguing the world. 

Black Friday Tabletop - Pandemic Sale
Save the world from a global virus (yes, this game came out well before COVID)!

With careful attention to your action economy, special player powers, and some serious coop mastery, you might be able to save the world from the brink of destruction (but don't bet on it).

Are you up for the challenge? Now's a great time to test your mettle with Amazon's 29% off sale on Pandemic.

Ticket To Ride: Europe

46% Off On Amazon

Want to get friends and family into board gaming? There's no better game to start with than a game in the Ticket To Ride franchise! Plan out your routes to build the best train line in Europe, cut off your opponents with cunning and careful planning, and watch the points pile up!

Black Friday Tabletop - Ticket to Ride Europe
One of the most approachable train games ever made!

If you and your family are ready for an upgrade from classic board games or want the next step in gaming alongside Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride: Europe should be the perfect fit. Pick up a copy yourself, just in time for the holidays, with a steep discount on Ticket To Ride: Europe from Amazon.

Spelljammer: Adventures In Space Collection

45% Off On Amazon

So, you like Dungeons & Dragons, huh? Even tried Dungeons & Dragons... in SPACE!? That's the central conceit behind Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, which launched in 2023 and allows you to take your D&D campaigns into the Astral Sea.

Black Friday Tabletop image of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space
Take your D&D Adventures into a new galaxy with Spelljammer.

Want to try out the game that we, in our review of Spelljammer, call "a strong story filled with memorable characters and big story moments"? Amazon's offering a whopping 45% Off this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

See you space wizard... just beware of Space Clowns!

7 Wonders

33% Off On Amazon

7 Wonders takes all the fun of the "drafting" format of play popular in Trading Card Games and brings it to a contained, Tabletop board game experience. In card drafting games, players draw a hand of cards, select a card to keep, then pass the rest of their hand to adjacent players, picking and passing over and over until the end of a round.

Black Friday Tabletop Deal - 7 Wonders On Sale on Amazon
Build up the perfect civilization!

In 7 Wonders this super-fun, super-approachable format is centered around the themes of building up one of the seven wonders of the world, creating a community that relies on military, artistic, civic, and educational prowess to exert more cultural control.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Amazon's got 7 Wonders for 33% off the list price! Or, if you're looking for a more beginner-friendly version of the game, we suggest...

7 Wonders Architects

36% Off On Amazon

7 Wonders: Architects is a relatively new addition to the 7 Wonders line, bringing some of the core concepts of the original game (i.e. careful card selection) into a new, streamlined, very easy to understand ruleset perfect for younger players.

Black Friday Tabletop 7 wonders architects on sale on amazon
All the fun of 7 Wonder with a simpler, more streamlined gameplay loop! Perfect for younger players!

In Architects, you'll work hard to create an incredible monument, scoring points along the way as you go. Try it out with your family today, with Amazon's 36% Off sale on 7 Wonders Architects.

Rechargeable RPG Light Up Dice 

15% Off On Amazon

While scoping out the best Black Friday deals, we were instantly transfixed by these Rechargeable RPG Light Up Dice. While we haven't tried them out for ourselves, we love any way we can spice up our tabletop experience. 

Black Friday Tabletop Deal - Light Up Dice on sale on Amazon
Now nothing, not even a power outage, can stop your gaming session!

Featuring the classic spread of D4, D6, D8, 2D10, D12, and D20 dice, you'll have everything you need for your tabletop Glow-Up. Not a huge discount off from Amazon, but $22 for these dice seem like a pretty good deal to us!

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures 

20% - 50% Off Custom Miniatures

The fine folks at Hero Forge are all about bringing your specific RPG miniature to life on the table. We had a ton of fun designing our own full-color minis with Hero Forge last year (including a ridiculous, crowd-sourced TechRaptor mini, complete with pepperoni pizza and chonky 1980s cell phone), but now Hero Forge is offering deep discounts on physical and digital minis.

Black Friday Tabletop Sale Image of Hero Forge Deals
Create custom miniatures on Hero Forge!

With 20% Off most physical minis of all sizes, including the full-color miniatures like the ones we built, and 50% off Digital and STL file miniatures, this is the perfect time to try Hero Forge if you've been on the fence about whether or not to splurge!

To learn more and start your order, head over to Hero Forge now.

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