Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Ending Explained, What To Expect From Spider-Man 3?

We loved playing through Marvel's Spider-Man 2 but with the way it end what does it tell us about Marvel's Spider-Man 3?

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Miles and Peter together at the start of Marvel's Spider-Man 2

What happened during the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ending? What will happen to Peter and Miles? Who are those other characters? We're going to explain below. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 weaves together the lives of Peter Parker and Miles Morales as two active Spider-Men. The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ending leaves these characters in a very different place though.

Throughout the course of the story, new characters are introduced, villains rise and fall, and we leave Peter and Miles in a very different place. 

This should go without saying after clicking on an article with "Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Ending" in the title, but we're going to go deep into spoilers. If you don't want the game spoiled then go and play it and then come back when you're left scratching your head.

Spoiler Warning for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Has Peter retired from being Spider-Man?

Peter, after severely hurting Harry but destroying the Venom symbiote in the final battle, is ready to take a step back from being Spider-Man. He's setting his sights on creating a better world with what little remains of the Emily-May Foundation.

He does say that he trusts Miles to do a great job being Spider-Man, but he also leaves the conversation giving the audience a tease that he's not gone for good. 

Peter and Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Miles has gone from asking Peter for help, to reassuring him he'll be ok

Based on what the rest of these post-credit scenes show, and that Peter still has Anti-Venom powers, it's likely that in-universe he'll have an extended vacation but we'll see him back as a playable character by the time Marvel's Spider-Man 3 rolls around.

The Peter that we might see in Marvel's Spider-Man 3 could have already formed, or be on his way to form Parker Industries. This is a company that Peter ran for a while in the 616 comic universe (before eventually dissolving it).

Miles is the one and only Spider-Man… for now

A lot of Miles' story in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is about him living up to the name of Spider-Man and knowing that if he feels out of his depth Peter can help. We see this most distinctly at the very beginning of the game when Miles asks for Peter's help with Sandman.

By the end of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles is ready to set out and be the one and only Spider-Man for a bit. He knows he can still come to Peter for advice, but he's far more confident in his own ability.

It also won't be long before Miles steps into the role of a mentor either…

Cindy Moon being introduced in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Who is Cindy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Early on, Rio (Miles' mother) teases that she's been seeing someone. We almost meet him once during the game but instead, get a tease of Rio's new boyfriend during the slew of post-credit scenes.

Rio introduces Miles to Albert as well as his daughter Cindy. It doesn't take too much of a leap in logic to realize that Cindy is Cindy Moon aka Silk, another Spider-person.

In the main 616 continuity of comics, Cindy Moon is a Korean-American woman who was bitten by the same spider as Peter before it died. She was then locked up away from her parents for 10+ years before Peter learned about her existence and freed her.

Seeing as she's showing up at the Morales' house with her father, chances are the Cindy Moon that we see in future Marvel's Spider-Man games will be a completely unique rendition of the character. We'll just have to wait for Marvel's Spider-Man 3 to see how Miles and her are getting along.

Some interesting traits about Cindy Moon are that she has a gifted intellect and eidetic memory. If we do get to see Silk become a playable character she's been shown to spin webs over her fingertips to create claws and her webbing is organic (like Tobey Maguire's webs from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy).

Marvel's Spider-Man 3 Villians

A number of villains throughout Marvel's Spider-Man 2 were teased to be returning in Marvel's Spider-Man 3 or whatever project is next. This list includes Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, Cletus Cassidy, and the Chameleon.

Norman calling for the G-Serum in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
This could be nothing aside from what we know it is

What is the G-Serum that Norman Osborn has been working on?

While it's tradition for Normal Osborn to become the Green Goblin it's certainly not unique for Harry to become the Green Goblin. As Harry lay dying at the end of the game Miles was able to use his electric powers to restart his heart.

Norman was able to get Harry onto his chopper and instructed his medical team to "Get the G-Serum ready ASAP."

The G-Serum was the alternative to the Venom suit that Norman was working on as a way to save his son's life. He started working on this during the game when the suit moved from Harry to Peter to save his life.

It's clear that in trying to heal his son Norman is instead going to cause Harry to transform into the Green Goblin. Harry took some dramatic mood swings through the game, hating Peter for taking the Symbiote suit away from him before ultimately working with Peter to defeat Venom.

It's unclear what state Harry will be in when we next see him as the Green Goblin, and whether this version of the Green Goblin will just be an enhanced version of Harry with a number of gadgets by his side, or something more goblin-like as we've seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe (where Miles is originally from).

The Return of Doc Ock And His "Final Chapter"

The first post-credit scene that we get to see is of Norman visiting The Raft where Otto Octavious is locked up. In this scene, Norman is seeking Otto's knowledge of who the Spider-Men are.

When asked why he wants to know Norman responds that they "ruined his son". It might even be safe to assume at this point Harry has already been given the G-Serum and transformed in some way.

Otto however reassures Norman that there are plans in place to take out Spider-Man and that he is currently writing "The Final Chapter." It's clear that Otto will be a big part of Marvel's Spider-Man 3.

Otto from the post-credit sequence in Marvel's Spider-Man
If that doesn't say 'Evil' then I don't know what will

There are a few ways that we can read into what "the Final Chapter" means coming from Octavius. The first and most meta is that Marvel's Spider-Man 3 is definitely confirmed (perhaps in its writing stage?).

This could also mean that Insomniac's plan is for the next main Spider-Man game to be their last in this continuity.

We know that Insomniac is creating a Marvel's Wolverine game next so their move away from Spider-Man might mean that they continue exploring other popular Marvel characters with openings for cameos from previous characters in the future.

A more sinister way to approach the idea of a "Final Chapter" could also be that Marvel's Spider-Man 3 could be a game where Peter dies. In the original Ultimate Spider-Man comics, where Miles is originally from, he never actually met the Peter of that Universe.

Peter died just as Miles was beginning to understand his powers. This slight overlap is also mirrored in the extremely popular Spider-Verse animated movie franchise.

With Peter finding a better work-life-superhero balance, his narrative growth being settled, and the introduction to Cindy Moon aka Silk it could be that Otto's villainous plan could lead to the death of Yuri Lowenthal's Peter Parker.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, where even the side-quests tease villains

Two major side-quests through Marvel's Spider-Man 2 are The Flame, where you team up with Wraith to fight a pyro-cult, and the Unidentified Targets, where you learn about a mysterious person that Kraven is tracking down.

The last of The Flame sidequests teaches us that the true goal of the leader was to obtain a previously secret Symbiote. This one shines red in his hands as The Flame goes off on a psychopathic rant about the world.

The leader of the cult is none other than Cletus Cassidy who later becomes Carnage, the red Symbiote. We never see or hear from Cletus after this moment. Peter still has his Anti-Venom abilities so we can expect Carnage to make an entrance in Marvel's Spider-Man 3 or even have his own spin-off title.

Cletus holding Carnage in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

After completing all of the Unidentified Targets you're led to a penthouse apartment that is revealed to be that of the Chameleon.

Many Spider-Man fans will be aware of the Chameleon as a character who is able to adopt the look and life of anyone they study. What fans might need to be aware of though is that the Chameleon is actually Kraven's half-brother.

While Kraven definitely won't be showing up in future Marvel's Spider-Man titles it might be that Chameleon makes a larger appearance, whether he's on the run from Ana Kravenoff and needs Spider-Man's help or if he's going to seek out Spider-Man for revenge.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is an incredible game all on its own, but for a Spider-Man fan getting to see so many teases for what's in store in the future was a lot of fun. If you'd like to see our full thoughts on the game feel free to check out our review, or if you're busy tracking down the 42 hidden Spider-Bots around the map we've got some help for you there too.

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