Tabletop and Board Game News

Magic: The Gathering Historic Anthology 5 Cards Revealed

Historic Anthology 5 has been revealed, which means cards like the Phyrexian Praetors will now be usable in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Magic The Gathering Artwork of Upcoming Card Auctioned For $65,000

Artist Chris Rahn is auctioning off an art print for a Magic The Gathering card. Better yet, it is the art print for Dungeons and Dragons' very own dragon god Tiamat.

Monopoly Lifesized Brings Game Thrills To Real Life

Gamepath Entertainment have officially announced they are turning the popular board game, Monopoly, into a fully immersive party experience.

Target Temporarily Halts The Sale of Pokemon Cards

Citing safety concerns, Pokemon cards will not be sold in Target stores, but they'll still be able to be bought online if you still want some.

Asmodee Announces New Pandemic Hot Zone Game

Publisher Azmodee and developer Z-Man have announced a brand new title in the Pandemic: Hot Zone series. Get ready to enjoy Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe.

Daenarys Enters Game of Thrones Miniatures Game

CMON Entertainment have officially announced a new Dragon set of miniatures for A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game.

Warhammer Fest Reveals New Ork Units

Warhammer Fest continues with Games Workshop revealing brand new units and rules updates for the Orks, Warhammer 40,000's meatheaded hooligan army.

New Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Cards Revealed

Some Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards have been revealed along with details for WOTC's "Summer of Legend" and a return to in-person play.

Warhammer Fest Online Brings New Content to Warhammer Spin-Offs

Day 4 of Warhammer Fest Online continues with Games Workshop introducing new units and expansions for their Warhammer 40,000 spin-offs.

Stonemeier Games Announces Between Two Castles Expansion

Stonemeier Games' brand new newsletter and Facebook livestream shows off a brand new expansion for one of their games and new changes to their webstore.

Warhammer Fest Online Announces New Codex for Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer Fest continues into its second day with announcements for Warhammer 40,000. Fans of the Sisters of Battle, your patience has been rewarded.

Warhammer Fest Opens With New Broken Realms Book

The first day of Warhammer Fest Online is over and Age of Sigmar fans have a lot to be excited for, including a new narrative book and unit, Kragnos.

Black Is Magic Raises Nearly One Million For Charity

Wizards of the Coast concludes the sale of its philanthropic Secret Lair set Black is Magic, raising roughly a million dollars for charity.

Monster Hunter Board Game Kickstarter On Last Day

Steamforged Games, the studio behind massive and complex board games based on licensed titles is wrapping up their Monster Hunter Board Game Kickstarter.

Reventure is Getting a Sequel in Orbtale, a Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

The indie studio, Pixelatto has revealed their next project after the successful Reventure. It is a sequel in the form of a board game titled Orbtale

Hasbro Reports Positive Growth For Q1 2021

Hasbro's Q1 earnings report spell success and growth for Dungeons & Dragons and some fascinating numbers for Magic: The Gathering.

Games Workshop Announces Warhammer Fest Online 2021

Remaining mindful of the global pandemic, Games Workshop has announced their plans for the very first digital Warhammer Fest Online.

Buy Monopoly, Plant a Tree with The Op GiveBack Program

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, the board game publishing company Usaopoly partnered with One Tree Planted to help preserve our forests.

Details for Magic's Next Secret Lairs Revealed Including All-Text Lands

New details are in on upcoming Secret Lairs being released for Magic The Gathering, featuring options like acid-trip makeover and all-text lands

Wizards of the Coast Named Extra Life Partner of 2020

Wizards of the Coast has been awarded the Extra Life Partner of the Year award by the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for the second year in a row.

7 Wonders Mystery Disappointingly Revealed to be a Giveaway

7 Wonders Mystery has been revealed by Repos Productions and it is a contest and a giveaway themed around the wonders of the world.

Games Workshop Halts Warhammer Pre-Orders for 2 Weeks

Games Workshop has officially stated that there will be a two week delay for pre-ordering anything new from their storefront.

Secret Canceled Metal Gear Solid Board Game Discovered

Details have come out regarding another canceled Metal Gear Solid board game. It was going to feature Psycho Mantis and be a competitive miniatures affair.

Magic The Gathering's Upcoming Secret Lairs Leaked

A leak from Magic The Gathering Online has given players a sneak peek at cards coming of upcoming Secret Lairs from Wizards of the Coast.

Unleash Your Winner Dragon With these New D&D Draconic Options

If you're looking for some more Dragon in your Dungeons and Dragons 5e games, the Draconic Options unearthed Arcana might be what you were looking for