Bugsnax: The Card Game Brings Snacky Goodness To The Table

Yes. This is not a joke. Young Horses has announced an official Bugsnax card game. A light-hearted card game where players compete to trap and eat quirky food-themed creatures.

Published: April 1, 2024 2:48 PM /


A display of Bugxnax: The Card Game, showing the box, cards, and a Bunger plush.

This April Fools' Day, indie developer Young Horses made an interesting announcement. A Kickstarter campaign for Bugsnax: The Card Game, a lightly strategic competitive card game based on their unconventional, offbeat videogame.

The Bugsnax: The Card Game Kickstarter

According to the Kickstarter campaign page, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a bite-sized race to eat your fill. At the start of each game, players pick a Grump Deck. Each deck represents a different character from the Bugsnax game. In addition, they draw several cards from a shuffled deck of Traps.

A screenshot of card artwork from Bugsnax: The Card Game
Filbo, Shelda, Chandlo, or Snorphy? Decisions, decisions.

Finally, the field is populated with a handful of Bugsnak cards from the Snax deck. Players then take turns drawing and playing cards to capture these tasty creatures. Each Bugsnak has different abilities, making them harder or easier to catch with certain traps. The first player to collect, and eat, a certain number of Bugsnax is the winner.

Bugsnax: The Card Game contains more complex game rules and cards for more advanced players. These cards are broken up into two groups. The Standard cards include one Trap deck (28 cards), one Snax deck (22 cards) and four Grump Decks (32 cards total).

Alternatively, Advanced cards include 18 Advanced Snax Cards as well as nine Advanced and Expert Grump Decks. That is 76 cards total of more complex competition at the table.

Bugsnax was developed and published by Young Horses in November 2020. It was an adventure puzzle game where players explored the mysterious Snaktooth Island, filled with odd food-based creatures, and a community of colorful characters that trap and eat them.

Bugsnax: The Card Game is the second Kickstarter campaign created by Young Horses. Their first project on the platform was to fund and develop Octodad: Dadliest Catch, their debut title about an octopus pretending to be a husband and father in a suburban household.

The different pledge levels for Bugsnax: The Card Game are as follows:

  • Appetizer Course for $5: A print and play version of the game
  • The Main Course for $25: A physical copy of the game
  • A Full Meal for $35: A physical copy of the game and a digital copy of the Bugsnax videogame for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC via Steam or EGS

At time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for Bugsnax: The Card Game has reached $12,657, just shy of its funding goal of $15,000. The campaign concludes May 1.

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