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Frosted Peak is the very last area which you will be able to visit while exploring Snaktooth Island. The Bugsnax which dwell here are unique and fierce, wielding the powers of both fire and ice to protect themselves from capture. To add these fourteen Bugsnax to your collection, you'll have to think outside of the box and perhaps even come up with some capture plans which you have never tried before. Here's your Bugsnax Frosted Peak guide!

Here's every single one of the fourteen Bugsnax which can be found in Frosted Peak, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods which aren't covered in this guide.


How To Catch Every Snak in Frosted Peak

Bugsnax Scoopy Banoopy

How to Catch Scoopy Banoopy

Scoopy Banoopy is one of the largest and most aggressive Bugsnax living in the Frosted Peak region - which might be because it's actually three Snax in one! To catch a Scoopy Banoopy, first you've got to encourage it to chase you into a campfire so that its icy outer shell will thaw. This will start a countdown - when it reaches zero, the Scoopy Banoopy will explode into the three Bugsnax listed below.

However, if you want to catch the Scoopy Banoopy itself, you'll need to act quickly before the timer reaches zero. Set up your Trip Shot between two trees or rocks and then run in that direction so that the Scoopy Banoopy will chase you. It will run into the tripwire and stun itself, which will allow you to pick it up with your Net.

Bugsnax Scoopy

How to Catch Scoopy

Scoopy is one of the three Bugsnax which can be found after Scoopy Banoopy explodes. The Scoopy loves to burrow underground, plus it inherits the Scoopy Banoopy's ice powers. You likely won't be able to catch this Snak before it heads underground, so you'll need to lure it out of the ground and melt its icy shell before catching it.

The quickest method is to lure one of the flaming Stewdlers from the nearby cave. You can do this by using your Sauce Slinger to lay a trail of hot sauce to the cave's entrance. Douse the Scoopy in hot sauce, which will cause the Stewdler to attack it. This will both heat up the Scoopy and drag it above ground. It will most likely be stunned at this time. If it's not, quickly set up your Trip Shot so that you can add Scoopy to your collection.

Bugsnax Cheery

How to Catch Cheery

Tiny, bouncy Cheery is one of the three Bugsnax which can be found after Scoopy Banoopy explodes. It cannot be caught in any other way, so make sure to lure Scoopy Banoopy into a campfire to trigger this explosion.

Cheery tends to bounce around randomly, so the best method of catching it is to bait a Snak Trap with chocolate. This will lure the excitable Bugsnak into your trap. If you're having difficulty catching Cheery, use a trail of chocolate to lure it away from any aggressive Bugsnax so you can focus on capturing it without any danger of being attacked.


Bugsnax Banopper

How to Catch Banopper

Banopper is one of the three Bugsnax which can be found after Scoopy Banoopy explodes. This quick-moving Bugsnax will head for the trees, and will then start jumping from tree to tree much like its beach-dwelling relative the Red Banopper.

Observe the Banopper's path before taking any action to see in what order it will jump between the trees in the Frosted Peak area. Then, set up your Trip Shot between two of these trees. When the Banopper jumps, it will stun itself and fall to the ground. Quickly grab it in your Net before it can get up and flee back into the treetops


Bugsnax Chippie

How to Catch Chippie

Chippie is another fast-moving, erratic Bugsnax similar to the Kwookie in Sugarpine Woods. However, Chippie is slightly more difficult to catch because it scurries up and down the side of the mountain itself rather than crawling along the ground.

Use your Snax Scope to scan the Chippie's path. Then, use the rocks on the mountain side to string your Trip Shot where the Chippie crawls. It will run into the tripwire, stun itself, and then fall to the ground where it can be picked up with your Net. Be careful, though - if you stun it too high up, it could take quite a fall and you might need to run a bit of a distance to grab your Chippie.

Bugsnax Chillynilly

How to Catch Chillynilly

Chillynilly is one of two Bugsnax which flies through the frigid air in the Frosted Peak region. Chillynilly is active at night, between the hours of 4PM and 4AM. It's extremely cold, and will freeze you or your trap if you attempt to grab it without first heating it up a little.

You can melt a Chillynilly by either luring it a campfire or causing a collision with a fiery Stewdler. The second method might even result in stunning both Bugsnax at once! Provoke the Chillynilly into attacking the Stewdler by shooting the flaming Bugsnak with chocolate. If you're lucky, you might get a chance to add two new Bugsnax to your collection.

Bugsnax Stewdler

How to Catch Stewdler

Stewdler's fire never goes out, despite living in the absolutely freezing environment of Frosted Peak. You'll have to put out its fire in order to catch it - but luckily, there's plenty of ice and snow around to do the trick!


Snuff out Stewdler's flame by encouraging a collision with one of the several freezing Bugsnax which make the Frosted Peak their home: Scoopy, Scoopy Banoopy or Chillynilly. Chillynilly is generally the easiest choice, as they move quickly through the air and can be enticed to dive-bomb a Stewdler using chocolate. Use your Sauce Slinger to shoot the Stewdler with chocolate and and the Chillynilly will attack. Lucky Bugsnax catchers might just stun BOTH Snax at once and be able to add both to their collection.

Bugsnax Aggroll

How to Catch Aggroll

Aggroll is a hidden Bugsnak which might at first be quite difficult to find. Within the mountain cave where Stewdlers dwell are a number of ice blocks with various Bugsnax frozen inside of them. You can even find some Bugsnax which are not native to this area - but the one you should be looking out for is Aggroll, which can be identified by the blocky shape of its carton "shell".

Lay a trail of hot sauce to lure a Stewdler close to the ice block in which Aggroll is frozen. Wait patiently for the ice to melt - you might have to re-apply the hot sauce a few times, as the ice will take a few minutes to fully free Aggroll. Once this skittish Bugsnak is free, it will attempt to run away. Simply grab its carton "shell" with your Snak Grappler and remove it. The Aggroll will then be stunned and can be picked up with your Net.

Bugsnax Flutterjam

How to Catch Flutterjam

The slow-moving Flutterjam flaps its way around Frosted Peak between 4AM and 4PM. While it doesn't move as fast as other flying Bugsnax, it's still fairly difficult to catch in midair. Luckily, there's an easy solution.

Flutterjam loves peanut butter, and wants nothing more than to be coated in it. However, it's already weighed down by jam, so just shoot some peanut butter at it with your Sauce Slinger and the overburdened Flutterjam will fall to the ground. Then, you can pick up the content Bugsnak in your Net and add it to your collection.

Bugsnax Mt Sodie

How to Catch Mt. Sodie

The last member of the Sodie family of Bugsnax can be found swimming in the pond partway up the Frosted Peak. There aren't many areas to set your Trip Shot around the pond, but you can try stringing the wire between two rocks or trees in order to stun Mt. Sodie as it swims.

Alternately, you can use Mt. Sodie's hatred of sauce to lure it to the shore. Place your Snak Trap at the water's edge and then shoot the sauce of your choice around it. The angry Mt. Sodie will charge into your trap, allowing you to snap it shut and catch this short-tempered Bugsnax. Make sure to avoid Mt. Sodie's high-pressure water attack, as it's strong enough to send even your player character flying.

Bugsnax Instabug

How to Catch Instabug

This rare type of Bugsnak doesn't hate attention, like its counterparts the Shiskabug and Tropicabug. Instead, it loves being in the spotlight! Instabug will hide out in bushes around the Frosted Peak area unless you lure it out with the one thing it craves: being on camera.

Figure out which bush Instabug is hiding out in and then set up your Snak Trap right next to it. Then, move a short distance away and pull out your Snax Scope and scan the Instabug. The Bugsnak will sense that it is on camera and come out of the bush and start posing. Quickly switch back to your Snak Trap and snap it shut before the Instabug retreats inside its bush. You might need to give it a couple tries - this is one catch which will require fast reflexes!

Bugsnax Melty Snakpod

How to Catch Melty Snakpod

The last in the Snakpod family likes to cling to high walls, and can usually be found attached to the ceiling of a cave or the side of the Frosted Peak itself. If you're lucky to find one low enough, you can simply snatch it up using your Net. However, most Melty Snakpods prefer high places, so get out your Snak Grappler and pull this Snakpod down so that you can add it to your collection.

Bugsnax Baby CakelegsBugsnax Daddy Cakelegs

How to Catch Baby Cakelegs & Daddy Cakelegs

Daddy Cakelegs is a legendary boss Bugsnak which can only be encountered after helping the Grumpus Snorpy Fizzlebean move back to Snaxburg and completing his side quest chain Snorpy will ask you to help him investigate seismic disturbances in the Frosted Peak region, and the two of you will discover that Daddy Cakelegs is the cause.

You'll first encounter Daddy Cakelegs buried in the snow, with only a candle sticking out. String your Trip Shot from one of the lit torches in the area to the candle to set it on fire. This will cause Daddy Cakelegs to become angry and begin attacking you. Repeat the maneuver with your Trip Shot to set its candle legs on fire until it becomes so angry that it leaves the area entirely.

The Daddy Cakelegs will leave a group of Baby Cakelegs behind when it disappears. Follow the Baby Cakelegs to find the Daddy Cakelegs' new location, where it will once again be hidden under a pile of snow. (You can also set a Snak Trap along the way to catch one of the Baby Cakelegs for your collection.) Set the top candle and then the candle legs on fire using the Trip Shot until Daddy Cakelegs grows angry once more. The third time it moves location, your attacks will instead cause Daddy Cakelegs to give up and shrink down small enough for you to catch in your Net.

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