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Bugsnax Garden Grove

Garden Grove is the second area which you will visit on your journey to catch all 100 Bugsnax. It is a small area inhabited by only nine types of Snax, and is also home to the sauce farm run by the Grumpus farmer Wambus Troubleham. The first time you visit Garden Grove, Wambus will give you a Sauce Slinger, and flinging packets of sauce around is key to catching may of the Snax which call this area home. Here's your Bugsnax Garden Grove guide!

Here's every single one of the nine Bugsnax which can be found in Garden Grove, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods which aren't covered in this guide.


How To Catch Every Snak in Garden Grove

How to Catch White Strabby

Bugsnax White Strabby

The White Strabby behaves exactly like its red counterpart previously encountered in Flavor Falls. Use the Snax Scope to chart its walking path, then place a trap in its way and spring it shut as soon as the White Strabby enters the trap's range. They're pretty shy, so stay far away if you don't want your White Strabby to run and hide.

Just like red Strabbies, the white ones adore chocolate sauce. You can use this to your advantage by baiting your trap with a squirt of sauce to entice them to walk right in.

How to Catch Fryder

Bugsnax Fryder

Fryders like to hang out on cave ceilings, clinging tightly with their spindly French fry legs. You've got to lure them down to the ground before you can catch them. Luckily, a Fryder enjoys three different types of sauce: ketchup, cheese and ranch dressing.


Set up your Snak Trap at the base of the cave wall. Then, use your Sauce Slinger to lay a trail of sauce which will lure the Fryder directly into your trap. Stay a distance away while doing this, as Fryders can be skittish and might run back to the ceiling if they see you getting too close.

How to Catch Bunger

Bugsnax Bunger

The loud Bunger is the first Aggressive type Bugsnak which you will encounter. It will attack your Snak Trap, so the only way to catch it is to stun it—and Bungers are so hard-headed that only a collision with another one of its kind will do the trick.

Luckily, Bungers will charge at absolutely anything covered in ketchup. Find two Bungers located near each other, then use the Sauce Slinger to spray each of them with the bright red condiment. The two Bungers will collide with one another, and BOTH of them will end up stunned, allowing you to snatch up both within the time limit and add them to your collection.


How to Catch Shiskabug

Bugsnax Shiskabug

Unlike the more aggressive Snax in the area, the Shiskabug is extremely shy. They will hide in bushes as soon as they see you and almost nothing can tempt them out again. A Shiskabug's field of vision is quite large, allowing them to sense traps and other dangers from far away.

However, Shiskabugs are terrified of Bungers, and you can use this fact to your advantage. Deliberately approach the Shiskabug and scare it so that it will hide in a bush. Then, use your Sauce Slinger to cover the bush where the Shiskabug is hiding in ketchup. A Bunger will charge the bush, stunning the Shiskabug and knocking it out of its hiding spot. Then, you can quickly use your Net to grab the stunned Snak before it can run away again.


How to Catch Crispy Snakpod

Bugsnax Crispy Snakpod

Like all Snakpods, the Crispy version likes to cling to rocks and cave walls. It tends to prefer shady areas and avoids the sunlight whenever possible. If a Crispy Snakpod is within reach, you can simply grab it with your Net and it will not try to escape. If it's out of your reach, you can use your Snak Grappler to pull it down and add it to your inventory.

Alternately, if you want to catch a Crispy Snakpod before the Snak Grappler tool is available to you, you can find one located in the cave where the Fryders make their home. Shoot sauce at the Snakpod (either ketchup, ranch dressing, or cheese) and the Fryder will tackle it, sending it to the ground where you can easily scoop it up.

How to Catch Weenyworm

Bugsnax Weenyworm

The Weenyworm is an incredibly lazy, slow-moving Bugsnak which can only be found in one location: circling the animal pen on Wambus's sauce farm. It will move in the same circular pattern at all times, so you can catch it by placing a Snak Trap in its path. Since it moves so slowly, it is recommended to bait the trap with Ketchup or Cheese to encourage the Weenyworm to move a little bit faster.

Like many other Snax in this area, Weenyworms are rather shy, so move away from its field of vision once you've set your trap!

How to Catch Dr. Sodie

Bugsnax DrSodie

The Dr. Sodie dwells in Garden Grove's pond, so you'll have to lure it out or stun it as your Snak Trap will not deploy in water. The simplest way to catch it is to scan its path with your Snax Scope, and then deploy your Trip Shot to disrupt its movement. When the Dr. Sodie runs into the Trip Shot's wire, it will be stunned and you can simply wade into the water and scoop it up!


An alternative method involves using the Dr. Sodie's hatred of all sauces against it. Set a trap at the very edge of the water, and bait it with the sauce of your choice. The Dr. Sodie will charge at it and can be caught. However, this method requires quick reflexes, as there is only a brief opportunity to catch the Dr. Sodie before it starts spraying your trap (and you!) with its hard-hitting water attack.

How to Catch Cobhopper

Bugsnax Cobhopper

The corn-like Cobhopper moves from treetop to treetop, but it goes so quickly that you might not even see it coming! Often, the only indication you'll get of a Cobhopper's presence is the rustling of one of the trees around Garden Grove.

The best way to catch a Cobhopper is to stun it by disrupting its frantic, constant movement pattern. Observe which trees are rustling to get a clearer idea of the Cobhopper's path. Then, set up your Trip Shot so it passes between two of these trees. When the Cobhopper hits the wire, it will fall to the ground and be stunned. Be quick in snapping it up with your Net, because the Cobhopper will remain stunned for only a few seconds before hopping back into the trees.

How to Catch Sweetiefly

Bugsnax Sweetiefly

The Sweetiefly is quite the picky Bugsnak, as it only makes an appearance between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. on days when it is not raining in Garden Grove. These candy-coated Bugsnax zip around the Grove so fast that any attempt to catch them while they're flying is doomed to fail.

Luckily, the Sweetiefly runs out of energy quickly, and every so often will stop to take a rest on a treetop or rock wall. You can tell that the Sweetiefly is resting because a "sleeping" emoji and the letters "ZZZ" will appear over its head. There are two methods of catching a resting Sweetiefly: either set a Trip Shot at the location where it will land, which will stun it when it sets down to rest, or use the Lunch Pad to launch your Snak Trap in order to catch it while it is still sleeping.

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