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Bugsnax Simmering Springs

Simmering Springs is a gorgeous beach-side location which you can visit in Bugsnax. It is home to 12 different species of Snax, including flying, burrowing, and water-dwelling types. You'll need to use a variety of tools to add all 12 of these Bugsnax to your collection. Many of them love chocolate, so keep your Sauce Slinger loaded! Here's your Bugsnax Simmering Springs guide!

Here's every single one of the 12 Bugsnax which can be found in Simmering Springs, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods which aren't covered in this guide.

How to Catch Every Snak in Simmering Springs

Bugsnax Razzby

How to Catch Razzby

The Bugapedia describes Razzby as "the Strabby of the beach"—and for good reason! You can use the exact same capture method to add Razzby to your collection. Use the Snax Scope to observe its path, then lay your Snak Trap somewhere along that path. Once the Razzby walks into the trap's effective area, simply snap it closed and pick up the trapped Snak!

Like many other Snax in the Simmering Springs, Razzby loves chocolate. Bait your trap with chocolate to encourage this shy Snak to scurry inside.

Bugsnax Kweeble

How to Catch Kweeble

The kiwi-like Kweeble will use its long nose to push away any traps in its path—unless they're baited with chocolate, the favorite sauce of all fruit-inspired Bugsnax. Use your Snax Scope to chart the Kweeble's path; they tend to walk in circles, often around trees, bushes, or logs.

Then, set up a chocolate-coated Snak Trap in the Kweeble's path. Simply wait until it walks into the trap and then quickly activate it to earn yourself a tasty Kweeble.

Bugsnax Crapple

How to Catch Crapple

Crapples can typically be found hiding under logs, either on the beach or in the ocean. These particular Bugsnax will only leave their lair if they sense the presence of their very favorite sauce: chocolate.

Set up your Snak Trap close to the Crapple's lair and bait it with chocolate. Once the Crapple charges out, quickly snap the trap shut. You'll have to act quickly; if the Crapple stays in your trap for more than a few seconds, it will start attacking the Snak Trap and break it into pieces. Should that happen, simply pick up the Snak Trap, wait for the Crapple to calm down, return to its lair, and try again.

How to Catch Pineantula

Pineantula is a stubborn Bugsnak which can be found burrowing underneath the sand. Nothing will motivate a Pineantula to come above ground, and it will simply burrow past any traps which you might set.

Instead, you'll need to entice another Bugsnak to drag Pineantula out of the ground—specifically, a Crapple. Cover the Pineantula with chocolate, then lure the Crapple out of its lair with even more of the delicious topping. Once the Crapple sees the Pineantula, it will charge and begin dragging the creature back towards its lair. Simply place the Snak Trap in its path and shut it to capture BOTH beach-dwelling Bugsnax at once!

Bugsnax - How to Catch Orange Peelbug

Bugsnax Orange Peelbug

Orange Peelbugs can be found hiding, either in logs on the beach or in holes in the cliff walls. They're extremely shy, so you'll have to frighten them a little bit to get them out of their safe spot.

For Peelbugs hidden in holes, set up your Snak Trap outside one end of the tunnel. Then, guide your Buggy Ball into the other end and chase the Peelbug out of the hole and into your trap. Spring your trap quickly, because the Peelbug will go back into hiding after just a few seconds. You can use the same method on Peelbugs hiding in logs, but you might want to bait your Buggy Ball and trap with chocolate, because the presence of aggressive Crapples and Pineantulas makes these guys even MORE skittish.

Bugsnax Grumpy Snakpod

How to Catch Grumpy Snakpod

The Snakpod of the beach avoids the sun whenever possible, and can usually be found clinging to rocks in the shade. Simply walk up to a Snakpod and scoop it up in your Net. If it's too high to reach, use your Snak Grappler to grab onto the Snak and add it to your collection.

Bugsnax Tropicabug

How to Catch Tropicabug

The Tropicabug is an even shyer version of the Shiskabug, with a wide field of vision and a fear of being seen. If it feels it's being observed, it will run into a bush and hide until it feels completely safe.

While you can catch a Tropicabug by setting up a trap in its walking path, you must do so slowly and carefully and avoid being seen at all costs. You can lure the Tropicabug by placing chocolate in its path, but this will not stop the Snak from being spooked. If the Tropicabug runs away, then you should leave the area and return in a few minutes when it has regained its confidence and come out again.

Bugsnax Green Grapeskeeto

How to Catch Green Grapeskeeto

The Green Grapeskeeto flies above the beach between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. They are too fast to catch normally, so use their constant hunger against them.

Use your Sauce Slinger to douse a Razzby in chocolate. The Grapeskeeto will eat the Razzby, and then briefly become too full to move, allowing you to pick it up easily in your Net. You can even shoot chocolate at two Grapeskeetos, causing them to collide as they attempt to devour each other! Then, you can pick up BOTH of the Grapeskeetos while they are stunned.

Bugsnax Snaquiri

How to Catch Snaquiri

This high-energy Snak (or would that be drink?) is found leaping out of either the ocean or the geysers scattered along the beach. To catch a Snaquiri, you've got to disrupt its flight and knock it out of the air. There are two methods of doing this.

First, you can place your Trip Shot above where the Snaquiri will appear, causing the snak to collide with the wire and become stunned. Alternately, you can place the Snak Trap on top of the Lunch Pad and launch it at the Snaquiri while it is at the apex of its flight. Keep in mind that a Snaquiri might go flying a little ways away depending on how hard it gets hit, so you might have to run to catch it before the timer runs out.

Bugsnax Lovely Sweetiefly

How to Catch Lovely Sweetiefly

The Lovely Sweetiefly flies around the path leading back to Snaxburg between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. Don't try to catch them while they're in midair, as they move very quickly and are skilled at dodging traps.

Follow the Lovely Sweetiefly's movement pattern until you have learned where it will land to rest. Then, use your Lunch Pad to launch the Snak Trap at the resting Bugsnak. Alternately, you can stun it by placing the Trip Shot over its resting place, but this method is a little less reliable in Simmering Springs due to the lack of sturdy trees or non-sandy patches of ground to attach the wire to.

Bugsnax Baja Tacroach

How to Catch Baja Tacroach

The shy Baja Tacroach only comes out at dusk (6 p.m.) and remains active until 4 a.m. Scan their walking path, then lure them into a Snak Trap baited with cheese. Stand far away to avoid spooking these skittish Snax.

if you're having difficulty locating a Baja Tacroach, try completing the chain of quests which result in the beach-dwelling Grumpus Wiggle Wigglebottom moving back to Snaxburg. Baja Tacroaches tend to be most abundant in the area where Wiggle had previously made her camp.

Bugsnax Waffstackarack

How to Catch Waffstackarack

Summon the Waffstackarack by ringing the triangle on the beach any time between the hours of 4 a.m. and 11 a.m. These powerful Bugsnax will come in from the ocean, creating a waterspout from their backs as they do.

You can place your Trip Shot in the Waffstackarack's path, although this might require summoning them multiple times in order to get a clearer idea of how they move. Alternately, wait until the Waffstackarack has stopped its waterspout attack and then shoot chocolate at it with your Sauce Slinger. This will cause a Crapple to attack the Waffstackarack and drag it back towards its lair. Then, catch both Snax at once by placing a Snak Trap in their path.

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