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Bugsnax Flavor Falls

Flavor Falls is the first area you get to explore in Bugsnax, directly following the player character's less-than-graceful landing on Snaktooth Island. The Falls is a peaceful area, inhabited by a number of small, shy Bugsnax which can be captured using the basic Snak Trap given to you by Filbo Fiddlepie as soon as you arrive on the island. However, if you continue to revisit the area throughout the game, you might discover some larger and trickier snax to add to your collection - and perhaps even rare Snax spoken of in legend. Here's your Bugsnax Flavor Falls guide!

Here's every single one of the thirteen Bugsnax which can be found in Flavor Falls, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods that aren't covered in this guide.

How to Catch ever Snak in Flavor Falls

Bugsnax Strabby

How to Catch Strabby

Strabby is a small, strawberry-shaped Bugsnak which appears frequently in Flavor Falls. To catch a Strabby, use your Snax Scope to observe its movement pattern. Strabbies tend to follow a set path, often walking in circles or figure eights. Once you've got its pattern down, place your activated Snak Trap somewhere along its walking path and wait until the Strabby walks into the trap to successfully spring it and capture this cute little snak!

Keep in mind, though, Strabby is an extremely shy snak, and tends to scurry away if it senses it is being observed. Stay a distance away from Strabby while waiting to spring your trap. If it does run away and hide in a bush, just be patient - Strabby will eventually re-emerge and return to its previous path. Strabby loves chocolate sauce, so use that to lure it out of hiding.

Bugsnax Rootle

How to Catch Rootle

Rootle is a long, slow-moving Bugsnak that resembles a carrot. It is nocturnal, preferring to appear in Flavor Falls between 6 PM and 4 AM.  Like Strabbies, Rootles move in set patterns, usually wide loops, which can be observed using your Snax Scope. Just set your Snak Trap somewhere along its path and wait for the Rootle to make its way into the trap's active radius before springing it shut. Rootle will get nervous and hide underground if you get too close, so make sure to stay a safe distance away once the Snak Trap has been set.

Be patient - Rootle tends to move slowly when compared to other Bugsnax. You might find yourself having to wait a while for it to make its leisurely way into your Snak Trap. Entice it to speed up with its favorite treat - ranch dressing!

Bugsnax White Rootle

How to Catch White Rootle 

Like its orange cousin, White Rootle moves slowly and will burrow underground for a while if spotted. Its design seems to be based on a daikon radish rather than a carrot This Rootle prefers the daytime, appearing in Flavor Falls between 6 AM and 4 PM. To catch a White Rootle, use the same process as the orange: observe its movement pattern using the Snax Scope, then place your trap somewhere along its path and wait for it to squirm inside.

White Rootles love ranch dressing as much as the orange ones, so make sure to load some into your Sauce Slinger if you want to encourage the White Rootle to make its way into your trap.

Bugsnax Twisty Snakpod

How to Catch Twisty Snakpod

This pretzel-inspired Bugsnak is difficult to find but easy to catch. Twisty Snakpods like to hide around Flavor Falls, often clinging to rocks to avoid being spotted. Once you've found a Snakpod, catching one is as easy as walking up to it and grabbing it with your Net. They do not tend to run away or even move, so no need to sneak!

If the Twisty Snakpod is located high on a wall or otherwise out of your reach, you can use your trusty Snak Grappler to snag it. Simply shoot the Grappler at the Snakpod's location, and the Snak will be added to your collection without putting up a fight.

Bugsnax Inchwrap

How to Catch Inchwrap

The Inchwrap is an incredibly aggressive snak which spends most of its time burrowing underneath the ground. It's absolutely untouchable in its natural habitat, so you've got to lure it to a rocky area where it can't hide! You can douse a rock in ranch dressing or cheese to entice the Inchwrap to leave its usual path. It will stun itself when it hits the rock, allowing you to scoop it up with your Net.

Alternately, you can douse yourself in sauce - Inchwraps dislike intruders in their territory, and they will chase you for a fairly long distance. Run over rocky grand to encourage the Inchwrap to hit its head and stun itself for easy capture.

Bugsnax Green Lollive

How to Catch Green Lollive

The Green Lollive is the first flying Bugsnak you will encounter. Luring it to the ground won't work, as it will attack you or your trap with its pimento tongue. Instead, you need to catch or stun the Lollive mid-flight.

There are two methods of doing this. First, you can use your Trip Shot to disrupt the Lollive's flight path. This will stun it and cause it to fall to the ground. Alternatively, you can use your Lunchpad to launch your Snak Trap into the area. Deploy the trap on top of the Lunchpad and then send it flying into the air. This second method will require some quick timing, as you'll have only a few seconds to spring your trap before it hits the ground.

Bugsnax Ruby Peelbug

How to Catch Ruby Peelbug

The shy Ruby Peelbug hides out in tunnels which are far too small for your player character to crawl into. Set your Snak Trap at one end of the tunnel. Then, deploy your Buggy Ball (the round plastic ball with your Strabby sidekick Sprout inside,) and guide it into the other end of the tunnel. This will flush out the Ruby Peelbug and send it scurrying right into your trap.

Ruby Peelbugs can also be lured out of their hiding places with chocolate, but this is typically a slower method. They frighten very easily, so the presence of an aggressive Snak could send them running right back inside.

Bugsnax Pinkle

How to Catch Pinkle

This Bugsnak features nearly impenetrable armor in the form of its pickle jar shaped "shell". Traps won't stun it, nor will shots fired from your Sauce Slinger, so the easiest method is to simply remove the "shell" with your Snak Grappler. A Pinkle without its armor is slow-moving and stuns easily, meaning you can just snatch it up with your Net.

Another method to get the Pinkle to "come out of its shell" is to encourage a collision with a large Snak, such as the giant Sandopede. Coating the Sandopede with ranch dressing will cause the Pinkle to charge at it, knocking off its armor and stunning it long enough for you to capture it. The Sandopede loves ranch dressing as well, so if you sauce up the Pinkle, you can get them to charge at one another and stun BOTH snax at once!

Bugsnax SandopedeBugsnax Sub Sandopede

How to Catch Sandopede & Sub Sandopede

This enormous, menacing creature will likely be your first exposure to extra-large Bugsnax which requires more complex catching methods. The Sandopede follows a set path that loops throughout almost the entirety of the Flavor Falls area. Before trying to catch it, scan it with your Snax Scope to observe its movements. You'll discover a secret: this creature is actually made of TWO Snax: the Sandopede (head) and the Sub Sandopede (body).

You'll need to break this Snak in two before you can add either part to your collection. The easiest way to do this is by using your Trip Shot to disrupt the Sandopede's path. It will collide with the tripwire and break into pieces. Act fast, because you've only got ten seconds to grab BOTH Snax. Alternatively, you can encourage a collision with a Pinkle by shooting ranch dressing at both Snax.

Because the Sandopede is so large, pretty much any Snak will be stunned if they collide with it. Luring other Snax into the Sandopede's path with their favorite sauces is a good alternative capture method.

Bugsnax Caramel Poptick

How to Catch Caramel Poptick

The rare Caramel Poptick likes to bounce around in rocky caves, but only comes out when it's raining. If you need to wait for rain, use the Bed mechanic to sleep until the weather changes, which it typically does every few days. 

Catching a Caramel Poptick is unfortunately a bit more about luck than skill. They bounce about randomly without following a set pattern. Your best bet is to set your Snak Trap and wait patiently for one of the little guys to bounce inside it. For best results, position your player character in the cave's opening so the Popticks have a limited area to bounce in.

Bugsnax Wee MewonBugsnax Mama Mewon

How to Catch Wee Mewon & Mama Mewon

The Mama Mewon is a rare boss Bugsnak which can only be encountered if you have gotten the Grumpus Chandlo Funkbun to move back to Snaxburg and completed his side quest chain. She and her Wee Mewon offspring are located in a chamber behind the mysterious doors in Flavor Falls, which only Chandlo is strong enough to open for you.

Mama Mewon loves her offspring, so the best method of catching her is to send her into a rage by threatening them. Place your Snak Trap in front of anyone of the statues in her chamber and wait for a Wee Mewon to step inside. Once the Wee Mewon is caught, Mama Mewon will charge towards your trap. Then, use your Snak Grappler to shoot down a stalactite from the ceiling, which will hit her and do damage.

Mama Mewon takes several hits before she is defeated. You will know that you have won when she shrinks down to a much smaller size. Once that happens, simply snatch Mama Mewon up with your Net to claim this legendary Bugsnak!

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