Adventure Games

Kathy Rain Directors Cut Key Art

Kathy Rain: Directors Cut is an expanded version of the original point and click adventure game Kathy Rain, released in 2016 by Clifftop Games.  Kathy Rain is the story of a young journalism major

Undying Key Art

From Vanimals comes Undying, a unique twist on the zombie survival horror genre.  Play as Anling, a young mother with her son Cody as they are caught in a zombie outbreak. Anling, bitten while

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Preview Image

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl take players back to the land of Sinnoh. Choose from starters Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar to set out on your Pokemon adventure traveling to different

The Good Life

The Good Life is an adventure game set in a small English town full of odd characters and weird phenomenon. Things like people turning into cats at night. Playing as Naomi and using her camera, you'

Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game that puts players in the shoes of a high school student who finds himself in an alternative version of Tokyo in which angels and demons


Stray is a third-person indie adventure title where players play as a stray cat that's trying to get home to its family. In order to do so, the cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape a long-

Alan Wake Key Art

One of the most underrated cinematic adventure games ever made, Alan Wake is a deft mix of survival horror and storytelling from Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the original Max Payne games. 

Medieval Dynasty Preview Image

Medieval Dynasty is a new survival adventure title from Render Cube and Toplitz. In this first-person adventure title, you play the role of a man who has run away from the war. You're now alone and

Timothy's Night Key Art

Looking to survive a colorful alien invasion in a noir-inspired gangster's paradise? Look no further than Timothy's Night, a third-person shooter-platformer game by Wild Sphere S.L. Play as Timothy

Kraken Academy!! Key Art

Kraken Academy!! is a brand new indie game from developer Happy Broccoli Games. You are now enrolled in the Kraken Academy, a high school that is far from ordinary. Filled with ghosts, cultists, and

Sable Key Art

Be ready to take an unforgettable journey with Sable, from indie developer Shedworks.  Play as Sable, a girl who must participate in her Gliding, a rite of passage for her people. As Sable, you will

Garden Story Key Art

Be ready to roll up your sleeves and satisfy your green thumb with Garden Story, an indie puzzle adventure from developer Picogram.  Play as Concord, the youngest grape of his patch to become a

The Repairing Mantis Key Art

Experience a horror game unlike any other with The Repairing Mantis, from indie developer Erupting Avocado. The Repairing Mantis is a narrative horror game where you play a Mantis, who interacts

The Big Con Key Art

From indie developer, Mighty Yell Studios comes The Big Con, a 90’s throwback adventure game that is all about attitude and the grift.  Play as Ali, a sarcastic teenager who must hustle her way

I Expect you to Die 2 Key Art

From Schell Games comes the sequel to the surprise smash hit I Expect You to Die. Get ready for more espionage antics with I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar.  Agents are back for six brand

Twelve Minutes Key Art

From indie developer Luis Antonio and publisher Annapurna Interactive comes Twelve Minutes, a psychological, interactive thriller inspired by classic Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick films. Twelve

Murder Mystery Machine Key Art

Murder Mystery Machine is a brand new adventure game where you must use your skills to solve a case like a real detective. Play as Cassandra Clarke, a rookie in the District Crime Agency, and join

Button City Key Art

Developer Subliminal brings us a cute and colorful, low poly adventure with Button City.  Play as Fennel, a shy little fox who just moved to a brand new town. After discovering the local arcade,

Fire Tonight Key Art

Fire Tonight is an indie casual adventure game, inspired by the song of the same name by the band Information Society.  The year is 1990, and the city is literally on fire, which has separated

No Longer Home Key Art

No Longer Home is an intimate story about your living space, inspired by the real-life events of its developers Hana Lee and Cel Davison. Friends Bo and Ao are graduating from their University and

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Key Art

The Ace Attorney series returns with a brand new game collection, where you must use your skills of deduction to battle it out in dramatic courtroom dramas. Are you ready for The Great Ace Attorney

The Forgotten City Key Art

From developer Modern Storyteller comes a game based on a popular mod, The Forgotten City. Players will travel 2,000 years into the past and relive the final days of an ancient Roman city. In this

Lost At Sea Key Art

Lost At Sea is the story of a woman named Anna, who is 'lost' on a mysterious island that slowly begins to show itself to be more than it seems. In truth, Lost at Sea is an introverted adventure

Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective Key Art

From developer Darjeeling, the team behind Homo Machina and Californium, comes Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, a fun, engaging, and one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure.  Play as detective

A Township Tale Key Art

A Township Tale is a co-op VR adventure where you and your friends will explore a forgotten world filled with adventure, danger, and untold secrets.  Discover an abandoned town that you slowly build

Walden the Game Key Art

Enjoy the sublime beauty of nature in the atmospheric Walden, A Game.  Based on the classic literary work by Henry David Thoreau’s classic tale of living in nature, Walden, A Game is an open world

Overboard Key Art

Can you get away with murder? That is the key question asked in Overboard!, a new indie narrative adventure game by developer Inkle Studios.  The game is simple, navigate through the surviving

Life is Strange Remastered Key Art

Experience the award-winning saga of Life is Strange in one complete package with Life is Strange: Remastered. Return to Arcadia Bay once again and play through Life is Strange and Life is Strange:

Sumire Key Art

A brand new narrative experience from the GameTomo Team, Sumire is a unique premise that skillfully blends both the magical and mundane together.  An indie narrative adventure, Sumire is a one-day

Weaving Tides Key Art

From indie developer Follow the Feathers comes a puzzle game with a unique twist in Weaving Tides! Play as Tass, a young boy who is searching for his parents in a mystical world made of cloth and