Make Friends With the Spirittea Drinking Minigame (A Guide)

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Spirittea Drinking Minigame Guide - Cover Image Pouring Soju Into a Shot Glass in a Beer Mug

Our Spirittea Drinking Minigame guide will teach you when and where you can get involved with the aforementioned mini-game, as well as who will willingly participate with you, and what you need to do to perform well.

Drinking is one of the handful of social activities you can partake in during the course of Spirittea, with other examples including the fantastic cooking minigame. Not only is it a great way to completely forget an entire evening, it's also a useful tool for improving your relationship with the various people in town who enjoy a good drink or twelve. 

Spirittea screenshot showing a food stall in a snowy area with a red and white mask wearing character sitting astride a nearby red bicycle
Keep your eye out at this still during the evening to access the minigame. 

Where to find the Drinking Minigame

You can find the Drinking Minigame in Spirittea by just heading south and a little to the east of your house. You should find Leigh's van and food stand nearby. When Leigh is stood behind the counter, you can talk to him to start the minigame. Remember to bring along a friend if you want to improve your relationships with anyone other than the owner. 

How Does the Drinking Minigame Work?

For the drinking minigame, you're trying to make your opponent/friend drink more than you are. To do this, you'll need to take it in turns pouring alcohol into the shot glass without making it sink. 

Spirittea Screenshot showing a glass being slowly poured out of a bottle tipped slightly over a shotglass floating in a beer
Pouring in just the right amount takes a hell of a lot of practice to get just right. 

You can use WASD or the Control Stick to change the angle of the bottle to pour, but you'll need to shake up the bottle before your first attempt. 

Whoever lets the shot glass get too full and causes it to sink has to take the drink, and you'll get an increase in both drunkenness and friendship if you have to take the shot, but a bigger boost to friendship if you perform well and win. 

Drinking Minigame Opening Times

Below are the restaurant's opening times, but bear in mind that the opening hours indicate when the owner starts moving towards the place. Most of the time place should be open between 15 and 30 minutes after the stated opening time. Also, if Leigh is mid-event, he might not be available.

  • Monday: 7 PM - 12 AM
  • Tuesday: 7 PM - 12AM
  • Wednesday: 7 PM - 12 AM
  • Thursday: 7 PM - 12 AM
  • Friday: 7 PM - 12 AM
  • Saturday: 7 PM - 12 AM
  • Sunday: CLOSED

Who is Available for the Drinking Minigame?

Below is a list of all the villagers who are willing to go drinking with you:

  • Bruce
  • Clarence
  • Eric
  • Fae
  • Gale
  • Moby
  • Quill
  • Yari

That's the end of our Spirittea Drinking Minigame Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!

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