Spirittea Friendship Guide: How to Increase Your Friendship with Villagers

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Spirittea Friendship Guide - Increasing Friendship with Fae the Carpenter

Our Spirittea Friendship Guide will tell you how Friendship works, the best way to increase Friendship fast, and why Friendship is important.

You'll be spending a lot of your time in Spirittea tracking down Lost Spirits and working at the Bathhouse, but you shouldn't forget about the mortal realm -- you should also try to make friends with the Villagers! Friendship can be a boon (especially with activities such as Karaoke); read on to learn everything you need to know about Friendship!

Spirittea Friendship Guide - Fishing Together with Sujin to Increase Friendship

How Spirittea Friendship Works

The Spirittea Friendship system is a little more barebones when compared to similar games; there are no gifts to give or special events to worry about (aside from dealing with Spirits for Villagers, that is).

You can increase Friendship in two ways:

  1. Talking with a Villager (once per day)
  2. Performing an activity with a Villager

You cannot do any activity (such as Fishing) with any Villager; most Villagers have two activities that they will participate in.

Friendship has 3 levels. Once you max out Friendship with a Villager, they can become a Bathhouse Helper and work with you at the Bathhouse. Bathhouse Helpers make your job a lot easier, so it's a good idea to get at least one or two Villagers with maxed-out Friendship as soon as you reasonably can!

Increasing your Friendship level also has some tangible rewards. You might get a letter or a unique decorative item from one of the Villagers. If you're keen on collecting things, make sure to spend some time with the Villagers!

Best Way to Increase Friendship Fast

The best way to increase Friendship fast in Spirittea is by performing activities together with a Villager. Successfully completing activities will give you a large boost to Friendship; it's possible to go up an entire Friendship level in one day if you do a good job.

You can only assign a maximum of 4 Villagers as Bathhouse Helpers -- one in each position -- so you don't really need any more than 4 Villagers with maxed Friendship.

Fishing is probably the easiest activity to increase Friendship since you can just go to the nearest body of water with a fishing pole and get right to work. If you do things at a good time, you could increase someone by one or more Friendship levels in a single session.

Spirittea Friendship Guide - Getting Ready to Sing Karaoke Together

Spirittea Villager Activities - Best Activities for Each Villager

Villager Activity 1 Activity 2
Amelia Restaurant Hot Spring
Bruce Drinking Singing
Clarence Drinking Fishing
Eric Drinking Restaurant
Fae Digging Drinking
Gale Hot Spring Drinking
Jan N/A N/A
Jillian Hot Spring Singing
Julian Fishing N/A
Kenzo Digging Bug Catching
Kim Bug Catching Restaurant
Leigh Singing Hot Spring
Ling Digging Singing
Maru N/A N/A
Miko Digging Restaurant
Moby Restaurant Drinking
Quill Drinking Fishing
Radish N/A N/A
Song Fishing Singing
Sora Bug Catching N/A
Sujin Fishing N/A
Tera Restaurant Hot Spring
Tifa Hot Spring Bug Catching
Tobi Fishing N/A
Yari Drinking Restaurant
Young Digging Hot Spring
Yumi Singing Bug Catching

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