Spirittea Diggables Guide - Collect Spirit Tomes & the Elixir Recipe

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Spirittea Diggables Guide - Cover Image Using the Shovel in a Field

Our Spirittea Diggables Guide will tell you how Digging works, how you can find Diggables, and where to find Spirit Tomes and the Elixir Recipe!

There's a lot involved in hunting Spirits in Spirittea, but there's more to the mystery besides getting new customers for your Bathhouse. Spirits have favorite foods, seasons, and different behaviors, and the only way to find this out for certain is to Dig up some Spirit Tomes. Read on to learn how Digging works!

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Highlighting a Diggable Location
Diggables can typically be seen on the edges of the screen when you're using Spirit Vision. They'll be highlighted as a glowing circle.

How Digging Works

Digging in Spirittea can be exceptionally challenging -- there are only a handful of places out of thousands of possible options where you can dig. To add to the frustration, you can't really see these locations with the naked eye.

Instead, you must use Spirit Vision to find glowing circles near the edges of the screen. This will show you where you can dig up potentially useful items.

In addition to using Spirit Vision, you can also use Treasure Maps. You'll have to purchase them, but they'll often give you a clue as to where you can look for an item to dig up. Treasure Maps can be purchased from Song's Store as part of its random stock or at the Secret Store once you unlock the correct Spirit.

Who is Available for the Diggable Activity?

Here are all of the Villagers who like to go Digging with you:

  • Fae
  • Kenzo
  • Ling
  • Miko
  • Young
Spirittea Diggables Guide - Fatherog Spirit Tome Example
The most common Diggable item is Spirit Tomes which tell you useful details about a particular Spirit -- even if you haven't discovered it yet.

Where to Find Spirittea Diggables

Here are all of the Spirittea Diggables we've found and where you can find them in town.

Aurora Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Aurora Spirit Tome Location

You can find the Aurora Spirit Tome by the northern shore above the stone bridge in the Mountains.

Avanis Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Avanis Spirit Tome Location

You can find the Avanis Spirit Tome on the south side of the Temple's beachside entrance, two tiles directly south of the left lantern.

Elixir Recipe

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Elixir Scroll for Purifying Location

You can find the Elixir Recipe in front of the grave in the small courtyard southeast of the Temple.

Fatherog Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Fatherog Spirit Tome Location

You can find the Fatherog Spirit Tome outside of the bathhouse, directly to the left of the locked door

Muwo Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Muwo Spirit Tome Location

You can get the Muwo Spirit Tome by digging to the right of the tree on the other side of the wall directly north of the gacha machine

Ochress Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Ochress Spirit Tome Location

The Ochess Spirit Tome is located outside of the Bathhouse, top-left of the birch tree.

Ruko Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Ruko Spirit Tome Location

The Ruko Spirit Tome is located two tiles northeast of the broken Shrine near Song's Shop.

Upo Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Upo Spirit Tome Location

You can find the Upo Spirit Tome to the right of the stairs leading up to the bridge to the mountains.

Wasajiji Spirit Tome

Spirittea Diggables Guide - Wasajiji Spirit Tome Location

The Wasajiji Spirit Tome is located in the northernmost crop field, in the southwest part of the field

That's the end of our Spirittea Diggables Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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