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Spirittea Starter Guide - Cover Image Spirits Using the Bathhouse

Our Spirittea Starter Guide will tell you everything you need to know to start saving Lost Spirits using the power of the Bathhouse!

There's tons of fun to be had in Spirittea, whether you're exploring the Map or going for some drinks by the beach. That said, your main focus will be saving Lost Spirits using the power of the Bathhouse -- read on to learn about the basics of this game!

Spirittea HUD Explanation

Spirittea Starter Guide - HUD Explanation Spirit Vision Active on the Bathhouse Stairs with Wonyan Floating Above You

  1. Current Item: This shows you which of the three core items you have equipped:
    • Backpack: Your inventory while you're on the go.
    • Brochure: A menu that tracks your progress.
    • Notebook: A menu that shows you the information you've collected about Lost Spirits.
  2. Season and Time: This shows you what the current Season is and the time of day.
  3. Energy: This image of food represents your Energy meter. When it's empty, you'll pass out and wake up back at home.
  4. Moolags: This is your money, a currency called Moolags.
  5. Spirit Gauge: This shows how much spiritual energy you have; using Spirit Vision will slowly drain the Spirit Gauge. You can replenish the Spirit Gauge by sleeping or by drinking Spirittea.
  6. Day and Date: This shows you the current day and date.

The Spirittea HUD is fairly straightforward and simple; there's not a lot of information shown on the screen. That said, there are some special interface elements that are part of the Bathhouse -- make sure to check out our Bathhouse Guide to learn about those!

Spirittea Starter Guide - Starter Guide Image The Bathhouse on the TItle Screen

Spirittea Starter Guide

This Spirittea Starter Guide will walk you through the basics and explain some things that aren't quite covered by the tutorial. Let's get started!

Creating Your Character and Naming Your Town

The very first thing you'll be doing is creating your character and naming your town. Make sure you're happy with everything before you move forward; you can't change it later!

Exploring Town and Your First Spooky Experience

Once you arrive in your Town, you'll be taken to your home to get some rest. The next day, you'll be able to meet a handful of Villagers.

The first few minutes of the game are essentially the basic tutorial that explains how the game mechanics work. This tutorial is mandatory, so we won't repeat everything it explains here.

You'll notice things are a little weird when a Rice Ball appears to vanish in front of your eyes. After you get some Fresh Tea Leaves from Tifa, you'll be able to brew Spirittea and that will allow you to see Wonyan.

Wonyan explains that there are Lost Spirits causing mischief in town. These Spirits were previously kept in check by a relaxing Bathhouse that has since fallen into disrepair. It will be up to you to restore the Bathhouse and find all of the Lost Spirits!

Catching Your First Spirits

After Wonyan has explained the basics, he'll implore you to track down your first two Spirits. These troublemakers can be found somewhere where there is an abundance of sweet goods. You're going to want to head to Eko's Convenience Store in the north side of town.

When you get into the convenience store, you'll find the two troublemaking Spirits in the north aisle.

Spirittea Starter Guide - Your First Two Spirits in Eko's Convenience Store

Interact with them and they'll drive away in a tiny, adorable ghost car. Hold down the sprint button to chase them; you'll have to catch them three times in order to catch them.

Aurum and Fatherog are your first two unlocked Spirits. They'll give you the key to unlock the Bathhouse. Take it and then immediately head up there.

Unlocking the Bathhouse

The Bathhouse is where you'll be making most of your money. It's a simple proposition: provide a warm bath and a comfortable experience for Spirits. In exchange, they'll pay you some Moolags (money).

Naturally, the desire for a warm bath means you'll need to heat up the Boiler downstairs. You can get Wood by sawing the Root in the Boiler Room.

The Root will regrow only so many times in a day, starting at 4 times a day. You can increase the number of times the Root will regrow by leveling up your Spirituality, and you can level up your Spirituality by serving as many Spirits as possible.

Spirittea Starter Guide - Spirits Chilling in the Bathhouse

The Bathhouse follows a simple gameplay loop:

  1. Ring the Bell at the entrance to open up the Bathhouse.
  2. Heat the Boiler.
  3. Seat Spirits in the Bath.
  4. Take dirty Bath Towels from the entrance left by Spirits and wash them.
  5. Place the Towels on the drying vent.
  6. Take the dry Bath Towels back to the entrance for new Spirits to use.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 until you decide to end the session.

Every time a Spirit leaves, it will deposit a small portion of its own Moolags into the jar by the entrance. You can either collect this money immediately or you can pick it up later. If Spirits are still in the baths when you close down, they'll pay a smaller amount of money and leave their towels on the ground.

And that's it! This is your main way of making money, so get used to it. You can learn how to efficiently run the Bathhouse in our Bathhouse Guide.

A Long Road Ahead

Now that you know the basics of the Bathhouse, we can move on to your main mission: saving Lost Spirits.

There are a lot of Spirits to find, but you won't be able to see them all right away; you'll need to level up your Spirituality by serving Spirits in the Bathhouse. Each time you level up, you'll be able to see new Spirits.

Saving Lost Spirits and running the Bathhouse are the meat of the game, but there's plenty more to do such as Fishing, Karaoke, and more -- check out our other guides below to learn all about these activities!

Spirittea Starter Guide - F.A.Q. Lost Spirit Being Revealed

Spirittea F.A.Q.

What is Spirittea?

Spirittea is an RPG life sim where you track down lost Spirits, stop them from causing trouble in town, and comfort them by running a Bathhouse.

Is Spirittea Multiplayer?

No, Spirittea is not multiplayer.

Where is the Spirittea Save File?

You can find the Spirittea Save File in:


Where "USERNAME" is your Windows username.

How Late Can You Stay Up in Spirittea?

You can stay awake up to 16 hours as long as you've slept at least 7 hours the night before. How late you can stay up before reaching exhaustion is based on how many hours you have until you get exhausted:

  • 7+ hours: 16 hours until exhaustion
  • 5-6 hours: 10 hours until exhaustion
  • 4 hours or less: 8 hours until exhaustion

Once you're exhausted, you'll gradually lose Energy until you pass out or go to sleep.

What Happens When You Pass Out in Spirittea?

If you pass out in Spirittea, you'll lose a small portion of your Moolags (money) and you'll wake up back at home.

How Do You Upgrade Your Backpack in Spirittea?

You can upgrade your Backpack by purchasing an upgrade from Song's Store.

Thanks for reading our Spirittea Starter Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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