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Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Cover Image Standing in an Upgraded Bathhouse

In this Spirittea Bathhouse Guide, we'll tell you the best way to run the Bathhouse, how to upgrade it, and how to use Bathhouse Helpers!

Spirittea is all about saving Lost Spirits and treating them to a comfortable bath. You can even feed them Cooked Food to make them happy! There's a lot to figure out with the Bathhouse, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know to keep the Spirits happy!

Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Getting the Bathhouse Key from Some Naughty Spirits

How to Unlock the Bathhouse

You can unlock the Bathhouse by tracking down the first two Spirits in Eko's Convenience Store during the game's tutorial.

How the Bathhouse Works

Running the Spirittea Bathhouse seems simple enough on its surface: you need to provide Spirits with a place to bathe and a clean Bath Towel. Give them some time to relax and they'll return your kindness by giving you some Moolags (money).

Once you really get into the game, though, you'll find that the Bathhouse is a little more complex. Here are some key tips:

  • The branch with a bell on it above the Boiler Room door is essentially your XP bar; once it reaches the right side, your Spirituality will level up and you'll be able to see more Spirits.
  • The wall of flowers to the right of the Boiler Room door represents your Spirituality level. More bloomed flowers mean you're at a higher level.
  • The Root in the Boiler Room can only regrow 4 Boiler Root Logs per day at first; this number will increase as your Spirituality goes up.
  • You can only dry 4 Bath Towels at a time, and drying Bath Towels requires the Boiler to be heated.
  • The Reminder Board has a lot of other important tips:
    • You can increase the happiness of Spirits by feeding them or pouring Elixir into the water.
    • Spirits will be happy if you hire a Villager as a Scrubber.
    • Spirits do not like monkeys in the outdoor baths.
    • Spring and Fall Spirits do not like to be next to each other. Similarly, Winter and Summer Spirits do not like to be next to each other.
  • Closing the Bathhouse early will result in lower pay, and any Spirits still in the bath will leave their Bath Towels on the ground.
  • You can buy more Bath Towels at Song's Store.

You should prioritize investing in upgrading the Bathhouse and tracking down more Spirits. More Spirits (and more baths to accommodate them) means that you'll make more Moolags!

How the Lord Bath Works

The Lord Bath is a special bath that can only be used by Lord Spirits. Lord Spirits cannot be found as Lost Spirits; instead, they will have a chance of appearing in the Bathhouse once you've built the Lord Bath.

Building the Lord Bath requires building the Left Wing Halls upgrade first. Once you do, it will open up the area for the Lord Bath; you will then have to build the Lord Bath upgrade to properly renovate it.

Once completed, there will be a chance for a Lord Spirit to appear during any lengthy bathing session. Their appearance will be heralded by a warning that something big is coming. The Lord's retainers will walk straight through the bathhouse and directly to the Lord Bath; the Lord Spirit will then drop directly into the bath.

The Lord Bath has its own dedicated Boiler which requires 2 Boiler Root Logs to be fully fueled. It's a good idea to place a stock of several Boiler Root Logs on the ground nearby so that you can quickly fuel it if a Lord Spirit spawns.

You can learn more about Lord Spirits in our Spirits Guide.

Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Reminder of How the Bathhouse Works
This sign in the Bathhouse tells you some useful tips about how to run things.

Best Way to Run the Bathhouse

Here's the best way to run the Bathhouse, assuming that you got a full 7 hours of sleep.

  • 7:00 AM: Wake up. Immediately go to the Bathhouse.
  • 8:00 AM: Move any leftover dirty Bath Towels into the sink. Make sure the drying rack is full and there are 4 wet Bath Towels ready to go.
  • ~9:00 AM: Cut 2 Boiler Root Logs and place them near the Boiler. You can opt to cut more now if you want, or you can wait until later in the day.
    • Stack excess Boiler Root Logs near the Boiler. Remember, you can visit the Bathhouse every day and cut Boiler Root Logs, even if you don't intend to open the Bathhouse that day. It's good to have a stockpile of some Boiler Root Logs if you get overwhelmed with Spirits!
  • 10:00 AM: Ring the Bell and open up the Bathhouse. Assign Bathhouse Helpers as desired.
  • 10:00 AM-10:00 PM: Ruin the Bathouse as follows:
    1. Seat a Spirit in a Bath.
    2. Take dirty Bath Towels to the sink.
    3. Move 4 wet Bath Towels to the drying rack.
    4. Wash 4 more Bath Towels for the next drying cycle.
    5. Take any dry Bath Towels to the front entrance.
    6. Seat a Spirit in the Bath.
    7. Check the Boiler. Cut a Boiler Root Log if you can.
    8. Seat a Spirit in the Bath.
    9. Repeat Steps 1-8 until 10:00 PM.
  • 10:00 PM - Close the Bathhouse, regardless of how many Spirits are in the bath. Head home and go to sleep.

This system will get you the maximum possible earnings, set a good routine, and allow you to make it home before you run out of Energy. Of course, you can't do this every day -- you're going to have to spend some time finding Lost Spirits and doing other activities, too.

Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Standing Next to Fae's Construction Book
Fae can upgrade the Bathhouse for you -- as long as you have the Moolags to pay her.

How to Upgrade the Bathhouse

You can upgrade the Bathhouse by visiting the Traditional Workshop in town and interacting with the book outside of it. This book will allow you to select an upgrade.

Bathhouse upgrades cost Moolags and the Bathhouse will have to be shut down for 1-2 days while the renovations are being done. This is a good time to build Friendship with Villagers or play some side activities such as Karaoke.

Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Bathhouse Helpers List Sujin Assigned as Washer

How Bathhouse Helpers Work

Bathhouse Helpers are Villagers who will assist you in your mission to serve the Spirits of the town. You'll need to increase a Villager's Friendship to 100% (which requires filling the heart bar 3 times) before they can become a Bathhouse Helper.

There are four Bathhouse Helper Jobs:

  • Wood Cutter: Will cut Boiler Root Logs and keep the fire going in the Bathhouse. If the Root is empty for the day, the Wood Cutter will not refuel the fire, even if there are Boiler Root Logs nearby on the ground.
  • Washer: Washes and dries Bath Towels.
  • Towel Runner: Picks up dirty Bath Towels from the bin and delivers clean Bath Towels to the bamboo mat. Does not pick up discarded Bath Towels from closing the Bathhouse early.
  • Scrubber: Scrubs the back of Spirits, adding to their happiness.

You can only have 1 Bathhouse Helper in each job. There are a total of 4 jobs, so you will only ever need 4 Villagers with maxed-out Friendship if you want to fully staff the Bathhouse.

Spirittea Bathhouse Guide - Cleaning a Mess with Elixir
Elixir can be used to clean up messes left behind by certain Spirits.

Bathhouse Upgrades List

Upgrade Cost Days to Complete Prerequisites Result
Private Bath (left) 5,000 M 1 Available by default Unlocks the Private Bath in the lower left of the central Bathhouse.
Private Bath (right) 5,000 M 1 Available by default Unlocks the Private Bath in the lower right of the central Bathhouse.
Small Bath 2,500 M 1 Available by default Unlocks the small bath to the left of the central Bathhouse.
Overgrown Stairs 6,000 M 1 Available by default Opens up access to the upper deck of the central Bathhouse.
Left Wing Halls 15,000 M 2 Available by default Opens up access to the Lord Bath in the left wing of the Bathhouse.
Overgrown Cooking Area 1,000 M 1 Available by default Allows you to Cook Food and Elixirs in the Bathhouse.
Large Bath 12,000 M 1 Build Overgrown Stairs Unlocks the massive bath on the upper deck of the central Bathhouse.
Right Wing Hall 15,000 M 2 Build Overgrown Stairs Opens up access to the outdoor baths.
Overgrown Fish Pond 1,000 M 1 Build Overgrown Stairs Unknown function; presumably, it improves overall happiness.
Lord Bath 6,000 M 1 Build Left Wing Halls Allows Lord Spirits to appear.
Hot Spring Bath One 5,000 M 1 Build Overgrown Stairs and Right Wing Hall Unlocks one of two outdoor baths.
Hot Spring Bath Two 6,000 M 1 Build Overgrown Stairs and Right Wing Hall Unlocks one of two outdoor baths.

Thanks for checking out our Spirittea Bathhouse Guide. Take a peek at our other guides below!

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