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Kiryu talking to Shen during the golden ball substory

Our Like a Dragon Gaiden Gold Ball Guide will go over the location of each of these collectables, and why you should collect them.

Gold Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden are a series of 7 collectable items, scattered across Sotenbori and the Castle. Some require you to find them directly in the world, while others are traded for using various currencies.

While you can collect these in any order, you wont be able to make use of them until you start the Akame Network substory "Gotta Catch 'em Balls!". This becomes available during the main story, so make sure to check back with Akame during downtime.

All Gold Ball Locations


The Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori shop list, including a Gold Ball.

Bought from Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori for 77,777 Yen.

Akame's Shop

Unlock the second Akame Shop upgrade, then buy for 777 Akame points.

Billiards point exchange menu, including a Gold Ball.

Trade 777 Billiard points at Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar. Can repeat the easy versions of any mode to get these points without issue.

Gold Ball on top of a shop.

A man sitting near the Sotenbori river will give you a request, mentioning that a "glittering orb" can be found near four turtles in the city. This points to the western side of Shofukucho, with the Gold Ball on top of a shop opposite the turtle pillars.

Looking at Sotenbori river, with a boat in the distance.

A gold boat will occasionally pass along Sotenbori river, with a man standing on the front.

The Castle

Looking at a conveyor belt with multiple people stood on it.

After entering the Castle area, go to the left side. There'll be a large man moving along a conveyor belt, holding one of the Gold Balls.

Looking up at a large gold statue.

Head down from the fighter's lounge (unlocked as part of the main story) until you reach the large golden statue. Stand underneath it and look up.

Looking at Shen who is lying on the ground.

Where to trade in the Gold Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden

With all 7 balls collected, make sure you have the Gotta Catch 'em Balls! substory active. Then, head to the substory marker in the northeast part of Sotenbori.

Here you'll find Shen, who says he can give you a wish. Unsurprisingly you don't really have a choice in what you get, as choosing anything but the bottom option does nothing.

After selecting the bottom option, Shen will give you his Panties. Thankfully, you don't have to hold onto these for long, as they can be traded at Ebisu Pawn for 1.5 million Yen.

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