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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Development Update cover

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is ending development, but a number of improvements are coming to the base game including map revamps and the addition

The Octopus attacks!

Although technology and advancements in networking have allowed people to be more connected than ever, there's still so much value in connecting in

Ukraine Xbox Store Accounts cover

A dedicated Ukraine Xbox Store and account system are in development as part of its efforts to deal with the challenges of the Russia-Ukraine War.

Citizen Sleeper Key Art

From the developer of In Other Waters comes Citizen Sleeper, a narrative-based RPG set in a futuristic, cyberpunk-esque world where death is just a

Digimon Survive Key Art

A unique take on the long-running Digimon series, Digimon Survive hopes to shatter expectations with a style to it that is more a-typical of the

Farming Simulator 22

Today is a good day if you're a Farming Simulator fan, as not only is there Farming Simulator 22 free DLC out today, but there's also a new patch in

Marvel's Midnight Suns Revamp cover

Some sort of mysterious revamp is coming to Marvel's Midnight Suns, and a new trailer and new release date are expected to be revealed next month.

World of Tanks Warhammer 40K Skins Battle Pass Season 8 cover

A new set of World of Tanks Warhammer 40K skins are arriving early next week, giving you the opportunity to rep the Space Marines, Chaos, or Orks.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play life simulator that will have characters from Mickey & Friends, The Lion King, Toy Story, The Little

Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy is a sci-fantasy guns n' sorcery RPG that has a non-linear story and tactical party-based combat. Players will play as Malakai and Kaela,

The Valiant

The Valiant is a squad-based RTS set in 13th-century Europe and the Middle East. As Theoderich von Akenburg, players will fight against one of their

Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Seamless Coop mod is releasing on May 27th, 2022 on PC, and adds in a feature that Elden Ring fans have been begging for since release

Dolmen Game

Dolmen features most of what you'd expect from a Soulslike title – challenging combat, slow and methodical exploration, and plenty of weapons and

Dolmen Game

As you make your way through the sci-fi world of Dolmen, you'll come across a variety of tough-as-nails boss fights, but there's nothing quite like

Destiny 2 Events Update cover

Bungie is giving Destiny 2 Events a makeover, and it's showing how they will change with details about the upcoming Destiny 2 Solstice Event. Now

Xbox Accessibility Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022 cover

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and Microsoft and Xbox are highlighting their efforts to improve accessibility on their platforms.

Stardew Valley Pokemania Mod outside of Barn with several pokemon

Stardew Valley is known for being one of the best relaxing and wholesome games to have come out in the past decade, but people are always wanting to

Citizen Sleeper Main Logo

Given the exciting, bombastic noise of many sci-fi games today, Citizen Sleeper contrasts this by exploring equally meaningful ideas through smaller

halo tv show lore

After nine episodes, the Halo TV show's first season has come to an end. It was definitely a wild ride that can best be summed up as an ambitious re-

Mega Man Artist Keiji Inafune Beastroid NFT project cover

Longtime Mega Man artist and producer (and Mighty No. 9 creator) Keiji Inafune has revealed his next project: Beastroid, an NFT collection that will

Sea of Thieves Mysteries revealed cover

Rare has introduced Sea of Thieves Mysteries, a challenge that tasks the community to use in-game clues and ARG elements to solve a puzzle. Sea of

Minecraft x Angry Birds DLC revealed cover

The Minecraft x Angry Birds DLC has been revealed -- you can buy an all-new adventure map featuring Rovio's iconic characters on Minecraft Bedrock

Promotional art for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

After taking your first steps in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, you’ll be struck with an overwhelming sense of millennial angst. It offers up

The player facing off against a boss in Hellpoint

Cradle Games and TinyBuild has announced the launch date for its upcoming Hellpoint next-gen upgrade. The horror-inflected sci-fi Soulslike is

The Valiant

The Valiant has just been announced by THQ Nordic and is a squad-based RTS set in 13th-century Europe and the Middle East. As Theoderich von Akenburg

Jurassic World

Xbox Game Pass keeps getting bigger and better, and this time around there's seemingly a title for everyone. The games for Xbox Game Pass May 2022

Kerbal Space Program 2 Release Date Delayed Early 2023 cover

The Kerbal Space Program 2 release date window has been locked in for PC -- you'll be able to play this space simulation game in Early Access on PC

Apex Legends Xbox Servers Crash Exploit cover

Things are going so great for Battle Royale fans on Xbox -- reports are growing of an exploit being used to intentionally crash Apex Legends Xbox

Hunt Showdown

The latest Hunt: Showdown update, 1.8.1, is now live. It adds a new quest system called Summons, which will replace the Daily and Weekly Challenges.

The full roster of MultiVersus as it currently stands

Two new MultiVersus characters have been announced alongside an open beta date for the upcoming platform fighter. The Iron Giant, Taz the Tasmanian

Several Xbox gaming icons alongside two Xbox Series consoles, both of which won't be able to play the icons' games offline because of Xbox DRM

On May 6, Xbox tweeted that some users were struggling to access their Xbox games and content. This issue persisted throughout that weekend; several

Atlus Survey English cover

An English version of the annual Atlus survey has launched for the first time in its seven-year history and will be open to responses for this

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Jenny My Life as a Teenage Robot cover

My Life as a Teenage Robot protagonist Jenny Wakeman has launched as the newest character for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and the next two characters

Elden Ring

US NPD April 2022 sales have revealed that in just under three months, Elden Ring has become the best-selling game over the past 12 months, shipping

Fallout 4 Point Lookout Mod Capital Wasteland Project cover

The Capital Wasteland Project has released the Fallout 4 Point Lookout mod, bringing a major Fallout 3 DLC to the newer game -- and with some new

Key art for Dolmen, which depicts its main character and one of the antagonists

Have you ever watched a cookery show or a concert and thought "hey, I could do that"? If so, there are two potential reasons for that: one, you

A scene of brutal combat in Dying Light 2

If you're looking forward to more open-world zombie-killing, you probably don't want to see the upcoming Dying Light 2 DLC delayed, but that's what's

Minecraft BuildAbility World cover

The Minecraft BuildAbility world has been revealed as a new map for Minecraft: Education Edition that will teach children about accessibility and the

EA FIFA Games EA Sports FC cover

Electronic Arts has announced that it is launching a new franchise called EA Sports FC that will replace its long-running series of EA FIFA games,

Red Hood in Gotham Knights

Warner Bros has announced that the Gotham Knights PS4 and Xbox One releases have been canceled. A new gameplay trailer for heroes Nightwing and Red

Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC Delayed cover

The Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC has been delayed to next week due to technical complications, but the base game update is still on track

WWE 2K19 servers WWE 2K20 servers shutting down June 2022 cover

2K has announced that the WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 servers will be shutting down in June 2022, ending online services for those games while it shifts

Resident Evil Reverse Development Stadia PEGI rating cover

After nearly a year of silence, Resident Evil Re:Verse has been rated for Google Stadia by PEGI -- it looks like this Resident Evil Village 

The top of an Xbox Series X console

Update May 5th 12:51: Xbox has acknowledged that the server outage problem is not completely fixed. In a tweet, the Xbox support team says it has

Outward: Definitive Edition Release Date cover

The Outward: Definitive Edition release date has been revealed! You'll be able to play the upgraded version of this open-world survival co-op RPG in

Dead or Alive 7 reportedly canceled cover

A tweet claims that Dead or Alive 7 has been canceled, but the legitimacy of the Twitter account making the claim has been brought into question.

Fortnite Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS Android cover

You can now play Fortnite for free on Android and iOS once again -- the popular Battle Royale game has made its debut on Xbox Cloud Gaming in 26

The player driving a buggy in Dying Light: The Following

Techland has announced that it's giving away a major piece of Dying Light DLC to all base game owners. If you've got Dying Light on Steam, you can