Action RPG

Action RPG

Aluna Sentinel of the Shards Key Art

Based on the comic book series The World of Aluna, Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards is an action RPG where you follow the exploits of Aluna, the daughter of a Spanish conquistador and the South American

Void Arena Key Art

From developer High-Level Studios comes a brand new action RPG set in a rich dark fantasy world, called Void Arena.  In Void Arena, you fight in the first person against a never-ending string of

Mass Effect Legenday Edition Key Art

The legendary trilogy returns fully remastered. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the three games of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy, fully remastered and made for modern systems and

Hood Outlaws and Legends Key Art

Battle it out for untold riches and more in Hoods: Outlaws & Legends by Sumo Digital. Compete against other players as you formulate the perfect heist in a medieval-style fantasy world. Avoid

Poison Control Key Art

Poison Control is a brand new Action Shooter from NIS, where you must help rescue the souls of spirits with the help of your soul mate, the powerful Poisonette. Spirits are being trapped in

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Key Art

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a brand new, hack and slash RPG where you must travel across the world to battle the supernatural and more. You are one of the few survivors of a massacre, only to be

Pascals Wager Key Art

Pascal's Wager is a dark Action-RPG by developer TipsWorks.  Play as a Courier in this dark fantasy world of Solas. A Dark Mist, once dispelled by the mighty Colossi, has engulfed the land. As a

Oninaki Key Art

From Tokyo RPG Factory comes a brand new role-playing game about life and reincarnation, Oninaki.  Play as a Watcher, a being who must guide wandering lost souls through the afterlife, on the path

Shattered Tale of the Forgotten King Key Art

Prepare yourself for a dark, gothic fantasy adventure in Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King, by Redblock Studios. The world has gone to hell with the disappearance of the King, play as a