How to Unlock All Dredge Flags and Paints to Customize your Boat

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Image of the boat in Dredge with the Serpent Flag

With the 1.3.0 update for Dredge, you’re now able to customize your boat in a few different ways. I tracked down all of the Dread flags and paints, to help you spruce up your little boat!

First off, there are three customization options in Dredge:

  • Adding Flags to your roof
  • Painting your Roof and Hull
  • Adding or removing your Bunting

To make these boat changes, head to Little Marrow (K8) in the Marrows and speak to the Painter, who will let you add flags you’ve found (all locations below) as well as paint your ship.

You’re able to find 6 different flags, and there are 8 different paints you can choose.

Image of the Painter in Dredge

Where to collect Dredge Flags

You’ll find Flags by dredging them up around shipwrecks. There are 6 in all to find, which are located in the areas below:

  • Eyes Flag
    • Found next to the old lighthouse in Devil’s Spine, top middle of P14.
  • Anchor Flag
    • Found in Stellar Basin in G2 above a wrecked ship.
  • Serpent Flag
    • Found in the Marrows in the left side of I10 outside a group of small islands.
  • Hook Flag
    • Found in Twisted Strand on the right side of H13.
  • Ouroborous Flag
    • Found to the Northwest of Ingfell in Gale Cliffs. At the bottom of the small island in the bottom right of L5.
  • Pirate Flag
    • Found in Gale Cliffs at the top of N2.
Dredge Boat Customized Sitting in the Water

Dredge Paint Options

By default, there are 3 paint options for you to choose for your boat – but you can unlock 5 more by collecting aberrations of different crabs for the Painter.

Here are the paint options and the crabs (use Pots!) they require:

Default Paints:

  • Rusty Red – Default Paint
  • Seaweed Green – Default Paint
  • Blue Depths – Default Paint

Unlockable Paints:

  • Sharp Mint Paint
    • Requires Marrows Crabs: Malignant Pincer & Cerebral Crab
  • Maple Orange Paint
    • Requires Gale Cliffs Crabs: Cortex Decorator & Splintered Crab
  • Royal Purple Paint
    • Requires Stellar Basin Crab/Lobster: Entangled Crab & Imperious Lobster
  • Golden Treasure Paint
    • Requires Twisted Strand Crabs: Mire Screecher, Effigy Crab
  • Black Abyss Paint
    • Requires Devil’s Spine Crabs: Umbral Puppet, Sable Reacher

While not required for achievements or completion, Dredge adding Customization gives a little bit more to love with the game, allowing you to tweak your ship a bit. After all, you’ll be looking at it A LOT!

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