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Dredge is not just your average fishing game, as it takes players on a journey through discovery and exploration. Players will man their trawlers and travel across several different remote islands in search of the best catch as well as secrets that might lurk beneath the murky deep. Selling your catch is the best way to make an income, all while completing quests that will slowly begin to unravel each location's mysteries about its very troubled past. 

The goal is to build your boat to be the best in the land, as you want only the highest quality upgrades to continue to build your income and serve the locals. It is worth noting that you might want to pay attention to the time of day, and don't go too far out to sea close to dusk; you may not like what else lurks in the waters late at night in the dark abyss. 

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Black Salt Games
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March 30, 2023 (Calendar)
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