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Image of all of the dredge pursuits in the game

If you're looking to get complete all of the Pursuits in Dredge and the Pale Reach DLC, our Dredge Pursuits guide will explain and show you where to start each one!

Dredge offers a unique world to explore, and you'll spend your entire playthrough visiting different locations in your ship. There are 21 base pursuits to complete for both the main and side quests, and also 5 to complete with the Pale Reach DLC.

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Dredge Core Pursuits Map

If you need a visual aid to start all of the Core Pursuits in Dredge, here's a map of where they are all located.

Image of the full dredge map marked up with pursuit locations

Dredge Pursuits List - Core

Here's the full list of all pursuits in Dredge, and where to start them. Note that you CAN fail pursuits, and failure will still count as completion, but you'll miss out on rewards!

Pursuits - Main Quests

There are 5 main pursuits that tie into the storyline, and the Main Story has 2 endings:

  • The Bitter End (Main Pursuit)
    • Started at the Camp in E13 - required for the main storyline.
  • The Collector (Main Pursuit)
    • This is the main quest of the game.
  • Research Assistant (Main Pursuit)
    • Found in Stellar Basin next to a crumbling castle - required for the main storyline.
  • Flames of the Deep
    • This pursuit is started at the ancient temple in N13 - required for the main storyline.
  • Hermitage (Main Pursuit)
    • Found at the ruins southeast of Ingfell - required for the main storyline. Unlocks Explosives.

Pursuits - Side Quests

There are 16 side pursuits that can be found by talking to townspeople around the map, or hidden on different islands and areas! Completing these will unlock the Providence Achievement.

Here's the list of Dredge side quests, and where to find them:

  • A Fresh Start
    • Started in Greater Marrow, unmissable
  • A Place to Rest
    • Started in Little Marrow, unmissable
  • Best Before
    • Found in Ingfell by talking to a townsperson.
  • Castaway
    • Found to the northeast of Little Marrow, you'll return him to Little Marrow.
  • Caught to Order
    • Started in Greater Marrow with the Fishmonger, unmissable
  • Craven Courier
    • Found to the northwest of Greater Morrow, you'll talk to someone in a ship in I10.
  • Figure in Blue
  • Figure in Gold
  • Figure in Purple
  • Figure in Red
  • Grotesque Fish
    • Unmissable in Greater Marrow - the Fishmonger will ask you to bring him fish with Aberrations. Completion starts "The Collector" Pursuit.
  • Lost at Sea
    • Given by the Grieving Father in Little Marrow - You'll find the item in a dredge spot on the opposite side of the island.
  • Lost Dog
    • Found outside of a hut on the outskirts of the abandoned village on the left side of G2. Take the dog to the researcher at D5 once you've befriended it!
    • How to get the lost dog:
      • You'll need some fish to feed it, so throw a few fish its way and gradually get closer. Once it lets you pet it, you can leave and it'll join you on your boat!
  • Package Delivery
    • Given by the Mayor in Greater Marrow
  • Recording Rarities
    • Given by the traveling trader found at each of the 4 islands. Locations:
    • Oarfish - Found in Gale Cliffs, behind the Waterfall
    • Gulper Eel - Found in Stellar Basin, just south of the Research Outpost.
    • Goliath Tigerfish - Found in Twisted Strand, on the southern side.
    • Coelacanth - Found in Devils Spine, just north of the trader behind some rocks.
  • Stone Tablets

Dredge Pale Reach Pursuits Map

With the release of the Pale Reach DLC, a new area was unlocked with 5 new pursuits, alongside new equipment and customizations for your boat!

To unlock the Pale Reach map, visit the Frozen Cabin at Central Camp.

Map with the location of all Dredge Pale Reach Pursuit Locations

Pale Reach Pursuits List

Here's the list of Pale Reach Pursuits, completing all of which will gain you the Under The Ice and Frozen Favors Achievements.

Pale Reach Main Quest

  • Under the Ice (Main Quest)
    • Started at Central Camp in I-4, by interacting with the Ice Shard.
    • You'll need to collect all 4 Ice Picks in order to Break the Ice. Ice Pick Locations:
      • Ice Pick 1 - See J-4 on the Map Above
      • Ice Pick 2 - See K-4 on the Map Above
      • Ice Pick 3 - See F-5 on the Map Above
      • Ice Pick 4 - See G-7 on the Map Above
    • Once you've collected all 4, visit the following locations and break the ice:
      • Central Camp (I-4)
      • Western Bearing (G-4)
      • Eastern Terminus (J-6)
      • Southern Locus (G-7)
    • Once you've broken all 4 - a cut scene will play and the Aurous Anchor will appear in front of the structure near Southern Locus in G-7.
    • What to do with the Glowing Stones / Frozen Hearts:
      • With each camp above, when you break the ice you'll be given a glowing stone.
      • Take these stones to the glowing piece of Ice in the middle of K-4, and place them.
      • You'll receive the Brittle Net for this, the best Net in Dredge!
    • Completing this will unlock the Under the Ice Achievement

Pale Reach Side Pursuits

  • Icebreaker (Main Quest Prerequisite)
    • Started at the Bleak Pontoon, at the top right of I-2.
    • Where to find all Icebreaker Pieces
      • Icebreaker Piece 1 - See I-4 on the Map Above
      • Icebreaker Piece 2 - See J-5 on the Map Above
      • Icebreaker Piece 3 - See F-4 on the Map Above
      • Once collected, return to Bleak Pontoon to equip!
  • Ice Shaper
    • Once you complete Icebreaker, this unlocks, letting you create ice to keep in your cargo so fish don't rot as quickly.
    • Iceshaper Location: You'll find the Ice Shaper in H-3, shown on the map above.
  • The Narwhal
    • Starts in the right side of I-3, requires fish to summon the Narwhal.
    • Unlocks progress to more story area.
  • Figure in White
    • Found in the bottom right corner of J-3

Now that you have the full list of Pursuits, and maps in hand - you're good to explore this open world and catch all of the interesting fish littered throughout!

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