First Big Dredge Update Adds Map Markers And More

Published: May 11, 2023 8:32 AM /


A boat sailing across supposedly calm waters in Dredge

The first major Dredge update has landed, bringing some features that you'll probably appreciate if you've ever found yourself getting lost in the game. Maps have been improved with added functionality, and there are a number of adjustments to core gameplay mechanics as well.

Earlier this month, Dredge's developers revealed its roadmap, which includes free updates and DLC headed your way this year. This is the first of those free updates, and its biggest new addition is map markers. You can now add up to 50 markers to your map, and there are 6 different types available. What's more, you can see those markers through your Spyglass, so you need never lose track of them.


As well as these markers, the map can now be zoomed and scrolled, so you've got more control over how you view it. All in all, these map changes should make your time fishing among the horrors of the deep a little easier to navigate, at the very least. You can take a look at a new trailer showing off the latest Dredge update here.

There are also tons of adjustments and fixes in this Dredge update. Timers on timed quests such as Hooded Figures and Castaway have been removed, and book rewards will be awarded to you retroactively if you exceeded the timers for those quests. Basic material spots for resources like lumber and cloth now restock over time, and it's now harder to discard important items by mistake.

I'd strongly recommend giving the Dredge patch notes a read, because there are lots of smaller bug fixes in there too. If you've been experiencing a particular issue with Dredge, your problem may well have been fixed by this update. Dredge is available right now on PC and consoles, and you can check out our guides for the game if the fishing is getting too spooky for you to handle alone!


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