Hour-Plus Splitgate queue times cover

Lengthy Splitgate queue times — in excess of 95 minutes at the time of writing — are frustrating gamers who want to enjoy the new free-to-play PC shooter from 1047 games. Splitgate has proven to be

Frozenheim Update 0.3.0 cover

A new campaign mission and more has arrived in Frozenheim Update 0.3.0, delivering players with their first "meaty" update featuring new playable content and features. Frozenheim is a game that's

The title of Dustbiters in a pink haze surrounded by drivers and cars

A team of developers more known for their work in indie videogames have announced their latest project is a competitive card game titled Dustbiters. The announcement video on their official

Doki Doki Literature Club

Bad news for those who've been patiently waiting for the North America Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! physical release date: it's been delayed to September 21, 2021. That's not too long of a wait as

Wayward Realm

Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay have announced The Wayward Realms, a new open-world fantasy RPG through their studio Once Lost Games. Their aim is to "revivify the RPG genre by applying modern

A still from The Last Worker's announcement trailer.

Many people may not be aware of The Last Worker, a narrative adventure game about "our struggle in an increasingly automated world." It's worth keeping an eye on this game however, because it's a

Road 96

Like many indie games, Road 96 is a game you probably haven't heard of. It's a tough industry to break into and it's only gotten harder for indie developer Yoan Fanise due to Facebook blocking an ad

An explorer gazing out across the vast expanse of the alien planet in Icarus

Bad news if you're a fan of alien wilderness survival games: there's an Icarus delay on the cards. Developer RocketWerkz has pushed back the Icarus release date to November, but there's a silver

Lost At Sea Opening

Known more for their 2D point-n-click adventure games, such as The Inner World series and Minute of Islands, German developer Studio Fizbin is charting different waters with their latest: Lost At Sea