Indie Creators Come Together For Triple I Initiative Showcase This April

The Triple I Initiative is a Showcase coming from the creators of Terraria, Slay the Spire, Vampire Survivors and other Indie Hits coming next month

Published: March 28, 2024 1:00 PM /


The Triple I Showcase announcement

After a two-week teasing countdown, the Triple-I Initiative has announced what it is. The Triple-I Initiative showcase is a new showcase coming from a who's who of the indie scene with developers like Evil Empire (work on Dead Cells over the past 5 years), Red Hook Studios (Darkest Dungeon), Re-Logic (Terraria), Mega Crit (Slay the Spire), and many more.

This first showcase will take place on April 10, at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific, and 7PM CEST).

In a world where E3 is no more, and there are more video games than ever before, we see many developers trying a variety of ways to catch gamers attention. It is from this Petrie dish, and a realm of bloated showcases with far too much host time that the Triple I Initiative emerges.

“The goal is to have a straight-to-the-point show packed with announcements as a collective of studios, to speak directly to players, the people who have been directly supporting us since day 1. The show will run for about 45 minutes, featuring news by the most successful and creative folks out there. No hosting segments, no advertisements, no sponsorships, no extra fluff, just games,”  Benjamin Laulan, Evil Empire’s COO.

That last sentence sounds like a reaction in many ways to the current trends of showcases from Geoff Keighley, the PC Gaming Show, and others.

With many of the games from studios being multiplatform, the old style of tying a show to a platform to some extent has also struggled in some ways - with many questions as soon as it airs of 'is this game on platform x, y or z'.

If like me you were pondering the name, Evil Empire has a bit of an explanation for that as the company that masterminded the start of this whole show.

Bérenger Dupré, their marketing director, poked fun at the way games are labeled saying "Since using letters seems to be the trend in the industry, we figured that adding a couple of i's to indie was a fair way to describe this new format."

I have to imagine that it will go down a lot better than "AAAA" games as a concept did. Dupré also said that "Triple-I just sounds cool" which is tough to argue against.

Where to watch the Triple I Initiative Showcase

The Triple I Initiative Showcase airs on April 10th, at 1PM Eastern. You can watch it on Youtube, Twitch, Bilibili, or on Steam. More information will also be revealed in the lead up to the event on their website or stay tuned to TechRaptor for all the latest information on the hot indie game information coming from this.

What Companies Are Involved in the Triple I Initiative Showcase?

While we don't know what will be revealed at the event, we do have a list of companies that will have something to show at the showcase. While there may be other surprises in who is there (and some of these names are publishers in the space), it does tease what types of things might be shown off. The list is:

  • A44
  • Assemble Entertainment
  • Awaceb
  • Blobfish Games
  • ColePowered Games
  • Digital Sun Games
  • Drop Bear Bytes
  • Evil Empire
  • Fireshine Games
  • Focus Entertainment
  • Fumi Games
  • Gamera Games
  • Gearbox Software
  • Gearbox Publishing
  • Gentlymad Studios
  • Ghost Ship Publishing
  • Heart Machine
  • Hooded Horse
  • Humble Games
  • Ishtar Games
  • Kepler Interactive
  • Mega Crit
  • Northplay
  • Passtech Games
  • Pathea Games
  • PlaySide Studios
  • PlaySide Publishing
  • PM Studios
  • poncle
  • Quite OK Games
  • Realm Archive
  • Red Hook Studios
  • Stunlock Studios
  • The Arcade Crew
  • The Gentlebros
  • Thorium
  • Thunder Lotus
  • tinyBuild
  • Youthcat Studio

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