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Last Update: March 30, 2023


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One of the main factors in catching bigger, better, and more fish in DREDGE is upgrading your ship – which you can do by collecting debris across the map to upgrade parts of the ship as well as get larger hulls to store more. You’ll need a rare resource specifically to upgrade to bigger hulls, and our Dredge Sheet Metal guide will explain where you can get free sheet metal, as well as where to buy it.

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Where to get Sheet Metal in Dredge:

Tip: there are 6 Free pieces of Sheet Metal in Dredge, which is enough to fully upgrade your boat! Here's where to find the free sheet metal:

Free Sheet Metal #1

Once you've unlocked Explosives, there’s some rocks on the south side of the Greater Marrow Island, blow it up and Dredge to get a free piece of sheet metal.

Free Sheet Metal #2

In the northwestern corner of the map is an island with lots of winding water pathways, centered around a wrecked plane and the man who gives you the NAME pursuit. To the direct north of him, just on the other side of the land, you’ll find 2 logs you can blow up to get another free piece of sheet metal, and open a new pathway.


Free Sheet Metal #3

In the ruins of Devil’s Spine, you’ll find these next to some hostile fish located inside some ruins in the bottom right corner of O14.

Free Sheet Metal #4

In the top right corner of F2, you’ll find a small abandoned village. Within, there’s a bridge you can blow up with explosives, leading to another piece of sheet metal for you to dredge up.

Free Sheet Metal #5

In the Gale Cliffs, there’s a pathway directly south from the Trader, blocked by a wall. Inbetween the two balls blocking passage is another piece of Sheet Metal.


Free Sheet Metal #6

This is found in P3, behind a waterfall where you find the Oarfish for the “Recording Rarities” Pursuit

Image of the Trader in Dredge Selling Sheet Metal

Where to buy Sheet Metal in Dredge

While the pieces of sheet metal above are enough to upgrade your ship completely, if you want to speed up the process, you can buy sheet metal from the traveling trader at the dots in G13, P12, N4, and E2.


She’ll sell you Sheet Metal for $500 per piece, cheaper if you have specific books already read, and if you need more, just sleep 24 hours and it should respawn!


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