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Last Update: April 12, 2022


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Bugsnax features 100 adorable kinda-bug-kinda-snack creatures to catch. As you explore Snaktooth Island, you'll unlock new regions, gather new tools, and meet tons of Bugsnax which you can add to your Bugapedia!

From the smallest Strabby to the mysterious Mothza Supreme and other enormous Snax of legend, each and every Bugsnak you encounter can be caught and catalogued. Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey to meet and capture every single Bugsnak on the island!


Scan Bugsnax First, Catch Them Later

Bugsnax Scanner
You can use your Scanner to catch Grumpuses—such as Filbo here—catching a few Zs.

Whenever you see a new Bugsnak, the first thing you should do is pull out your Snax Scope and scan it. Scanning a Snak will provide you with a ton of helpful information, including the species' habitat, likes and dislikes, what other Snax they hate or are afraid of, and hints about special characteristics or behaviors which they might possess. These facts will be saved in your Bugapedia, so you can pull them up quickly whenever you encounter that Snak in the wild.

Plus, the Snax Scope has one other useful feature: path tracking. Scanning a Snak will show you that particular creature's walking (or flying or burrowing) path, and it will remain marked on your map until your next scan. This will help you figure out where to place your trap or where to shoot the Snak's favorite sauce in order to perform a successful catch.

Bugsnax Tip - Stay Saucy to the Max

Bugsnax Sauce
The ketchup is ready for harvest!

In addition to Bugsnax, Snaktooth Island is home to a number of sauce plants, growing condiments ranging from chocolate and peanut butter to ketchup and cheese. You can carry up to 20 packets of each sauce at a time, and these sauces can be loaded into your Sauce Slinger and shot into the air. Sauces are one of the best way to catch Bugsnax, as most Snax have a favorite or least favorite sauce (or both!), which will attract them or make them mad.

You can encounter each type of sauce growing in the wild, and will likely discover a new sauce or two when you unlock a new area of Snaktooth Island to explore. However, there's an even better source of ammunition: the sauce farm in Snaxburg, run by the folksy Grumpus farmer Wambus Troubleham.

Wambus will start growing a new sauce as soon as you find it in the wild, and his plants refresh multiple times per day. Make sure to pay Wambus a visit and stock up on sauces before setting out from Snaxburg to explore the wilderness.

Donate Bugsnax for Deeper Pockets

Bugsnax Barn
Grumpus Gramble had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

One of the Grumpus characters residing in Snaxburg is the meek, big-hearted Gramble Gigglefunny. Rather than catching and eating Bugsnax like the other Grumpuses, Gramble raises Snax in a barn, giving them names and teaching them tricks. Throughout the game, you can donate Snax to Gramble's farm.


But donation isn't just a handy method for getting rid of spare Snax you don't need for in-game missions; giving Snax to the farm will expand your inventory space, allowing you to carry more Bugsnax in your "pockets" as you explore the island. Since you start out with only six inventory slots, and there's no fast-travel system in the game, being able to bring more Bugsnax with you when you return to Snaxburg is a valuable ability.

Make frequent donations to Gramble to expand your carrying capacity as soon as possible. (As an added bonus, you can interact with and even pet each Snak you donate, as well as getting to hear their adorable cries whenever you pass through town.)


Bugsnax Tip - Those Piles of Goo Are Useful, Too

Bugsnax Goop
This goop indicates the presence of a Green Grapeskeeto.

Bugsnax features a day and night cycle, as well as weather patterns which fluctuate between rainy and sunny. Some Snax are only available to capture during the day or at night, while others prefer or dislike the rain. This makes it unlikely that you will encounter every single Snak in an area during your first visit. Return to previous areas at all times of day or in the rain in order to find new Snax which you might have missed.

See those piles of scraps and/or goo scattered around some of the in-game areas? Those aren't just heaps of trash—they're an indicator that a time- or weather-limited Bugsnak is native to that region. Scan these piles with your Snax Scope to get a useful hint about when and where the Snak that left them might be found.

Bugsnax Tip - Meet the Grumps

Bugsnax Wiggle
She's afraid of becoming a "One-Hit Wiggle" and wants to write a song about Bugsnax.

The central plot of Bugsnax involves finding the scattered Grumpuses around Snaktooth Island and convincing them to move back to the town of Snaxburg. Each Grumpus has a small chain of quests which you must complete before they'll agree to make the move.

Sometimes, these quests will involve the Grumpus giving you a helpful new tool, which can be used to catch Bugsnax. When you unlock a new area, make sure to search for Grumpuses first, as the Snax in their area might require their unique tool to catch.

Come back to visit each Grumpus once they've moved to Snaxburg as well. They will have additional requests for you, and some of these side quests can lead to encounters with rare and powerful Bugsnax. Look for Grumpuses with a big goal in mind such as Chandlo, who wants to become the strongest Grumpus alive, or Wiggle, who is seeking inspiration for her next big song.


Bugsnax Tip - This Bed is Just Right

Bugsnax Bed
Looks comfy!

If you've got Snax to catch or missions to complete which are only available at a certain time of day, you don't just have to wait around. You can find a bed and take a nap, choosing to sleep until 5 a.m., noon, 5 p.m., or midnight. Your player character doesn't have any qualms about where they nap, as absolutely any bed is available for your use—even those located in houses already occupied by other Grumpuses.

While most of these beds can be found in Snaxburg, there are a few handy rest spots located in other areas of the world map too. Look for campsites and sleeping bags, especially in areas where Grumpuses liked to hang out before moving back to town. These provide a handy resting spot if you need to wait until night or day and don't want to head all the way back to the 'burg.

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