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Bugsnax Sizzlin Sands

This scorching hot desert area is home to an impressive fifteen different varieties of Bugsnax. Some of Snaktooth Island's most powerful Snax reside here, including those which attack with the power of wind, water and fire. If you look closely, you might even see a legendary Snak flying high in the sky. You'll have to use every single tool at your disposal to add these fifteen Bugsnax to your collection. Here's your Sizzlin Sands guide!

Here's every single one of the fifteen Bugsnax which can be found in Sizzlin' Sands, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods which aren't covered in this guide.

How To Catch Every Snak in Sizzlin Sands

Bugsnax Tacroach

How to Catch Tacroach

The extremely shy Tacroach can be found skittering around Sizzlin' Sands' oasis at all hours of the day. Use your Snax Scope to observe its looping, irregular path before setting a trap. This Bugsnak can be tempted by both cheese and hot sauce, so make sure to bait your Snak Trap with one of these toppings so that your Tacroach will wander right into your trap and let itself be captured.

If you're having difficulty locating a Tacroach, keep in mind that it is one of several Bugsnax which can be found by causing a Preying Picantis to explode into pieces. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that a Tacroach will stun itself immediately after a Picantis explodes.

Bugsnax Incherrito

How to Catch Incherrito

Like its cousin the Inchwrap, the Incherrito burrows underneath the sand, but is forced to surface when it hits solid rock. It's also a rather aggressive Bugsnak which will chase you if you get too close. To trick it aboveground, cover a rock in cheese or hot sauce. The Incherrito will devour the sauce, but then stun itself on the rock when it attempts to return to its burrow. Then, you can pick up the Incherrito using your Net.

If you're having difficulty locating an Incherrito, keep in mind that it is one of several Bugsnax which can be found by causing a Preying Picantis to explode into pieces. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that an Incherrito will stun itself immediately after a Picantis explodes.

Bugsnax Preying Picantis

How to Catch Preying Picantis

The sinister Preying Picantis is one of the most aggressive and powerful Bugsnax found in the Sizzlin' Sands area. They will attack you with their flaming bodies if you get too close, and will burn your Snak Trap to a crisp if you don't put their fire out first.

Lay a trail of cheese or hot sauce between the Preying Picantis' location and the watery oasis in the middle of Sizzlin' Sands. Once you have lured the Preying Picantis into the water, a countdown timer will begin. If you allow the timer to reach zero, the Snak will explode into a Tacroach and an Incherrito and can no longer be caught as a Preying Picantis. To avoid this, set your Trip Shot and have the Preying Picantis chase you into the wire and stun itself before the timer finishes counting. Then, you can pick up the stunned Bugsnak.

Bugsnax Sodie D

How to Catch Sodie D

The Sodie D is an aquatic Bugsnak that lives in the pond located in the very center of Sizzlin' Sands. For a simple catch, you can string your Trip Shot between two of the trees on opposite sides of the pond. The Sodie D will eventually swim right into the wire and stun itself for an easy catch.

Alternately, you can use Sodie D's hatred of sauce against it. Place your Snak Trap at the edge of the pond and bait it with any kind of sauce. The Sodie D will come to the shore to attack the sauce, allowing you to snap your trap shut with the Bugsnak inside it.

Bugsnax Buffalocust

How to Catch Buffalocust

Like the Preying Picantis, the flying Buffalocust possesses a flaming body that will set you or your trap on fire if you so much as touch it. Luckily, a Buffalocust will dive-bomb anything covered in ranch dressing or hot sauce, so you can use this weakness to lure it into your Trip Shot or even the water.

Lay a trail of hot sauce or ranch dressing from the Buffalocust's usual area to the oasis in the center of Sizzlin' Sands. From here, you have two options. One, you can set your Trip Shot over the water and then place sauce nearby, causing the Buffalocust to stun itself and then fall into the water and put its flame out. Two, you can have the sauce hating Sodie D living in the oasis do the job for you. Simply coat the Buffalocust in any kind of sauce once it gets near the pond, and the Sodie D will shoot it with water, stunning it and causing it to fall to the ground where you can catch it in your Net.

Bugsnax Scorpepper

How to Catch Scorpepper

The feisty Scorpepper is the last of three Bugsnax located in Sizzlin' Sands which possesses a flaming body. It clings to the side of the desert's tall rocks, attacking anyone or anything which happens to get too close with its powerful flames.

Scorpepper is absolutely unbeatable on its home turf. Like the Preying Picantis and the Buffalocust, you've got to lure it to the water of the Oasis in order to put its fire out before capturing it. Its favorite sauce is cheese, so lay a trail from the rock to the water's edge. Once the Scorpepper has reached the pond and put itself out, set up your Trip Shot between two trees so that the Snak will walk into it and stun itself. Then, just pick it up with your Net.

Bugsnax Black Lollive

How to Catch Black Lollive

Like its Green counterpart, the Black Lollive is a flying Bugsnak that will attack and destroy any traps it sees with its long pimento tongue. To avoid that tongue, you should stun the Black Lollive before catching it.

As with a number of flying Bugsnax, there are two methods of catching Black Lollive. First, you can scan its flight path using the Snax Scope and then use the Lunchpad to shoot your Snak Trap into its flight path. The Black Lollive will not have time to attack the flying trap with its tongue and you can snap it shut and capture the Snak midair. Second, you can set a Trip Shot in the Black Lollive's flight path. The Bugsnak will run into the wire and stun itself, allowing it to be picked up with your Net.

Bugsnax Loaded Spuddy

How to Catch Loaded Spuddy

The Loaded variant of the Spuddy is just as aggressive as the Scorched Gorge-dwelling Snak. It will chase anything that makes it upset - including other Bugsnak and even you, the player. Use that anger against it to add Loaded Spuddy to your collection.

There are two methods of stunning a Loaded Spuddy so that you can pick it up with your Net. First, you can set up a Trip Shot and have the Loaded Spuddy chase you into it. However, the Trip Shot cannot be set up on sandy ground, so there are not a lot of good tripwire locations in the Sizzlin' Sands. An alternative is to douse two Loaded Spuddies with either cheese or ketchup, which will cause them to crash into each other and stun both. Note - keep your Loaded Spuddies away from Preying Picantis territory. The two Snax hate each other, and a collision between the two will set the Loaded Spuddy on fire and make it harder to catch.

Bugsnax Cheezer

How to Catch Cheezer

Tiny, evasive Cheezer runs around the Sizzlin' Sands at a pace far too fast to be caught with a normal trap. In order to catch this Bugsnak, you've got to scan its path with the Snax Scope and then disrupt it using the Trip Shot.

The Sizzlin' Sands area can be difficult for using your Trip Shot, as it cannot be attached to sand. Look for rocks sticking out of the ground somewhere in the Cheezer's path, and set up your Trip Shot there. Alternately, use a trail of - what else? - cheese to lure the Cheezer closer to the oasis and string your tripwire between two trees.

Bugsnax Eggler

How to Catch Eggler

To catch Eggler, you've first got to get it to come out of its shell - literally! Find an Eggler shell, carry it to the territory of a Buffalocust or Scorpepper, and douse it with hot sauce or ranch dressing (Buffalocust) or cheese (Scorpepper). Once the Bugsnax uses their fiery attack, it will crack the shell open and reveal the Eggler hiding inside.

Eggler is an extremely shy Bugsnak, and will probably dart off to hide in a bush as soon as you have broken its shell. Lure it back out by baiting your Snak Trap with hot sauce and moving out of the Eggler's line of sight. You might want to carry out this plan away from any flaming Bugsnax, so you don't have to worry about being attacked while trying to catch Eggler.

Bugsnax Flapjackarack

How to Catch Flapjackarack

The powerful Flapjackarack is one of the more difficult Bugsnax in Sizzlin' Sands to catch. It is only active between the hours of 5 AM and 6 PM, and it has the ability to use the wind to create tornado and sandstorm attacks which will blow away any traps in the vicinity.

The best way to stun a Flapjackarack is to have another aggressive Bugsnak do it for you. The Loaded Spuddy is the ideal choice because it is aggressive in personality but not on fire. Use your Sauce Slinger to shoot cheese or ketchup onto the Flapjackarack, and wait for the Loaded Spuddy to tackle it. Quickly collect the stunned Flapjackrack before its timer runs out.

Bugsnax Meaty Snakpod

How to Catch Meaty Snakpod

The flat, open Sizzling Sands doesn't have as many rocks or tall walls to cling to, which might make Meaty Snakpod a little more difficult to find than its counterparts. Try looking around the pyramid, the tall rock where the cheese plants grow, or the scattered Grumpus statues.

Once you've found a Meaty Snakpod, simply pick it up with your Net. If it's too high for you to reach, grab it with your Snak Grappler and pull it towards you to add Meaty Snakpod to your collection.

Bugsnax Black Razzby

How to Catch Black Razzby

First, talk to the Grumpus Shelda, who can be found meditating in the Sizzlin' Sands. She will tell you about the rare Black Razzby which is located in the underground ruins. Find the blocked entrance to the ruins and cover it with ranch dressing or hot sauce to attract a nearby Buffalocust. Once the ruins are open, you can explore them to find a single Black Razzby hiding inside.

Coat your Buggy Ball with chocolate and use it to guide the Black Razzby into a chocolate-baited Snak Trap. There is an aggressive Incherrito located in the area which will attack and scare the Black Razzby, so you may wish to catch it first so that the Black Razzby will not run away before it can walk into your trap. You can also choose to guide the Black Razzby along the marked path out of the ruins if you want to set up your trap in the wider above-ground area rather than the narrow cave.

Bugsnax BombinoBugsnax Mothza Supreme

How to Catch Bombino & Mothza Supreme

The Mothza Supreme is a legendary boss Bugsnak which can only be encountered after helping the Grumpus Cromdo Face move back to Snaxburg and completed his side quest chain. Crombo will give you a treasure map that will provide you with information regarding how to summon and defeat Mothza Supreme.

Use your Snak Grappler to trigger the Grumpus statue in front of the pyramid to lower its pizza slicer and break open the sarcophagus. This will release several Bombinos. Pick up a Bombino before it sets itself on fire or explodes. Then, place the Lunchpad in the marked spot on top of the pyramid and set the Bombino on top of it.

Wait until the Mothza Supreme pauses and then launch the Bombino at the flying Bugsnak. It will explode and the Snak will fall to the ground, temporarily stunned. Once again, use your Snak Grappler to trigger the Grumpus statue near where the Mothza Supreme has fallen. Its pizza slicer will fall to the ground and hit the Mothza Supreme. After three hits, the Mothza Supreme will shrink in size and you can safely catch it in your Net.

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