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Bugsnax Boiling Bay

Boiling Bay is an area of Snaktooth Island which will open up fairly late in the game. It will probably be one of the last areas you explore while playing Bugsnax. To unlock Boiling Bay, return nine Grumpuses to Snaxburg. Then, Snaxburg's mayor Filbo Fiddlepie will ask you to travel to Boiling Bay to check up on the scientist Floofty Fizzlebean. Now, you'll be able to enter Boiling Bay and catch the 15 types of Bugsnax which call the ocean-side area home. Here's your Bugsnax Boiling Bay Guide!

Here's every single one of the 15 Bugsnax which can be found in Boiling Bay, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods which aren't covered in this guide.

How to Catch every Snak in Boiling Bay

Bugsnax Green Crapple

How to Catch Green Crapple

Unlike its Red cousin, the Green Crapple can be found exclusively in the water. In order to catch it, you'll have to encourage this aggressive Bugsnak to come onto dry land.

Place a Snak Trap just past the water's edge, then bait it with either chocolate or peanut butter. This should catch the Green Crapple's attention and send it charging right into your trap. Keep in mind that you will only have a few seconds to spring the trap and catch the Snak, or the Green Crapple will steal your trap and try to drag it back into the water. This is a Bugsnak which will require some precise timing!

Bugsnax Golden Kweeble

How to Catch Golden Kweeble

The Golden Kweeble behaves very similarly to its less shiny counterpart. It has a long spoon-like nose which it will use to push away your Snak Trap unless you bait it properly.

Use your Snax Scope to scan the Golden Kweeble's path—once again, they prefer walking in large circles around the beach. Then, place a Snak Trap in the Golden Kweeble's way and bait it with chocolate. The allure of its favorite sauce will cause the Golden Kweeble to walk into the trap rather than attacking it, allowing it to be caught.

Bugsnax Grapeskeeto

How to Catch Grapeskeeto

Like its Green variant, the Grapeskeeto is a fast-flying Bugsnak which will become temporarily stunned if it attempts to eat another Snak. However, the solitary Grapeskeeto does not have any handy Bugsnax nearby—not even its own kind. It flies through Boiling Bay between 4 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Pick a Bugsnak which can be lured with sauce, such as the Green Crapple or Golden Kweeble, or an aggressive Bugsnak such as the Paletoss Grande which will chase you. Using your method of choice, entice the Snak into the Grapeskeeto's area and then shoot it with chocolate. The Grapeskeeto will then attempt to eat it and be stunned, allowing you to quickly pick it up.

Bugsnax Fruity Snakpod

How to Catch Fruity Snakpod

Find Fruity Snakpods clinging to the side of the abandoned pirate ship which Floofty Fizzlebean has turned into their temporary lab. Use your Snak Grappler to grab the Snakpods clinging to the sides and mast of the ship. Like all other types of Snakpod, they won't run away, so feel free to grab as many as you like!

Bugsnax Red Banopper

How to Catch Red Banopper

The Red Banopper hops from tree to tree, following a fairly regular pattern. Observe this Bugsnak's path and find two trees which it frequently inhabits. Then, string up your Trip Shot so that the Red Banopper will collide with it mid-jump. Simply pick up the stunned Red Banopper with your Net before the timer runs out.

Keep in mind that you cannot deploy your Trip Shot in the water. Keep an eye out for sandy islands, rocks, or tree trunks which will let you set up your tripwire without difficulty.

Bugsnax La Sodieux

How to Catch La Sodieux

Like the Green Crapple, the La Sodieux is a Bugsnak which can be found in the water and will not leave unless provided with motivation to do so. Luckily, the La Sodieux has one weakness: its hatred of any and all sauces.

First, set up a Snak Trap near the water's edge. Then, splatter the area around the trap with any sauces you choose. The La Sodieux will come charging out of the water to attack the sauces—and make its way right into your trap.

If you're having difficulty snapping the trap shut fast enough, you can also try dousing an aggressive Snak like the Paletoss Grande in sauce and luring it near the water. The La Sodieux will leave the ocean to attack it and become stunned.

Bugsnax Lesser CocomiteBugsnax Greater Cocomite

How to Catch Lesser Cocomite & Greater Cocomite

The Cocomites are a pair of Bugsnax which hide out in the trees pretending to be a normal coconut. Use your Snak Grappler to pull one of these coconuts down. Then, break it in two either by tossing it into lava or having an aggressive Bugsnak such as a Paletoss Grande charge at it.

Once the coconut has split into Lesser & Greater Cocomite, you can coat them both in chocolate so that they will charge at one another and wind up stunned. Then, simply pick up both stunned Bugsnax at once. Alternately, if a Paletoss Grande is in the area, you can use chocolate to get the Cocomites to charge at it instead, which will also stun them for easy capture.

Bugsnax PaletossBugsnax Paletoss Grande

How to Catch Paletoss & Paletoss Grande

This popsicle-like Bugsnak will freeze you or your Snak Trap solid if you touch it, so you've got to get rid of that icy aura before catching it. Two individual Paletoss make up one Paletoss Grande, meaning that there are two different ways to catch it depending on which Snak is your goal. Luckily, it's extremely aggressive, so it's quite easy to bait into chasing other Snax—or you!

To catch a Paletoss, you simply need to melt the Paletoss Grande. This can be done by luring it into lava, making it collide with a flaming Bugsnak such as a Noodler, or setting yourself on fire and then running into it. This will start a countdown timer, after which the Paletoss Grande will explode. The two resulting Paletoss will both be stunned, meaning that you can pick them up easily with your Net.

To catch a Paletoss Grande, set up your Trip Shot somewhere close to the ground before performing the first step described above. Have the Paletoss Grande chase you and run it into the Trip Shot wire before the explosive countdown concludes. After hitting the wire, the stunned and dizzy Paletoss Grande is easy prey for your Snak Trap.

Bugsnax Sherbie

How to Catch Sherbie

Sherbie burrows underneath the ground, but simply getting it to the surface won't be enough—like the Grand Paletoss, this Bugsnak can freeze you and your trap solid. To catch a Sherbie, you've got to both get it above ground and melt it.

The easiest method of doing this is to observe Sherbie's path and note the small rocky area where it is forced to come out of the ground. From there, you have a few options. You can use lava to set yourself on fire and run directly into Sherbie, stunning it immediately. Alternately, you can set up a flaming Trip Shot in its path by anchoring one end of your wire in the lava and the other on the rocks.

Bugsnax Noodler

How to Catch Noodler

The flaming Noodler will burn you or your Snak Trap upon contact, so you've got to put out the fire before attempting to catch it. Unfortunately, Noodler is found in a lava-filled cave with no sign of ice or cold water anywhere.

To cool down this hot Bugsnak, get a freezing Paletoss Grande to chase you into the cave. Once it's inside, douse the Paletoss Grande in either of Noodler's favorite sauces: cheese or hot sauce. This will encourage the reckless Noodler to charge headfirst into the Paletoss Grande, losing its flame AND stunning itself in the process. The stunned Snak can simply be picked up with your Net.

Bugsnax Flamin Chepoof

How to Catch Flamin' Cheepoof

Flamin' Chepoof might look small and cute, but it's actually one of the most difficult Bugsnax in the Boiling Bay area to catch. It flies, it's on fire and can burn you, AND it's located in a cave filled with aggressive Noodlers which will constantly charge you and set you on fire.

For the easiest possible catch, first capture all the Noodlers in the area so you don't have to worry about getting attacked. Then, once again lure an aggressive, freezing Paletoss Grande into the Flamin' Cheepoof's cave. Once it's inside, set up your Trip Shot high in the air along the Flamin' Cheepoof's flight path. The Snak will hit the wire and fall to the ground, stunned, where the Paletoss Grande will attack it and put out its flame. Then, you can scoop up the stunned Flamin' Cheepoof in your Net and add it to your collection.

Bugsnax MinimakiBugsnax Megamaki

How to Catch Minimaki & Megamaki

The Megamaki is a legendary boss Bugsnak which can only be encountered after helping the Grumpus Wiggle Wigglebottom move back to Snaxburg and completed her side quest chain. Wiggle will lead you to Boiling Bay, where she will summon this giant sushi-dragon Bugsnak by singing to it.

First, take a moment to observe Megamaki's looping path. This powerful Bugsnak can both fly and attack by shooting coconuts, so you've got to disrupt its path and break it into pieces. Lay your Trip Shot between two trees or poles, then quickly move away before the Megamaki can attack you. It will hit the trip wire and break up into several Minimaki pieces, which will remain stunned for about 10 seconds. Quickly pick up as many Minimaki as you can before the timer runs out.

You will have to stun the Bugsnak several times in order to collect all of the pieces. Once every Minimaki has been added to your collection, the head of the dragon—the Megamaki—will be stunned, allowing you to pick it up with your Net and claim victory over this legendary Snak.

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