V Rising Vampire Power Guide

Last Update: June 1, 2022


V Rising Vampire Power Guide

Players in V Rising have access to a number of Vampire Powers, with the collection increasing as you defeat more bosses. In this V Rising Vampire Power Guide, we’ll list every power available so far and the way you obtain them.

V Rising Powers Basics

Vampire Powers can be set via the Ability Selection menu (default J key). You can only set 8 powers at a time, with there currently being 10 powers in total. Set powers can then be selected while in-game from a radial menu by holding down left ctrl. For powers that are toggle-able (like Dominating Presence), it's also possible to cancel them by pressing left ctrl.


Unlike Abilities, Vampire Powers do not have a cooldowns, due to the fact that they're primarily used outside of combat.

V Rising Vampire Powers List

V Rising Powers - Bear Form

How to get Bear Form: Earned by feeding on the Ferocious Bear.

Transforms the user into a bear after a short animation. Increases all resistances by 25, movement speed by 15%, and reduces damage by 25%. Also increases passive health regeneration when out of combat.

The increased health regeneration is helpful for saving blood compared to Blood Mend. Increased resistances also means that it’s easier to carry silver or go into late game holy areas.

V Rising Powers - Dominating Presence

How to get Dominating Presence: Obtained in Tutorial

Can be used to charm enemies, though it disables the use of spells while active.


Enemies can be charmed by  using Vampire Kiss (only available with Dominating Presence active) on a human below 30%. Taking these back to a Servant Coffin will then allow you to use them in your castle.

V Rising Powers - Human Form

How to get Human Form: Earned by feeding on Beatrice the Tailor.


Used to trick human NPCs into not attacking. Needed to trade with merchants. Despite looking like a human, you still take damage from the sun, and interacting with chests will remove the transformation.

V Rising Powers - Rat Form

How to get Rat Form: Earned by feeding on Putrid Rat.

Makes you harder to detect by both NPCs and enemy players. Can be used to sneak through gaps in bases. Useful for stealth (can potentially steal loot or kill low health players after hiding), though you can still be seen at close range.

V Rising Powers - Toad Form

How to get Toad Form: Earned by feeding on The Duke of Balaton.

Jumps high, letting you clear smaller hills. Not currently useful in V Rising’s early access state, as it’s overshadowed by many of the other transformations.


V Rising Powers - Wolf Form

How to get Wolf Form: Earned by feeding on Alpha Wolf.

Increases movement speed by 45% while transformed. Very useful early on (especially with Alpha Wolf being the lowest level boss in the game), and should be used often to speed up travel.

V Rising Powers - Bat Form

How to get Bat Form: Earned by feeding on Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer.

Can fly over land, including many hills that Toad Form can’t reach. Great for movement, though you can’t transport materials until Wolf Form.

V Rising Powers - Blood Hunger

How to get Blood Hunger: Earned by feeding on Tristan the Vampire Hunter

Shows enemy bloody types and quality above their head while Blood Hunger is active. Only really useful when quickly traveling on a horse, since it’s possible to view these stats without using Blood Hunger (it’s just slightly less convenient).

V Rising Powers - Blood Mend

How to get Blood Mend: Obtained in Tutorial

Consume 0.2 liters of blood from the blood pool per second to recover 4% of your max health. Good for healing early on, though it’s best to use healing items or rely on passive regen later on.

Will not restore total health — the portion of the health bar grayed out after taking enough damage — while in battle.

V Rising Powers - Expose Vein

How to get Expose Vein: Obtained in Tutorial

Lets you share blood with other vampires, giving them your blood type and half your blood pool. Can be used to give an ally blood types of a high quality, though blood pool penalty can be detrimental.


There's every V Rising Vampire Power available in the game at launch, see below for more guides!



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