V Rising 1.0 Will Bring An Engine Overhaul, A Progression Rework, And More

Stunlock has released a new dev blog outlining some of what's coming to V Rising 1.0, and it's going to be big.

Published: September 28, 2023 8:40 AM /


A vampiric figure sitting on a throne, resting his elbow on a skull, and looking menacing in V Rising

Stunlock has released a new V Rising 1.0 dev blog that looks forward to what you can expect from the game's full release next year.

In the blog, Stunlock says the first thing it's focusing on with V Rising 1.0 is an updated engine, which will allow the studio to "overcome previous limits with optimization" and deliver a "smoother game experience", befitting the fact that this will be the game's next major update.

This should mean that players with more powerful PCs are able, in Stunlock's words, to "indulge the ungodly power of [their] rigs". Time to put that RTX 4090 to good use, eh?

On the content side, Stunlock says V Rising 1.0 will be "the zenith of your Vampire saga" and will allow you to explore a brand new "dark and icy" zone.

The icy and dark new zone in the V Rising 1.0 update, depicting a frozen castle set inside a snowy mountain
Looks positively foreboding, doesn't it?

In the new zone, Stunlock says you'll be able to face "the final challenge" in the form of "Vardoran's top predator", whose throne you will be able to challenge.

Stunlock is also working on new cosmetic systems that will allow you to customize your vampire's appearance down to the most minute detail. After all, what good is being an unstoppable vampiric lord if you can't look sexy while you're doing it?

If you're a more combat-oriented player, you'll also be happy to know Stunlock is looking into ways to overhaul V Rising's magic and progression systems to make them friendlier to replays.

A big part of this rework will be "broadening spell accessibility" during the early game, which will potentially mean "more build variety at every stage" of the game as well.

Finally, Stunlock says it's working on live events for V Rising 1.0 too.

The studio says it doesn't know which ones will make the cut for 1.0, but that in the future, "dynamic events" will bring the realm of Vardoran to life.

V Rising is set to hit 1.0 in the second quarter of 2024. Stay tuned for more news, and while you wait, take a look at our V Rising guides, which will help you to be the best undead vampire lord you can be.

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