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V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses Guide V Blood Carriers - cover

In this V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses Guide, I'll tell you how to find all of the bosses in the game's second major zone, how to beat them, and what you can unlock for winning your battle.

Quicklinks | Level 40: Beatrice the Tailor
Level 44: Vincent the Frostbringer | Christina the Sun Priestess
Kriig the Undead General
Level 47:  Leandra the Shadow Priestess | Bane the Shadowblade
Grethel the Glassblower | Maja the Dark Savant
Level 50: Terah the Geomancer | Meredith the Bright Archer 
Level 57: Octavian the Militia Captain | Raziel the Shepherd
Jade the Vampire Hunter 
Level 64: Willfred the Werewolf Chief


V Rising gets a little tougher once you head north to the Dunley Farmlands. This is a central area of the Map and a good place to Build a base. It's also filled with some seriously challenging bosses -- read on to learn more about them!

V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses Guide - Chasing Beatrice the Tailor in Dawnbreak Village

Beatrice the Tailor (Level 40)

Where to Find Beatrice the Tailor

You can find Beatrice the Tailor inside of Dawnbreak Village.


What Do You Get for Beating Beatrice the Tailor

  • Structure - Loom
  • Structure - Assortment of Curtains
  • Recipe - Hunter's Cloak
  • Recipe - Cloth
  • Recipe - Cotton Yarn

How to Beat Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor is perhaps one of the most hilarious V Rising boss fights, because it's not a fight at all. She's an old lady -- she simply tries to run away.

That's not to say you won't have combat, though. She's in the middle of a decently populated village. Focus on doing damage to Beatrice and keeping the other enemies in the area off of your back as best you can and you should be able to defeat this helpless old lady in no time.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor is easy to beat, but you'll need to be able to deal with mobs. Make sure you have the third tier of armor at the minimum and focus on taking escape or defensive spells in case you get bogged down by mobs.


How to Beat Beatrice the Tailor Solo

Defeating Beatrice solo is difficult, but not impossible. Attempt to clear out as many trash mobs as you can in the town. Then, you should do your best to keep her from running too far away -- Beatrice will keep running until either you or her are dead.

Vincent the Frostbringer (Level 44)

Where to Find Vincent the Frostbringer

Vincent the Frostbringer can be found patrolling the roads in the center of the Dunley Farmlands.


What Do You Get for Beating Vincent the Frostbringer

  • Basic Ability (Frost) - Frost Barrier
  • Structure - Prison Cell
  • Structure - Prison Framework
  • Recipe - Reinforced Plank

How to Beat Vincent the Frostbringer

As his name implies, Vincent the Frostbringer focuses on freezing attacks. If he hits you, you're going to be frozen -- and that's when he really does damage to you.

Firstly, you're going to want to kill his archer escorts. Get Vincent to follow you off of the road; you don't want to end up fighting more mobs that wandered down the path, and you especially don't want to get in a fight with Christina the Sun Princess or Jade the Vampire Hunter, too.

Mobility and defensive spells are key. Ideally, you want to avoid taking a hit. If you can't, you'll want to brace to defend against it.

Fortunately, Vincent's attacks are fairly easy to dodge as long as you keep your distance. Carefully whittle down his health from medium range and you should be able to kill him.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Vincent the Frostbringer

It's a good idea to have Iron weapons at the minimum for Vincent. You'll probably want to bring a couple of healing items, too, just in case you take a hit.


How to Beat Vincent the Frostbringer Solo

Fighting Vincent the Frostbringer solo requires absolute isolation, just like most other wandering bosses on the roads. Another group of enemies (or another boss) wandering into the fight will probably result in your death. Keep him isolated in a field, dodge his attacks, and chip away at his health as best you can.

Christina the Sun Priestess (Level 44)

Where to Find Christina the Sun Priestess

Christina the Sun Priestess can be found patrolling the roads in the center of the Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Christina the Sun Priestess

  • Basic Cability (Blood) - Blood Fountain
  • Recipe - Wool Thread

How to Beat Christina the Sun Priestess

Christina the Sun Priestess largely focuses on ranged attacks and healing.

Priority number one is getting her off of the road -- you don't want more mobs or another boss to join the fight.

She has an escort of two shield-bearing soldiers like most wandering bosses. Take those guys out first, then focus on doing damage to her. You want to try to stay at close to medium range while also taking care to dodge her AoE attacks. Keep in mind that she can also summon in backup every now and again -- always eliminate the adds before focusing on the boss (unless she's almost dead).

Christina's most powerful ability is self-healing. She'll stand still and regenerate health while a glow of light energy surrounds her. Close in to melee distance and you can negate the healing (and maybe even do some more damage on top of that). Continue this pattern and you can beat her.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Christina the Sun Priestess

As with most Dunley Farmlands Bosses, Iron weapons are a good baseline requirement. You may want to bring along some healing items, but you can probably finish this fight without dying as long as you can adjust to her patterns.

How to Beat Christina the Sun Priestess Solo

Fighting Christina solo is not much different from fighting her in a group. There are two key points you need to remember:

  1. Keep her away from other mobs and eliminate any adds she summons.
  2. Do as much damage as you can while she's healing.

Mix in some regular attacks when you're not killing adds or countering her healing and you can win this fight.

Kriig the Undead General (Level 44)

Where to Find Kriig the Undead General

Kriig the Undead General can be found toward the back of the Haunted Iron Mine. He is on the "undead" side of the ongoing battle in the Haunted Iron Mine between the humans and the undead, with Meredith the Bright Archer commanding the human forces. As a result, you should expect to encounter both of them if you venture into the Haunted Iron Mine.

What Do You Get for Beating Kriig the Undead General?

  • Basic Ability (Unholy) - Ward of the Damned
  • Reaper Crafting
  • Recipe - Skeleton Priest

How to Beat Kriig the Undead General

Kriig makes use of five basic attacks:

  • Melee Strike - A slow, simple swing of his scythe used at close range.
  • Ward of the Damned - An unholy shield that blocks attacks.
  • Triple Grapple - Three chain hooks shoot out, dragging you in close for a melee attack if they land.
  • Whirlwind - Kriig spins around with a slash attack and charges toward you.
  • AOE Attack - Kriig channels a blast of unholy energy on the ground around him.

Kriig is essentially an upgraded version of the Undead Generals that could sometimes be found within the Haunted Iron Mine and other undead locations. The strategy for defeating them is the same -- keep your distance, avoid his grapple, and give yourself room to dodge his whirlwind attack.

The Haunted Iron Mine is one of the rare instances where two enemy forces are hostile to one another. That gives you the opportunity to allow human forces to whittle down his health somewhat before you engage in battle.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Kriig the Undead General

A bare minimum of Copper gear is recommended for fighting Kriig. There are a fair number of enemies in the entire Haunted Mine and they can interrupt your fight at any time, so take care to bring at least one AOE spell if you can.

How to Beat Kriig the Undead General Solo

The best way to fight Kriig solo is by giving yourself the room to dodge his attacks. I strongly advise that you fight and defeat Meredith the Bright Archer and clear out as much of the area beforehand as possible -- you don't want to add extra trash mobs to a fight that can already be difficult.

Leandra the Shadow Priestess (Level 47)

Where to Find Leandra the Shadow Priestess

You can find Leandra the Shadow Priestess in the Church of the Damned, located in the northern center of the Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Leandra the Shadow Priestess

  • Basic Ability (Unholy) - Death Knight
  • Structure - Artisan Table
  • Recipe - Scourgestone Pendant
  • Recipe - Scourgestone
  • Recipe - Dusk Caller

How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess

Leandra the Shadow Priestess is a necromancer-themed character, so you should expect her to be absolutely surrounded by Skeletons and Skeleton Bishops, the latter of which can summon more Skeletons. Yes, that's right -- a summoning boss has summoners. (It's summoners all the way down.)

Fortunately, her arena affords you a bit of cover. Focus on eliminating her adds as you dodge her attacks and do damage to her. Watch out for her Spectral Assassin attack; this looks like a ghost rapidly charging toward you. It hits like a truck.

By far, her worst ability is essentially an amped-up version of Spectral Assassin. Your screen goes mostly dark and a rapid flurry of ghosts are sent at you. If you can survive this onslaught, you have a good chance of beating her.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Leandra the Shadow Priestess

Leandra the Shadow Priestess is absolutely surrounded by mobs, so you should have at least one solid AOE spell equipped. You may want to consider taking some defensive spells, too, to protect yourself from her most powerful attack.

As with most Dunley Farmlands bosses, you're going to want Iron weaponry at the minimum if you have a hope of surviving.

How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess Solo

Fighting Leandra solo is very difficult -- you will have to carve your way through dozens of skeletons before you can even get to her. Make sure to focus on killing Skeleton Bishops in order to keep the adds down to a manageable level while you do damage to her.

Bane the Shadowblade (Level 47)

Where to Find Bane the Shadowblade

Bane the Shadowblade can be found wandering the northern roads of Dunley Farmlands. He is disguised as a human wearing a blue cloak and will transform when attacked. It appears that there are some decoys in the area, too, so you might have to attack multiple blue-cloaked wanderers before the fight begins.

What Do You Get for Beating Bane the Shadowblade?

  • Movement Ability (Unholy) - Veil of Bones
  • Vampire Power - Human Form
  • Recipe - Small Coin Purse
  • Slashers Crafting

How to Beat Bane the Shadowblade

Bane the Shadowblade uses some fairly standard attacks.

  • Whirlwind Attack - Bane spins around with his blades, slashing in a wide arc around him.
  • Blind - Bane restricts your vision and makes it difficult to see.
  • Shadow Clone Beam - Bane spawns several clones which shoot energy beams at you.
  • Dash - A simple dash.

Bane isn't a terribly difficult boss on his own -- simply ensure that you have enough space around him before starting the fight. However, it has the same complications as all wandering bosses: there is always the chance that other trash mobs (or another player, on a PVP server) could interrupt your fight since it takes place in such a public, well-traveled area. Be mindful of your surroundings while fighting, and try not to start the fight near any major enemy camps.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Bane the Shadowblade

You should have a minimum of Copper gear before fighting Bane.

How to Beat Bane the Shadowblade Solo

Bane can be a particularly tough fight to tackle solo, simply due to the risk of other enemies or players interrupting your fight. Do your best to kite him off of the road, and take care to keep your distance and dodge his attacks where possible.

Grethel the Glassblower (Level 47)

Where to Find Grethel the Glassblower

Grethel the Glassblower can be found in the Quartz Quarry inside of her glassblowing studio.

What Do You Get for Beating Grethel the Glassblower?

  • Basic Ability (Storm) - Cyclone
  • Recipe - Glass
  • Recipe - Empty Glass Bottle
  • Recipe - Blood Rose Potion

How to Beat Grethel the Glassblower

Grethel the Glassblower makes for an interesting and dynamic fight.

As with most fights, you should take care to clear out the enemies surrounding the area before beginning the fight. Grethel has some nasty AOE attacks, so you especially want to eliminate the bomb throwers outside.

She has five abilities:

  • Three boomerangs - Grethel throws three boomerangs that slow you on contact.
  • Dash - Grethel flies up with a tornado and then dashes straight at you.
  • Fire mortar - Grethel shoots molten glass into the air which lands on the ground in the targeted areas. The molten glass remains on the ground until the "Blow" attack hits it.
  • Blow - Grethel blows a column of air and slowly turns around in an arc. If the airstream hits you, you'll be knocked back. If it hits any molten glass on the ground, the glass will solidify and shoot out glass shards in all directions from each molten glass deposit.
  • Ward - Grethal puts up a shield of air that will bounce you back if you hit it.

The fight with Grethel gets gradually more dangerous as time goes on. The molten glass is bad enough, but Grethel's blowing attack will make it even deadlier by spawning a lot of projectiles. Therefore, your best chances are to rush her down as fast as possible.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Grethel the Glassblower

Grethel can be a pretty tough fight, so you should aim to have at least some Iron armor if possible.

How to Beat Grethel the Glassblower Solo

Fighting Grethel solo can be pretty challenging since she uses a lot of AOE abilities. It is absolutely essential that you carefully clear out any other enemies in the area before beginning the fight.

That aside, you should do the usual for most solo fights: stay mobile, avoid her most devastating attacks, and don't let it drag on long enough for other enemies to respawn.

Maja the Dark Servant (Level 47)

Where to Find Maja the Dark Servant

Maja the Dark Servant can be found in The Forbidden Tower in the Farbane Woods.

What Do You Get for Beating Maja the Dark Servant?

  • Movement Ability (Illusion) - Veil of Illusion
  • Structure - Study
  • Recipe - Scroll

How to Beat Maja the Dark Servant

Maja the Dark Servant is somewhat of an odd fight as far as V Rising bosses go. She sits totally isolated in a tower, far from any other enemies. When you enter the tower, she won't even fight until you get too close.

As with most bosses, Maja has five attacks:

  • Throw Pages - Maja throws a tight wave of four pages at you.
  • Summon Ink Demon - Maja summons a single Ink Demon that will randomly crawl around the room. The summoning can cause damage if it hits you.
  • Mass Ink Demon - Maja summons multiple Ink Demons with an spherical nova. As with the solitary summon, getting hit by this nova can damage you.
  • Teleport - Maja teleports elsewhere in the tower.
  • Book Ward - Maja opens a gigantic book to block attacks.

It's important that you immediately eliminate any Ink Demons that spawn as soon as you can. Maja isn't too tough of a fight on her own, but you'll quickly end up overwhelmed if you let the Ink Demons run around unopposed.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Maja the Dark Servant

Maja is squarely in the middle of the level range for the zone, so Iron gear is recommended for this fight.

How to Beat Maja the Dark Servant Solo

Maja can quickly overwhelm a solo player due to her Ink Demons. Make sure to eliminate them quickly as they're spawned. You can use the bookcases and various furniture for cover, but be aware that it can be destroyed; you can rely on it forever.

Terah the Geomancer (Level 50)

Where to Find Terah the Geomancer

Terah the Geomancer can be found in Bedrock Pass, a canyon in the northwest area of Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Terah the Geomancer

  • Ultimate Ability (Illusion) - Spectral Guardian
  • Structure - Gem Cutting Table
  • Recipe - Siege Golem Stone
  • Recipe - Regular Gems

How to Beat Terah the Geomancer

Terah the Geomancer looks intimidating, but her fight is pretty easy overall. She'll start off by transforming into a giant golem flanked by two smaller golems. You have to kill the two smaller golems before you'll be able to damage her.

Terah only has a handful of attacks -- she'll either stomp the ground, shoot a line of underground spikes at you, or rain rocks on you from above. These are all fairly easy to dodge and her arena gives you a generous amount of room to move around.

Terah's one major disadvantage is her slow speed. Your best strategy for success is to kite her with ranger weapons or magic; try to avoid going into melee if you can.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Terah the Geomancer

You'll want to make sure you have a solid ranged weapon and at least one ranged spell for fighting her -- Terah is slow, but her attacks can badly hurt you. Keep your distance!

How to Beat Terah the Geomancer Solo

Fighting Terah solo is all about kiting. Her attacks are easy to dodge, but you'll get busted up pretty badly if they actually hit you. Keep your distance and take her down from medium to long range.Octa

Meredith the Bright Archer (Level 50)

Where to Find Meredith the Bright Archer

You can find Meredith the Bright Archer within the Haunted Iron Mine in Dunley Farmlands or in the area nearby. She is essentially commanding the human side of the human vs. undead fight that's taking place within the Haunted Iron Mine; Kriig the Undead General commands the undead side. Therefore, you should expect to encounter both of these bosses if you venture within.

What Do You Get for Beating Meredith the Bright Archer

  • Movement Ability (Storm) - Veil of Storm
  • Recipe - Holy Resistance Potion

How to Beat Meredith the Bright Archer

Meredith the Bright Archer is flanked by a group of four other archers -- you're going to have to dodge a lot of ranged damage in the early parts of this fight.

Meredith has five main abilities:

  • A straight arrow shot.
  • A blessed shot that will stun you.
  • A rain of arrows.
  • A dash that can damage you in melee.
  • The ability to summon two melee warriors.

First and foremost, you're going to want to try to pick off any adds in the area. If you can take her on deeper in the mine, do so -- this will reduce the chances of human patrols joining the fight.

Once you're ready to fight her, begin by killing her bodyguards. Then, it's all about staying away from her arrows. Her dodge will do damage, but the arrows hurt much, much worse. Whittle down her health using your choice of melee, ranged, or magic (or all three!) and you'll have her beaten before you know it.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Meredith the Bright Archer

You should have full Iron and Wool equipment at the minimum before you decide to fight Meredith. Having one or more defensive Skills is a good idea, too -- this will allow you to safely block her arrow shots.

How to Beat Meredith the Bright Archer Solo

The only way you can realistically beat Meredith the Bright Archer solo is by trying to keep her as isolated from other enemies as possible. Do everything you can to remove adds and make sure you keep her in an area where you have a lot of room to move around.

Octavian the Militia Captain (Level 57)

Where to Find Octavian the Militia Captain

Octavian the Militia Captain can be found in the Bastion of Dunley, slightly to the right of the center of Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Octavian the Militia Captain

  • Ultimate Ability (Storm) - Raging Tempest
  • Structure - Wide Castle Entrance
  • Recipe - Dawnthorn Regalia

How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain

Octavian the Militia Captain is a seriously-tough melee brawler. He's fast, his attacks hurt, and they can inflict stun debuffs on you.

Frankly, it's going to be difficult to avoid Octavian due to his agility -- you should go into battle expecting to take some hits. Prepare accordingly and bring some healing items with you.

Keeping your range from Octavian may not always be viable -- his abilities allow him to move in very quickly. Try to focus on circle-strafing him and avoiding any direct attacks by getting a good angle in close quarters.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Octavian the Militia Captain

Healing items are an absolute must -- Octavian hits hard, and he will hit you.

Choose spells that either protect you or heal you. This fight is basically a slugfest and your best chance of not going down first is having a way to restore your health in the middle of the fight.

How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain Solo

Fighting Octavian solo is borderline impossible. I'm not saying that it isn't doable, but it sure as shootin' ain't gonna be easy.

Normally, the best way to fight a tough melee boss is to stay at range, but that won't work with Octavian due to his ability to dash towards you. Try to stay close and hit him from the sides, and make sure to bring extra healing items for the times when you inevitably take a hit.

Raziel the Shepherd (Level 57)

Where to Find Raziel the Shepherd

Raziel the Shepherd can be found in Dunley Monastery on the western portion of Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Raziel the Shepherd

  • Ultimate Ability (Blood) - Crimson Beam
  • Structure - Jewelcrafting Table
  • Structure - Ancestral Forge

How to Beat Raziel the Shepherd

Before you even attempt to fight Raziel the Shepherd, you're going to want to make sure that you have some protection from Holy damage. The arena you fight him in is protected by Holy wards that will constantly damage you throughout the fight; you have no chance if you can't counteract that.

Dozens of innocent bystanders are in the church when you approach. They won't hurt you directly, but they could block your ability to move and make it difficult for you to dodge an incoming attack.

That's not to say there aren't other threats in the room -- as with many other V Blood Carriers, Raziel has bodyguards that you should eliminate as soon as you can

Recommended Gear & Skills for Raziel the Shepherd

The most important thing you can bring to this fight is a potion that provides Holy resistance -- you will constantly be taking damage otherwise.

As for the rest of your gear, you should be equipped with the best Iron gear that you can muster.

How to Beat Raziel the Shepherd Solo

Defeating Raziel the Shepherd solo is all about minimizing risk. You should kill every enemy NPC along the way (even the passive ones) to ensure that they won't atack you or block your movement. Outside of that, your best bet is to take what cover you can and try to wear him down in whatever way works best for you.

Jade the Vampire Hunter (Level 57)

Where to Find Jade the Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter can be found patrolling the roads in the center of the Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Jade the Vampire Hunter

  • Ultimate Ability (Chaos) - Chaos Barrage
  • Recipe - Primal Blood Essence
  • Pistols Crafting

How to Beat Jade the Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter travels solo and she doesn't really need any help -- she's quite the formidable foe in her own right. Her main focus is with ranged attacks; she'll use a mix of rapid-fire musket shots and precise, aimed shots.

Her ranged combat is supplemented in two ways. First, some of her attacks will Silence you and prevent you from using magic. Secondly, she'll occasionally drop rapidly-detonating bombs or caltrops on the ground to slow you down or damage you.

The best way to beat her is to make good use of cover -- fighting Jade in an open area is tantamount to suicide. It's also a good idea to pull her off of the roads lest any other enemies (or worse, bosses) join in on the fight.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Jade the Vampire Hunter

Bring a bow -- Jade is best fought from range. Similarly, bring at least one ranged spell. If you get too close, she'll light you up like a Christmas tree.

Jade depends on explosives and ranged attacks. Therefore, you should use cover to protect yourself, peek out, and shoot.

How to Beat Jade the Vampire Hunter Solo

It is absolutely essential that you get Jade off of the road. She is, by far, the toughest wandering boss in the Dunley Farmlands -- you really don't want more mobs (or another boss) joining the fight.

That aside, this is essentially a one-on-one sniper battle. You'll want to stay behind cover, avoiding her shots and landing yours. Keep in mind that you may have to move more than once -- Jade likes to drop rapidly-exploding bombs right at her feet.

Willfred the Werewolf Chief (Level 64)

Where to Find Willfred the Werewolf Chief

Willfred the Werewolf Chief can be found in Gloomgrave Village, a town that's filled with werewolves in the northeast of the Dunley Farmlands.

What Do You Get for Beating Willfred the Werewolf Chief

  • Ultimate Ability (Blood) - Heart Strike
  • Recipe - Silver Resistance Potion

How to Beat Willfred the Werewolf Chief

Willfred the Werewolf Chief is undeniably the most challenging boss in the Dunley Farmlands. This will not be an easy fight no matter how you do it, but you can do something things to give yourself a slight edge.

First, you should eliminate the other werewolves in the village. They are effectively helpless in the daytime, so you'll be able to start your fight with him one-on-one.

Don't waste your time killing Willfred in human form; you can't get V Blood from him unless he's a werewolf. He heals back to full health when he transforms, too, so you can't reduce his health by hurting him in his human form, either.

Willfred is extremely fast and highly dangerous. He will also occasionally cloak and attempt to flank you. You may be able to dodge his attacks, but you'll probably take some hits.

He'll begin to summon humans once his health gets low; Willfred will eat them to restore his health. You can opt to kill the humans and deny him the healing; alternatively, you can attack him while he's feeding and vulnerable.

Recommended Gear & Skills for Willfred the Werewolf Chief

Bring healing potions and the absolute best gear that you can. This will still be a challenging fight even if you have the next tier after Iron Gear (or the stuff beyond that).

How to Beat Willfred the Werewolf Chief Solo

You may be able to beat Willfred solo, but it really is not going to be easy. You will probably die many times as you try to figure out what works and what doesn't. In all honesty, it would probably be a good idea to party up with someone if that's an option.

If you are dead set on fighting him solo, it's the usual song and dance -- kill the adds, avoid the hits, and do damage where you can. It is absolutely essential that you do not let him heal when his health gets low. Willfred's chances of winning go up as the fight gets longer, so finish it as quickly as you can.

That's it for our V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses Guide. Have a look at our other guides, too!

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