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Vampires will probably never go out of style, nor will survival crafting games with PVP elements. Stunlock Studios has put two and two together and created V Rising, a game where you and your friends (or enemies) play vampires rising from the grave and trying to take the world back from humans -- and we've got the V Rising guides you'll need to succeed!

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V Rising Guides

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V Rising Starter Guide

Our V Rising Starter Guide will help you begin your journey and get on the path to becoming a mighty vampiric warrior.

Picking a Server

First, you'll have to pick a server. You have five options:

  1. PVE - No player combat; you only fight NPCs.
  2. PVP - You can fight other players.
  3. Full Loot PVP - You can fight other players. All of your items -- including your equipped gear -- can be stolen if you're killed.
  4. Duo PVP - A PVP experience tuned for teams of two.
  5. Private Server - A private server that you have to pay for through a third-party service. However, you can customize the game's settings to your tastes.

Creating Your Character

Once you've picked a server, your next job is to create your character. These are purely cosmetic changes and you can mix things up later with a Mirror.

How Health Works (and How to Heal)

Contrary to what you might think, drinking Blood does not heal you; instead, it fills your Blood meter. You can empty your Blood meter to restore Health, use a healing item, or heal over time outside of combat.

What Happens When You Die in V Rising?

The consequences of death in V Rising depends on the type of server you're playing on.

  • PVE - You will keep your equipment, but you'll drop everything else on the ground.
  • PVP - You will keep your equipment, but you'll drop everything else on the ground. Other players can steal your dropped loot.
  • Full Loot PVP - You will lose everything you're carrying, including your equipment. Other players can steal your dropped loot.

Picking a Place for Your Castle Heart

As you progress through the tutorial, you'll have to pick a place for your Castle Heart -- the center of your base. Make sure you have room to expand and try to stay away from other players so that they have room to expand, too.

Don't worry too much about picking the perfect location the first time around. You can build a total of two castles and you can always dismantle one of your Castle Hearts and move it elsewhere.

Fighting Your First Boss (and Beyond)

Once you're all set up, the tutorial will challenge you to fight the first (and weakest) boss of the Farbane Woods: the Alpha Wolf. It's a pretty easy fight as long as you have a full set of basic equipment.

Defeating the Alpha Wolf will unlock the ability to transform into a Wolf and move through the world much faster. You can then build a Blood Altar and track down the other bosses of the world -- as long as your equipment is up to snuff. And if you're playing on a PVP server, you'll have to progress through the game while watching out for potentially hostile human players, too.

V Rising Guides - Guide Hub - F.A.Q.

V Rising F.A.Q.

What is V Rising?

V Rising is a hybrid action-RPG and survival game developed and published by Stunlock Studios.

Is V Rising an MMORPG?

No, V Rising is not an MMORPG.

Is V Rising Free-to-Play?

No, V Rising is not free-to-play.

Is V Rising PVP Optional?

Yes, V Rising PVP is optional. Players can choose between, or set up their own, PVP or PVE servers.

Can you play V Rising Co Op?

Yes, V Rising allows you to play co op with your friends and family using your own local server, or public and hosted servers in both PVP and PVE.

How Much Does V Rising Cost?

V Rising costs $19.99 or your regional equivalent for its Early Access launch. The price may go up when it reaches version 1.0.

Are there V Rising Private Servers?

Yes, there are V Rising private servers -- and there are dozens of options you can select to customize your experience.

How Many Players Can Join a Rising Server?

40 players can join the default public V Rising server, but you can adjust this number if you purchase a private V Rising server.

How Do You Get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising?

You get Unsullied Hearts from higher-level enemies. The easiest way to get Unsullied Hearts in the early game is by fighting bosses in the Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands.

Where Do You Get the Prison Flooring Recipe in V Rising?

The Prison Flooring Recipe in V Rising is in the third tier of Research; that means you'll have to unlock the Athenaeum in order to Research it. You can get a Prison Flooring Book as a random drop in higher-level areas. Alternatively, you can farm Schematics from enemies and hope that you get lucky with the random unlock function of the Athenaeum.

How Do You Protect Against Holy Radiation in V Rising?

You can protect against Holy Radiation by increasing your Holy Resistance. You can get a little protection by crafting better cloaks, but your best solution is to a Holy Resistance Potion or a Holy Resistance Flask which increase your Holy Resistance by 50 and 75, respectively, for a total of 1,800 seconds; you can get the recipes for both by defeating Christina the Sun Priestess and Willfred the Werewolf Chief in the Dunley Farmlands. You can also gain a temporary buff to Holy Resistance with the Soul Shard of the Behemoth.

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